Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Finals tomorrow!!! However, I feel as cool as a cucumber. No idea why. Well, not YET maybe. *getting worried now*

Pics of that costume party will be up when I get more pictures from Caroline and Calyn.

So in the meantime, gonna fill you in on my misery...

From last monday, FRUSTRATION STRUCK!

Know why?

Well, because ALL THREE my neighbours berpakat to ruin my whole week for me!!!

ISH, like coincidence? think not... jkjk

Well, my neighbour on my right is repainting their whole hous, and the house beside them is demolishing the walls of their house!! My other neighbour which is just 1 house away on my left is doing something on their rooftop. I guess fixing a rooftop leak? but damn were there ALOT of tiles! must be one big damn leak, either that or they changing roof tiles? Whateverlarh.

Point is, all of this crappy shitty nonsense began on monday. Thus, there were alot of spraying, banging and loud drilling noises going on till this day! Well, right now the spraying stopped of course, it's painting time, so my dogs has to be in the house, if not they'll bark at them like nuts. But either way, they're still barking from inside! Gila doggies.

Damn hard to study when you have such a loud orchestra playing at both sides of your house and occasional barking from my furry siblings =_="

Why ME?!?!?! I've been a bloody good girl all this while, i think... Hmph, unless there's something i don't know of.

Well, yesterday I went to Carrefour to post some mail in mailbox. I just entered in some CLEO contest for the heck of it. Then wanted to go to Holiday Villa to study in the library (called the Oxford Room). BUT dunno where the heck dad put his parking card, ish, bad luck again. Supposed to be at the top flap of the car, but nooooooo, dunno where he hid it this time.

Btw, just to let yall know, my dad is in China now, left last Friday and will be back in 2 weeks time.

So in the end, I went to Taylor's Subang to do my studying. Lucky I was able to find a parking place fast and infront of TCSJ summore. Anyways, then while I was walking into the College, this guy from behind was calling me, not by my name, but by saying "Excuse me miss..!" while being slightly out of breath. I thought I dropped something or whatever, turned out he wanted to ask me whether I would be interested in doing some handprint thing as a charity activity for the Handicap Society.

So why not right? He looked desperate anyways and it's for charity! Moreover, after doing Project PHUNK, I do know how they feel, so yeah, help one another larh.

I did my handprint in orange! Wheee, paid Rm3 for it. Felt good after that. So washed hands and went up to the library to study.

God it felt good studying in a NON-banging-and-drilling environment.

Hmm, now I MUST get back to studying! MUST MUST MUST, going to study in today, not going to any library cause I don't want my sis to drive dad's Hyundai since she's not used to it, and is worried that she'll scratch it or something.

Ok, chioz yall!

* Btw, i've added this new link called "Blackle" at my "CLICK!" sidebar title. It's this new search engine that google has made so satisfy those ppl who like all things black. Whahaha. Nice. Zeej introduced this to me. =)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Fun Filled Day

Finals coming sooonnn. *die die die*

This Thursday shall be doomsday for me.

Well, just to update my dead blog for a while.

Yesterday me and my sis went to The Garden's to check it out.

It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

Parking abit gila larh. 1st 3 hours Rm3 for weekends. Oh well, what to do? High end place mah.

But I tell you! When you've parked your car, and you're going into the mall, once you step on that escalator to go up. MOTHERRRR! It's like there's a bloody cool breeze that zooms down towards you. Crazy cold! Gah, but a nice feelinglah eventhough I totally regret wearing a tank top that time. *brrrr*

Then I wanted to go to the ladies.


Once I saw RM 5 on the board beside this counter where there was a guy in a very nice green outfit (looked like those bell boys in Hotels) outside the washroom like about 15-20 steps away, I quickly GOSTAN balik. No way am I gonna pay Rm5 bucks to go and take a piss!!!!!

WAHLAUWE! Gila babi rip off. I'd rather pee in their potted plants outside. LOL. *shakes head*

Note to self: Pee before visiting The Gardens OR go pee in Megamall. *chuckles*

Damn, I love the place, it's architechure, huge chairs for ppl to sit and chill, brightness of the atmostphere, hot foreign guy workers, uniqueness of brand shops which I don't usually see around often in Malaysia.

WAIT WAIT, WAIT a minute!

Hot foreign guy workers you say?

YES dear ladies, tis' TRUE, you read me right. =)

Just head on to the ground floor for some FRESH MEAT (literally).
Or fresh YOUNG meat. LOL. PUN!

It's this shop on the ground floor which sells meat. I think it's originally based in Australia if i'm not mistaken. Cool huh? Damn, 1st thing I laid my eyes on were those 2 tall hotties which i believe to be Australian larh. All this is Australian thing is based on my assumptions just so you know. But one thing I'm NOT assuming is their height and looks. Bwahhhaa, cool hair, one guy has his hair dyed in a couple of different colours. Interesting. Definitely eye-catching.

Bet all the aunties will frequent that place more to get their hands on some young fresh meat. kekekeke.


Ok, enough of this young fresh meat stuff.

We visited this nice japanese shop which sells eveything japanese basically. Nice place to check out, summore right beside that Meat Shop. Hehehehe. Okok, I'll stop. Hmmm, ohyeah, sis was desparate to use her new credit card. Sheesh, gotta spend at least 3 times with it so she doens't have to pay for the usage of the card. Something like thatlarh. So we went to cold storage and got all sorts of yummylicious stuff.

What we got:
1. 1 Garlic infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Damn nice
2. 1 packet of Chives
3. 1 Sour cream
4. 3 Avacados
5. 3 Lemons
6. 1 round Lettuce
7. 1 Cherry flavoured coke which costs like rm 4 something!! gila babi imported shit. But still nice *grins*
8. 1 Back bath scrubber (for those hard to reach places, whahaha, mom wants it)
9. 1 Bagguette

Erm, that's as far as I can remember. My sis did some Jamie Olliver stuff with is. Too tempeted to try at least one of his cun dishes. OMG, damn gooodddddd. Fucking good weih.

Here's what we did.
1. Took the avacadoes and mashed them up
2. Mixed it with half a lemon and a splah of garlic infused olive oil.
3. Chopped up the onions, tomatoes, and chives.
4. Took the bagguette, cut it in slices.
5. Put butter, olive oil, onions, tomatoes, avacado paste on the bagguette.

VOILA, you're in heavan!

We also boiled potatoes and put sour cream and chives on it. Nice.

I got myself a cun bra yesterday! WAHAHAHAHHA, summore gotta go alter it, dammit, extra charge. I'll only get it next week after it's been altered. I like the design, but there wasnt one in my size. So gotta go back again next week to collect. *sigh* Damn malas.


I also went to Cheryn's Birthday Costume Party yesterday. It was sooo FUN! Hahahaa, let me tell you who dressed up as what.

Cheryn: Cowgirl! NICEEE...

ME: Balinese Tourist...Since I got those Bali pants. Damn comfy, makes you wanna twirl and dance with it. *grins*

Kerry: School Girl *cheeky grin*

Audrey: Goth Girl. She used eyeliner to draw some cun design beside her eyes.

Jacqkie: Kinky school teacher. LOL, so gnam with Kerry the school girl. Don't worry, they did some hawt poses together. *rawr*

Caroline Chia: Not quite sure, but she looked GOOD!

Caroline Wee: Footballer! OMG, damn cute!

Behonce: EVIL WICKED WITCH. SUPER COOL! Very in character with that evil laugh of his.

William: Ninja. Damn funny, he was wearing this head cloth that only showed his eyes and when we all were taking pics, Carol was like SMILE! Then he was "But i can't smile...". =_="

Karen: college girl?!?!?! Sad she didn't wear any costume =(

Chandini: Devilllll

Thats all I can remember and KNOW.

Pics will be up soon!

Till then Adios!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Uncle F**ka

LOL, gosh, I love this Uncle Fucka song!

ALL thanks to Audrey who played this music to me while we were waiting for the 5:15pm bus. Hahaha, niceee... After that, I just had to go back and listen to it again and laugh my ass off.

I really apologise to put it on autoplay and shock you guys when the song comes on when your parents are around or something, but this is just TOO GOOD to pass out!

I love Philip's part when he sings the "fuckaAaAa" part. HAHHAHA, very melodic. ppfftt


Terrance: Shut your f***ing face uncle ****a
You're a cock sucking a$$ licking uncle ****a
You're an uncle ****a, yes its true
Nobody f***s uncles quite like you

Phillip: Shut your ****ing face uncle ****a
You're the one that f***ed your uncle, uncle ****a
You dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn,
You just f*** your uncle all day long

(farting noises)
Phillip: Hmm!
(farting noises)
(farting noises)
Some Guy: What's going on here?
(farting noises)
Some Woman: What garbage!
Some Other Guy: Well, what do you expect? They're Canadian.
****er ****er uncle ****a uncle ****a ****a ****a ****a

T & P: Shut your f***ing face uncle ****a
You're a boner biting b***ard uncle ****a
Terrance: You're an uncle ****a I must say
Phillip: Why you f***ed your uncle yesterday
Everyone: (laughing)
People: Uncle ****a... that's
Everyone: U-N-C-L-E f*** you Uncle
F**kaaah ............

Phillip: Suck my balls!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Small talk

Gosh, the internet connection nowadays is getting to be a real pain in the you-know-where.

I just came back from a gathering session with Benny, Siree and Lee Winn. Hehe, it was fun talking about alchohol, drunk experiences, ferry terbakar, lame japanese and korean horror movies, how weird that the chinese secondary schools students are identified by numbers, and lots more funny issues.

Miss them alreadylarh.

Well, tomorrow I'm forced to go to this P.Ramlee theater thingie at Istana Budaya by my sis. Ish, I really am not interested in his life!


Suppose to be 3 ppl going, my sis and 2 of her mates. BUT NOW....

One totally cannot make it eventhough she paid for it, and the other MIGHT be able to go. So yeah, i'll be taking over the 1 that totally cannot make it for that night. I'll go for free of course. =)

But still not keen on it. Hahaha, even my sis went like damn desperate offered to belanja me dinner at T.G.I.F or Chilli's. Gosh, she thinks she can buy me like that!!

Well, if she throws in an extra dessert in then yeah, maybe i'll consider going. LOL, jkjk.


Can't wait for Cheryn's Birthday party coming up sooooon!! It's on the 27th of Oct. So yeah!

Will be counting down the days...

*tick-tock tick-tock*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


It's Britney Bitch...

Hahaha, I like the first part of that "Gimme More" song.

Damn nice.

BTW, I felt like an idiot today! wheeee

I got an anonymous call yesterday and when I picked up, it was damn noisy in the room, so i went out, dammit, when she said she got my resume, I automatically thought she called from EDELMAN!


Coz that was the only company in which I sent my resume too. Ish, how wrong i was. Tell you later.

Anyways, long story short on the convo, she said there were no positions for interns in the PR department. However, she offered other openings. She's super friendly. Like her already. Hehehe.

Dunno whether should I accept or not. I went to Mr. Phua for advice. So then, he told me he sent me to Sirius Communications Shd. Bhd. But he said no reply yet. He told me to have an interview with that company 1st as it is not good to shoot a company down like that if you're not interested. Something like that. I was having a dilemma that whole day because I like an idiot damn confident on my answer whether to accept or decline her offer, I said that i'll get back to her tomorrow (which is TODAY).

Wahahhaa, but in a way I STRUCK GOLD TODAY! *yeay*

Damn syiok, I was sleeping on my bed, lazing around as usual like it always does on weekends, wake up, sleep again, wake up, sleep again, body didn't want to get up from bed, since today classes were canceled. So body damn smart, take advantage of it.

TILL then, I got a call!

Btw, it was almost 12pm that time, but i didn't knowlah, body didn't bother to get up to know the time.

MY phone was on vibration mode. So i could hear the vibration, on the table. Damn, I felt so lazy to get my ass up, was almost on the verge of NOT picking up the phone. But I managed, thankfully.

When I saw the anonymous number, I decided to be all wake already. Hahaha, just incase it was from a company. Imagined if i had answered it with a druggie sleepy voice.


Moving on, it was from the same lady as yesterday! The same old, friendly Marjorie. She called to say that i was lucky coz they need people to be in their event management. So OK!

Anyways, I don't mind being in event management since I've experienced 2 already. HARD WORK I tell you! Damn stressful giler. But yeah, I'm hungry to learn whatever I can get. It's also part and parcel of a PR person larh. So no loss there.

We discussed when I can have the interview with them and also she told me that she has emailed me the exact location of their office. *score* (surprise for me is yet to come)

So I was all happy happy that time, I got up bathed and stuff, went down for lunch, and then went to check my mail!

When I read the email. My heart dropped and I was confused to the MAX!!!


When I saw the address:

Marjorie Ong
Sirius Communications Sdn Bhd

Unit 9.01A Level 9 Block B
Wisma Goodyear, Kelana Centre Point
No.3 Jalan SS7/19
47301 Kelana Jaya

Sirius Communications Sdn Bhd!!!

AIYAMA!!! All ALONG I thought it was EDELMAN! Ish, i really wanted Eldelman coz of it's location which is easily accessible by KTM as it is located at The Boulevard, Mid Valley and it's a DAMN GOOD worldwide PR firm!

Then all of a sudden Sirius Communications, don't even have a bloody website! Location wise I've gotta think of ways to get there. Can dad send me there everyday? He better since my sis gets to use the Wira everyday to work. How unfair it is for me then. So i've gotta trouble daddylarh. What to do?

Either way, I'm grateful to be considered by in this company. *grins* It's not bad a location larh, still ok. Not like some isolated jungle or anything. ;)

Wonder who else MR. Phua sent to that company. I don't want to be ALONEEEE....


I've actually sent my resume to:
i) Edelman
(Karen Pereira, person in charge of internship is away till this friday, 19th Oct. So hopefully I can still have a chance to get into EDELMAN!)

ii) Bates Malaysia
(I got rejected because they've already got 3 interns from Taylor's. ALL Mr. Phua's doing. *dammit* if only I was the one he selected to go into BATES, it's also located at The Boulevard, Mid Valley. The ones whom he put to go there is Karen, Yinly and Jamie. lucky girls, no need for interview, straight away they accept)

and Mr. Phua sent mine to:
i) Sirius Communications
(Going to have an interview with them on Monday at 11am. I'm skipping class YO! Whoot, no PRW, no MR. Thambooooo)

Hope my interview goes well. *grins*

Secretly i am...

*praying hard for EDELMAN BABYYYYY*



Something's been bugging me lately at the back of my mind...

A teeny lil annoying insect affecting my ways of thinking...and no, it's not my village ppl's fault, they try their BEST to help catch them annoying lil buggers. I SWEAR! Good village people...

I keep thinking about him, what is he feeling, wondering what's he doing, wondering why he says things he doens't mean, says things he would never end up doing in the end, wondering why he never replied...

Is he angry?
Is it my fault? (i'm sorry if it was...)
Does he not care enough?
Will I say "Hi" with a smile if we see each other?
Will he say "Hi" with a smile if we see each other?

or will he ignore me, pretending i'm non-existent? Pretending the past never even existed. I'm probably a stranger to him already. Who knows.

I'm confused...

So many questions of why this? why that?

Questions that will go unanswered. But I still can't help but to wonder. Its just human nature, one of God's ways.

Does he still reads my blog?
[ Does it really matter? I dunno, I guess I like the idea of people reading my blog =) ]

Only God knows.

I want us to have a friendly conversation again like how we did at the mamak long ago.
Go back to the beginning of when we talked alot more. Guess that seems likey to happen...

or will it? (I'm usually an optimistic person)

At times I wish we really could work out. But no, fate wouldn't let i guess.
It's too wrong, it's complicated.

Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be... =)

Not being **emo, but realistic... eventhough I miss him...

= (

It's just temporary.

**actually I don't even like the word emo, sick of that word. It's like some cool in-thing trend now to be emo and look emo. Couldn't care much, couldn't care less.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Sweei's World with pics!

Here are the pics taken from Jacqkie's camera phone...

Group pic at the Atrium

Didn't know this was taken... don't remember this at all...sad.

WHEEE, J and I

Dunno why the heck she labeled my boobies as Jacqkie's....they've got their own name ya know! *giggles*

Picture Perfect!
Now i wanna go beddy bye bye...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sweei's World

My baby is looking at me right now, hehe, soooo cute! Coz i made like a high pitch sound that made him look my way with curiosity. I love my RUSSELL!

*grins* I'm a happy happy girl today! I feel like blogging one LONG post! Let's see how far i go aite? Well, if you hadn't known already, let me tell you...

Today is my BIRTHDAY! This girl has finally turned 19 years. One year older/smarter/more experienced/blurer/.................../. For that ".....................", you guys can fill in the blanks-lah. Leave it to your imagination coz i'm running out of words.

Hahaha, i've been wished quite early itself due to the Raya hols on friday. SO ppl started wishing me on Thursday itself. Not that i'm complaining! Loved it *grins*. Made my Birthday seem to last longer. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday my birthday! How cool is that? Awesomelarhhhh! Thanks to everyone who wished me. So thoughtful of u guys. =D

I'm listening to Spice Girls right now and it's making me feel like a SCHOOLGIRL again! *wink wink * *nudge nudge*

Since my Birthday already "started" on Thusday, my mates wanted to have a night out clubbing in KL to celebrate since it's considered ladies night. It was supposed to celebrate both Karen (a day right before my bday, 12th oct) and my birthday. But unfortunately, Karen's parents didn't allow her to go. Sad. But either way, i wish her all the BEST and there's always next time!!! In the end she had fun too coz she went out with her other mates that night. So then it became that that night in KL is to celebrate my early birthday.

Dad was super nice to let me take the Wira out on that day. So my sis was car-less. WAhahahaha *evil laugh*. So dad had to send her to work. I'm so mean *grins*. But anyways, it's all for the sake of celebration. I'm too manja-ed. Me is Daddy's girl.

Anyways, Karen, Audrey, and Kerry came over to my place after college to get ready and stuff to go for dinner at Dave's Deli in Parade before proceeding to KL. Met up with Caroline C, Calyn, Denise, and Shaneil at Dave's Deli. Then after makan, Karen and I was surprised with a brownie walnut cake which was sedapppp. Hehehe, no candles, so we blew out a lighter instead. Well, I think I blew it out. LOL, I think karen was abit slow, either that or i was too fast. Oops, my bad.

Really appreciate it A WHOLE LOT!

After that, Karen followed Calyn back home while I sent Denise and Shaneil back then Kerry took over the wheel because I don't know the way to Asian Heritage Row, KL. Never been there before. Pretty darn Excited tho! 1st time going clubbing. So big deal for me lah.

After picking Jacqkie from PJ, omg the ride there was cunnnnnnnn, no traffic jam! Smooth driving all the way... nice. Guess coz alot of ppl balik kampung due to the Raya holidays. Just to update you, Jacqkie, Caroline C, Audrey, Kerry and me only were in the car.

When we reached there, I was like a small girl going to Toys 'R' Us. Instead of looking at the toys, I was looking at every club I could feast my curious eyes upon. Then on the way, my mates showed me which was BED, MAISON, and lastly ATRIUM. We were also darn lucky to have our car parked right damn near the Atrium. Costed Rm10, but oklah since there were 5 ppl in the car. We then headed on to Atrium and was striked with gold! Not literally, almost hehee, but since we were the 1st 5 girls to walk in before 11 pm, we all got free drinks! How cool is that that we were so ngam ngam 5 girls!?!?

We got this 70 ml bottle of Bacardi Lemond, 2 bottles of Coke, and 1 bottle of Sprite. Just to let yall know, I have an intelligence of a dumb human (don't wanna put an animal name there coz it will be insulting =P) as low as 0.01% when it comes to alchohol, hahaha. So i just tried it mixed with Coke. Not bad, quite nice. It was very empty at the club considering the fact that it's a new club and it's only 10 something at night. Soon Kerry's friend's came, one is Caroline and the other is Charles. House rulez, we couldn't share our drinks with guys. Ha-ha, sad lah for the guys. Kesiannye.

After the 1st glass, I felt abit warm at the face. But overall, okie dokie. Then on my 2nd glass, Kerry like damn semangat want me and her to bottoms-up like some hero or something. Ish, she just had to mix with only ABIT of coke and not half and half like it was on my 1st glass. Was abit hesitant at 1st but then in the end, i didn't want to dissappoint them. So i tried and managed only to drink HALF! LOL, couldn't tahan. Hahahaha, Kerry the hero on the other hand, drank ALL. She was like "Damn you swee wei". Hehehehe, i'm not used to alchohol so sue me.

WHOA, after that, shit I felt hot. Like really hot in the face. Started to get a slight headache in the process. After that, everyone kept asking me "Are you okay?" nonstop thoughout the night! You don't know how many countless times i've heard that question. But i kept replying the same old "yeah" and showing 2 thumbs up. Then, Caroline (kerry's friend), Kerry, Audrey and I went on over to Maison for a while to have a look see at the place while the others stayed at the Atrium.

While on the way there, the weirdest awfullest feeling overcame me, I couldn't walk properly and the headache was getting slightly worse. I had to hold on to Audrey's arm the whole way to Maison and IN Maison. When we got there, it was damn kau PACKED! Total contrast from the Atrium.

More happening and FUN!

It was really crowded, so wherever we went, we had to squeeze past by other ppl. We walked around on the ground floor, then danced a little, then walked on up to the top floor, then walked down, danced again, when after that on our way out from Maison, Harith Iskandar was beside me at 10 o'clock!

And the SHITTIEST thing happened!

I went and POINTED RIGHT at HIS FACE and said "HEYYYYYYYY..." then waved at him. Bloody hell, he took a quick glance at me then looked infront, ignoring me, which was easy since he was taller than me, so i was like small girl there who wasn't in his vision of focus. LOL.

URGHHH, what the HELL was I doing?!?!

To add more to the psycho-ness, RIGHT AFTER Harith, Adam C was infront of me with a girl. Then gone case alreadylahhhh...
*shakes head*

I went up to him and treated him as though he was my LONG LOST BEST FRIEND. I said "HEYYYYY!!! HOW ARE YOU MAN?!?!" while holding my hand up to him for a high 5. Instead we did this...

DENG! His skin is so soft! Like a girls handlarh. He's damn friendly, thankfully.

Since I was holding onto Audrey, she was like "She's drunk!", then he said something which i couldn't hear properly, then we all laughed (I laughed coz they laughed =_="), then Aud and I went away to keep up with Kerry and Carol infront. Kerry was like was like laughing at me. AHAHAHa, damn funnylarh. I was all smiles. To be honest, while we were at Maison, i wanted to touch every guy that i passed by... But thankfully i still had SOME SENSE in me NOT to do that! Ish, i'd be asking for trouble only. *kicks myself*

When we reached back to the Atrium. Lagilah I heard more "Are you ok?". Love my concerned mates. Carol brought me to the toilet, said i'd feel better after pee-ing. I think being in that cubicle made it worse! When i saw in there, my vision went blur for 1 or 2 sec and I was having the kind of heacache that went *boom boom boom* like there was a party in my head and all the clubs in KL united in my brain becoming one loud clubbing area. YESH, OUCH. Btw, the cubicle door was sub-transparent. So while I was in the cubicle, I suddenly asked the most random question to her.

Me: Audreyyy, can u see me?
Aud: Errr, no, not unless you come closer to the door.
Me: *slams hand on the door*
Aud: Ok, now i can see you. *giggles*
Me : hehehehe, okkkkk *in a tired manja voice*

Gosh, looking back at it, I can't help but smile at my own antics.

We danced the whole night awayyyyy and Jacqkie got lots of peminat weihhh. Dun pray pray man! So far i know 2 guys wanted to dance with her. Jacqkie's hot stuff. Hehehe. I was dancing around and around my mates, couldn't stay at one point. I kept getting pulled back in order not to wonder off from our circle. I felt like I was brave enuff to do silly stuff that night. I even twirled around and around to see my top spin. It was so darn amusing for me that time.
Spin! spin! spin!

Gosh, this is one damn long post, I feel sleepy already!!

In the end, we left KL at around almost 4am, Went to the mamak near Jacqkie's place in PJ, sent Jacq and Carol back, then Audrey and Kerry went to my place for a sleepover.

Overall it was a really really really FUN EXPERIENCE! Hope my mates enjoyed it alot celebrating my early bday with me. *grins*


Till next time! Sweei out...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Trio strikes again!

Well, today I went to Pyramid to celebrate Joyce's Belated Birthday. Seems more like a gathering of really close friends.

Hehehe, the very tight trio whom are Benita, Joyce, and ME!!!

We checked out pyramid 2 and stuff. However, i didn't really like the overall look of Pyramid 2. Sad to saylah, as alot of $$$$ went into this building. The only part which i liked was the ceiling. LOL, very nicely designed. OHHH, and there is also at this one part where it looked Holland-ish? I don't know how to explain, but it has a wooden handycraft on it. Ish, no pics to show, but anyways, you go experience it for yourself.
Walk around and get LOST is the BEST way to get to know a place.
Anyways, we ate at Kim Gary's and shockingly enough, when i was looking around to ask some feller to take our order, my eyes met this guy's eyes behind the counter that prepares all the drinks. And who might this feller be? Well, it was Kong Yee!! Hahaha, omg, it's been ages since i've seen him!! He's a funny sweet guy from our secondary school. Benita and Joyce was also shocked as i did when i told them. Hehehe, he seemed abit shy. But really nice to see old faces again.
Hope to see more soon!

After makan-ing, we walked around, window shopping then took picturesssss!!
I miss having these 2 around to chill with. Brings back good ol memories. *grins*

My BEST mates!

The sillyness of BEN

It gets better, lol.

Whilst trying to look tall, Joyce lost her balance, and this is the outcome...Laughing damn hard =P

Ben and I

XOXO to Joyce and Ben

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just another boring post..

Hey yall!

Lately it seems like i'm pretty active in blogging *grins*. Too free i guess...
Yesterday the Communication Degree students had their closing ceremony for their Stop Child Sexual Abuse Campaign which has been running for like 3 months already. So they had speeches by a few people and performance by non other than Adibah Noor!
Deng man, she was funny and she sings veryyy well! I recorded her performance but i'm really lazy to post it up on youtube. Sorrryyyyy for my laziness.

I'm a lousy photographer...

The emcee, errr, he sounds bored, seriously.

LOVELY adibah noor!

LOL, Beh was rushing me to take out my cam, they had to chase her, it was worth it =)

After college that day, Audrey's mom was really nice to offer me a ride home, halfway on the way to my house, suddenly Audrey had this idea to go to her mom's friend's (she's called auntie Swee Lai =_= , my name terbalik, lol) house who also stays in SS19, but at the bungalow section area there.
Deng! 13 bloody dogs!!! SO CUTE TO THE MAX!
The Saint Bernard is my FAV!! Her name's Kibu. SO BIG! Fur SO SOFT!

Look at her paw! Eeeee!! so adorable

Doggies everywhere!!

The very manja chihuahua
I want ONE!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Audrey's BBQ party! (Part 1)

Here are some of the happenings when at Audrey's place for her BBQ Birthday on the 29th of Sept. Pic were taken by Aud's mom.

ANYWAYS! Lets make this a fun game, whilst looking through these pictures, there's one feller who has this really scary expression on his/her face. When i mean scary, i mean VERY SCARYYY, that person's expression could almost haunt you in your sleep! Yes my dear readers, it is hardcore creepy. BUT, it WILL (i hope) make u LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF after spotting that person. I know i did *grins*

The answer is at the END of this blog, so please do NOT spoil the fun by scrolling down right away, take your time and find who that person is.

Don't kill me "person" *prays hard*


Jay the BBQ KING!

Cheryn, Aud, Karen, and I

Jacqkie, Beh Beh, and Sei Roger *sticks tongue out*

Ths overall atmosphere


Jay and I still standing, kesian the people down there...

OOoooo, someone feeling a little insecure here...LOL


*wolf whistle*wahlau, ganasnyeee. Winner for most flexible goes to JAY!

LOL, what's up with Jay? Probably still estatic over winning Twister

Aud and her longggggggggggggggggggg speech...

Nice candid shot =)

Can't break tradition!

Good moisturiser

Group pic with Aud's friends
YEAY! You've made it through! Well, if you'd like to know if you've found the right scary person.
Just look at pic #6. It's JACQKIEEEEEEE!!! LOL, my all time fav candid shot of her, didn't know she could look all ganas in that photo just by laughing so hard at Twister.
OK! Hope you had fun!
Stay tuned for Part 2 of Audrey's BBQ Party!
Sweei signing OUT!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dedicated to Jacqkie baby!

On the 2nd of OCT....

Twas the day of Jacqueline Rowena Jinuin Jimin's BIRTHDAYYYY YOOO!!!


Hehe, i was so excited to go and celebrate her Birthday at Megamall during the night. Well, of course i "started her WONDERRFUL day" by sms-ing her at like 12:01 am. TOo bad she was sleeping.


Wished it woke her UP! But anyways, i felt that i've made her day by up to 70% (ceh wahhh) eventough i wasn't the one who commented on her flawless skin....*grrr* to that gurl. Stole my lime light.

Jacqkie's the SWEETEST GIRL EVERRRRRR!!! She's been helping me out with my problems/dilemma currently (as well as my other mates), and I really appreciate what she's (and they're) doing. She's not the kind who judge's people, and that's really whats so special about her. PLUS, she's really CARING like shyt. Cares for other wayyy more than herself. Oh yes, she's super funny too.

She and her "du du dut, du du dut, du du dut..."

Love HER to bits!

We ate at Picolo Mondo that night and the food was nice, wished it was in bigger portions *dammit*. Stingy people, should've went to Chilli's instead. Worth more than that Picolo LOCO anytime... =P...But still the food was goodlah

Here's some of the pics that I took...

The first candid shot that i took of that night

JAcqkie and sweet sweet CALYN!

Kerry, Audrey, and Behhhhh...!

Jacq with CAROL!

Couple of the month...*drum rolls*...Shaneil and Denise!

Kerry and Shafiq (the guy who doesn't like his picture taken)

Playing this game called Bishi Bashi...OMG, damn fun!

Jacqkie too excited ady...laughing and pointing at the screen

"OUCHHH, my hand hurtttt!"

Bishi Bashi, try it, it's f-u-n

I have no idea what to put as a caption for this pic...*silence*