Friday, September 28, 2007

The Revival !

YEAY! Finally i'm in the mood to blog!

Been pretty tied up these past few weeks, especially this week. Utter craziness. Assignments due here and there and moreover had the official launch " PHUNKtion" as well as the main event "One Night with PHUNK" to worry about!

Our "PHUNKtion" and "One Night with PHUNK" was a GREAT success!!!!! Thanks to all the PHUNK crew who made it happen as well as those present during our events. *grins*

YAY! So glad! Hope people won't start killing and banging each other for the post evaluation coming up. =S

By right, i feel that we should all focus on the positive side of what we did to make it happen, not what we did wrong and all that shitty nonsense. Pleezelah! I hated it when our last event was over, which was the Mass Colympics, people was pointing fingers at each other saying "where were you when you should be....". Highlighting out people's faults and making them feel really bad about it. Some even cried as feelings were hurt in the process of it all. And people werent even given the right credit they deserved for their work. In the end, i believe most of us got low marks for our project. Btw, marks weren't evaluated by our lecturer, it's by us students. Damn kedekut. Idoits. *grrrr*

NO! NOT THIS TIME BABEH! Hope we would all have an open mind and thank MORE than say you didn't do enough work and the list goes on....

ANYWAYS! On a much lighter note, I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY for DENISE and JACQKIE! Good news, but it's private good news mind you. Thus, i can't reveal as MUCH as i want to though.

There was alot of things that happened throughout the past 2 weeks.

Let me take this time to recall the good stuff. Well, i went to Audrey's BBQ Birthday Party at her place. IT was the BOMB!
The people present there was Denise, Caroline, Karen, Behonce, Roger, Jay, Jacqkie, Cheryn and ME of course! There were a couple of Audrey's old school mates and relatives there too. Over there we did and ate all sorts of stuff (roger's fault).

He brought up this card game called 21 I believe. So it's like a take turn game, erm, those who burst the number 21 would have to choose either eat coffee powder (yuck! bitter as hell), eat a whole lime (supposed to be with skin and all but in the end i think only beh eat it whole, we girls never ate the skin), drink 10 year old tequila from Mexico (Mmm, niceee) and drink beer (for those who kenot take alchohol, pretty lamelah beer). After that, we all played my favourite game called TWISTER!!!!! hehehe, it was really fun, it's like a more fun way of yoga. You know what i mean. *grins*

Btw, Jay has won the tittle of BARBEQUE KING in Audrey's dad's book! HAhahaa, this feller is obsessed with BBQ-ing. He really makes a mean chicken wing i tell you. Yummmm, dammit. I'm hungry now. JAY BBQ a wing for me! *drool*

All pictures are with Caroline and Denise, i havent' received it yet. SO i can't show you how everything went.

I slept over at Audrey's place, while the rest ALL crammed home in Beh's MYVI! NO JOKE! Mass Commers can cram in a vehicle like no other. Hehehe, 6 at the back seat, one in the front passenger seat and one driving. Thus it all tallies up to 8 people in one small car. Amazing lah! Imagined if i hadn't plan on sleeping over in the 1st place, 9 people in one car!!!! Nolah, jkjk, i would end up staying over anyways.

The next day, I went to 1 U with my sister and her friend Jane. I wanted to go see Vince Chong and Jacqueline Victor perform "You are the Music in Me" in 2 versions, English and Malay. *dammit* i tell you, after the their performance, my sis and Jane can really window shop like nobody's business. We were in 1 U from 1 something to 8 something. I wanted to die right there and then man!

Halfway through i was having a pissed off face ( my friends know how that looks like, especially Jacqkie, tee-hee-hee) hinting that i wanted to go back home since i had work to do. I was on the verge of crying our of frustration and anger. Not kidding here, i was tearing up at one point so i walked away. They didn't notice because they were in the shop, window shopping...But had to teman Jane since her bf, Eric, will be coming to makan dinner at around 7 something. In then end, we all went to Nando's, then Eric came, he makan dinner, while jane and my sis makan this starter thingie. As for me, i was still pissed, and only drank. No mood to makan. But i tried to be a little cheerful, eventhough i was dead tired.

Anywho, leaving me pissy attitude behind, here's the pics tht i took and videos tht i recorded.

When I first came down from escalator, *eyes wide open* HUGE CROWD man!

I've finally settled on a nice spot =)

Vince Chong, Jacqueline Victor and host

3 couples (1 couple consist of a boy and a girl), they're supposed to sing in a duet "You are the music in me". SO cute!!! The couple in the middle (girl- pink long sleeved shirt & guy- white and red shirt) did the best! 2 Thumbs up!

This is the English version, sorry for recording it vertically, coz it was kind of narrowlah, people blocking my way slightly. Btw, you will suddenly notice Vince doing this weirdly funny move to move to the beat, the climax of the song basically, it's so funny!

When i saw it i was like, "what the...." =_="

This is the Malay Version

Hmm, what else, I'll post up pics of the Making of PHUNKtion, PHUNKtion event, Making of One Night with PHUNK, and One night with PHUNK event soon, but not too soon! I think "soon" in this context means, in a months time. Hehehe, but hey! No worries, i'll still post it uplaaa.

IT will all be in a compilation, one blogpost of just pure pics and captions. Once i get the pictures, then i will post it up. But in the meantime, you DON"T have to wait for me to see the pics. All you need to do is just go to our Project PHUNK's official blog!

Just click "HERE"

Wait. wait. wait.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Night with PHUNK!

Hi there,

You are invited to join us, Project PHUNK to celebrate life with Hospis Malaysia for our final event this coming Tuesday.
Details of our finale are as below:

Date: 25 Sept 2007 (Tues)
Time: 7.30pm til late
Venue: Laundry Bar, The Curve Damansara
Performances: Tempered Mental, Bobo from CosmicSpaceMunkys, Joshua & Slunk, and DJ BadBoyBen with Jonathan Chen (Best Bassist @ Asia Beat 2007).
Activities: Lucky draw, awareness booth, T-shirt and teddy bear sales. Proceeds go to Hospis Malaysia.
Sponsors: Advertlets, LMC Salon & Academy, V-Soy, California Fitness, TY Asia, Tupperware, Genting, Prince Cafe, The Body Shop, Johnson&Johnson, Imprint, S Factory, THOR, and many more!

Raffle tickets are sold at ONLY RM10 each! You will be in the running for the lucky draw and receive a goodie bag worth more than RM100 for each ticket bought. Prizes for the lucky draw includes a stay at Genting Highlands package, 3 months membership at California Fitness, 3 months subscription to CLEO, TY beanie bears, and lots more!

Project PHUNK (Providing Hospis Understanding N' 'Kare') is a charity project for Hospis Malaysia. Hospis Malaysia is a non-profit organization which provides palliative care for hospice patients. Hospice patients are people with life-limiting illness and they are mostly senior citizens. Hospis Malaysia needs funds for their new building so we are helping to raise funds for them :D

Previously, we have received good response from our garage sale, hotdog eating competition and official launch - PHUNKtion. Miss Malaysia/World Deborah Henry, Christien New, Lavin Seow, Belinda Chee and Razif Hashim were there to lend their support for our event.

So come and support us by buying our raffle tickets (RM10), our T-shirts (RM20) and bears (RM8-10) at reasonable prices!

Do forward this news around to help spread the word and help Hospis Malaysia of achieving their goal for a new building! You may contact me personally if you need to purchase the raffle tickets or simply for enquiries.

Hope to see you at our finale this Tuesday night!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Stopped for good

The HUNT has been STOPPED!

All thanks to dad who updated me this morning. If not, i'd have no clue. =)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i'm so weird

Gosh, ya know what? I may have found a very interesting way for people to blog when they have got nothing else to blog about.

It all started when i was TRYING to start off my feature article on SPCA. O..M..G.. I tell you.... I didn't know what to say. So i started off with "It's a hard knock life to be an animal" coz apparently the "hard knock life" song from the movie Annie was chanting in my brain. Weird. SO then soon all crap started to flow out of me. It didn't make sense but it seemed very much entertaining to read back *grins*

So here's what i typed out, and btw, i didnt' do nuts to my feature wrtiting. Maybe i should submit this... *slaps myself silly*

It’s a hard knock life to be an animal, whether to call a weather man or to even find a new husband, a gift is a gift. What more can I say? Maybe nothing much coz all I want is love. Yes love, hahaha, interesting topic no? I’d say go to mother hell you weirdo and may the good lord bless you with all the treasures from above you mother load. I love my life, sometimes I hate it though. Sometimes I feel when I’m down in the dumps, I want to just give up all that I have right there and then. Go drown yourself in a pond YOU! YES YOU! Whoever you are. May the light descend upon thee. Shall a dog love someone who’s cruel and helpless? Dogs rule, cats drool. No doubt. Cats are such prissy pussies. All they care about is how they look like, get away from me or i’ll scratch the living daylights outta ya you conniving lil pest. What in the world is the world coming to? People shitting on each other and women whores. Get your act together people, we need real humans in this world. Keep your ass tight! Sexy ass is in. Yadayadayada. End.

HAHAHHA, haiyohhh, i'm really bored and got nothing to write about for my feature.


Insult me again!

WOKAY! Blog abit dead so i thought lets read some pompous insults!

Whahahahaha, i actually came across an interesting website when i was looking for the correct spelling for pompous, i was pretty unsurelah of the spelling. Ya know how it is when you surf the net, unexpected interesting findings will come about. This webby really made my day *grins* it's so funny!

Btw, the ENGLAND used is very THE POWDERFUL...hehe

Here's some of my FAVourite insults (the ones that i could actually decipher & is really funny):

#1 Looking at you reminds me that I support euthanasia.

#2 Your very existence is evidence that God makes mistakes.

#3 The idea that you may procreate makes me sad for the future of humanity.

#4 The deplorable calamity that was your birth reminds me there is no God.

#5 The catastrophic mishap that was your birth reminds me there is no God.

#6 It's clear to me that your personality also serves as a contraceptive for you.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

STOP The Hunt!

I got an email today from someone, well, no idea who, but it's those dog lovers connection sumthing sumthing. Got a really shocking yet DISGUSTING NEWS EVER!
HORRIBLE B*******!!!

Here's the link
And here's what it says in the link:

To: Selayang Council

We, the undersigned, strongly protest the current dog hunting competition instigated by the Selayang Council ( as reported in Sin Chew (4th Sept, 2007). We strongly disagree with such a campaign to catch stray dogs for prize money which can only lead to more animal abuse and animal deaths. Such a barbaric campaign is totally irresponsible and ineffective in curbing and resolving the issue of stray animals in the city. We demand that the campaign be stopped and an alternative campaign be put in place using the so called prize money. We would also like to appeal to the city councils across the country, animal lovers and all compassionate citizens of this good country to support our protest against such a disgusting show of inhumanity.

The Undersigned

CRAZINESS I tell you. *furrows brow* I'm damn frustrated to know that these things are being planned by the freaking government. It's so humiliating !! I just don't understand how they would create such a barbaric solution to the problem.

A stray dog hunting campaign?
First prize winner gets Rm15,000 in cash?

That sounds so absurd. BLAH, cursed those who created such barbaric nonsense. CURSE U to the PITS OF HELL! *frowns*

I'm sure those of you out there would understand how I'm feeling right now. No words can describe the immense disappointment in the government's level of compassion to these loving, innocent creatures of God.

It's so completely terrifying to imagine what the public might do to these stray dogs as they most probably are blinded by the amount of money at stake. For all i know, they might beat them up, abuse them, make them weak, I DON'T KNOW!!! They said "tangkapan mesti diserahkan hidup-hidup". Could that mean eventhough their lives are hanging by a thread still considered hidup-hidup?

Gosh, I'm really thinking of the worse, and most of all TOO MUCH of it. Well, it could happen seeing as there was a previous case whereby 13 dogs were shot dead by the Seremban Municipal Council (MPS) last June 2006 after their owner refused to comply with the council’s order to relocate the canines.

Very dissappointing, sad, and disgusting isnt it?

Just shootlah! Slumber only shoot. We've got no idea. So let's shootlah! It's the only way to solve things. It's the governments every right to shoot innocent living beings. SHITLAH!

Weirdos. I thought we were supposed to be educated, appreciate all living things and all that good stuff. What happened to that? Only God knows.

" 8. Tangkapan minimum bagi tempoh 6 bulan untuk kelayakan penilaian bagi ketiga-tiga tempat kedudukan hadiah pertandingan ialah sejumlah 150 ekor. "

Now the thought of having these dogs after being caught is in my mind. How will they be put down? Will they be gassed? Will they all be thrown into a huge hole in the ground to be shot dead? I don't know and i do not wish to know.

But what i DO KNOW is that there is a petition to...

"STOP the Hunt - Protest Against Selayang Dog Catching Contest "

IF you feel very much against this campaign, then i hope you will support this petition by signing up at


Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm currently satisfied with my blog layout. *grins* Though there's a piece of me that just wants to add more stuff, it's like i'm never fully contented. Always wanting to change bits and pieces of it. Trying to make it look, cunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

But a simple blog is always best!

Anyways, just thought of updating. I'm in the mood. It's due to the fact that my mid-terms just ended today! Hurrahhh!! I got my PHUNK T-shirt already too! It's the "smallest" size there is. Soon will post a pic of me wearing the shirt sometime next week i believe. Gonna wear it for the PHUNK Charity Garage Sale on Tuesday. Hope to get good sales within the 2-day garage sale. I'm on duty on TUESDAY!!! SO come and see ME! me-me-me-miny-me! hahahaha

Today there was an International Bazaar going on at Subang Parade. There were countries from Australia, Korea, Japan, Afganistan, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Britain, and many more seeling their goods from their motherland. I tasted some cheese, spagehetti, and Korean pancake. Hehehe, the food part was the only best partlah honestly. OHHH, and i found out that there were such things as canned escargots while i was at the France booth! Very intriguing. hehe. Btw, the spagehetti was crappy because they were cooked by 2 chinese girls, who kinda talked very chinese educatedly...hmmm, not really authentic french cuisine. *grins*

Overall, it was interesting to checkout, but seriously, there wasn't much to offer though. However, i was very lucky to be in time to get myself entertained by the traditional Malaysian Panggung Wayang Kulit. OMG, it was GREAT! Eventhough sometimes i couldn't really understand what they were saying, but when you do, it's hillarious. Can't help to put a smile on your face man. Genius.

At night, I went out to chill with Ben, Joyce, and Dave. Dave will be leaving tomorrow,wait a minute...It's like 1 am now, CRAP, OK, he's leaving today! At 8 something in the morning. Gonna miss you man. You're a pleasure to be around with. Safe journey back to Canada! Better reminisce and cry in the 30 hour flight to your studyland. hehehe

Miss ya already *sighs* Gotta have ya around to bully ben. IT's fun! Come back soon ya hear!

On another note, while i was busy studying for my last test paper, my sis suddenly came into the room at close to 12midnight with 2 big hardcover books! Ruining my concentration...*cehhhhhhwahhhhh* (not really concentrating also). Well, those two books she was holding were pop-up books! Collector's item. One was entitled Alice in Wonderland and the other was The Wizard of Oz. Don't laugh k, because once you see it, you'll be smiling in awe of it's intricate detail.

AMAZING...same goes for the price of it...=S

I will have pics posted up soon!

So in the are 2 videos for your viewing pleasure!
This is exactly how it looks like.


WIZARD OF OZ (It's only the 1st page though)


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Ahhh, Screw !!

Goodness, i'm on my mid-term week and i'm blogging. *sighs*

Well, not so much of a big deal lah, just that i feel a little bit of a time waster at the moment and also because this blog seem so DEAD! Like i think i can smell stuff rotting in this stinky blog..
Should I name this blog the "Smelly Sotong" instead? ...answer, NO WAY HOSEY!

"Ahhhh, screw!"

Apparently, this seems to be my favorite thing to say now instead of the word "whateverlah". Kinda like saying "ahhh, screw!" now...Saying it alot of times when after the exams. Hahaha, ya know when things are unsure, when you have doubts about your answers written in the exam, when you've given up on all hope....Tis' a suitable time to say "Ahhhhh, SCREW!!!"

Hehee, ok, well, there's too many words here, need to spice it up with some pics!

Here's some of the pics taken from the Merdeka Eve outing with Joyce, Benita, and David.

We went to both pyramid and 1 U that day. Poor Benny, she was frustrated with the jam on the way to 1 U. Craziness. So you can see her merajuk face in one of the pics down there...

Sadly, my cam SUCKs!!! So sorry for the blurry pics. Like camera like owner huh?

Dave, caught in the act of bullying Ben! Should call the A.P.G.S (Anti Poking Girlfriend Squad) LOL (Laugh Out Loud) Errr, okay, you guys needn't know that. hehe, got carried away.

Was very amused by the arm cloth thingie at the backseat

Dave. Actually there's a weird pic with a tissue over his face, unfortuntely, blogspot can't upload it =(

Benny, merajukking... tee-hee-hee

Ben and Dave

How my lovely cam can turn this...



Anyways, there are more pics, but too time consuming to upload em, Stoooopid blogspot taking so damn long..."Ahhhhh, SCREW!"

On another note, here's some pics of the "road show" that we had in Celebrity Fitness last week on wednesday to publicise our Project PHUNK.

Lastly, here's a pic from that Gene sent me. Hahaha, he found it quite amusing due to the direct English translation of the korean words. "Waste Here" located below "Self-corner"?!?! GENE dude!!! I don't find it so funny..