Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hot funny

Woohooo! OK, let me start by saying that Kish is back and blogging yo! Hehehe

K, I've watched Transformers already and it was G-R-E-A-T! Hahahaa, there was definitely alot of action and a good dose of humour in it too. I've gotta hand it to Shia LeBeouf, he's one heck of a superb actor! He suited the role quite well. Hahahaa, omg i feel like talking to someone about the funny parts in the movie. Really really cracked me up man! Can't stop talking about it. SOOOO FUNNYYYYYYY....well i think i've made my point very much crystal clear. *grins* The part where the robots came to the Witwicky's house was once again i repeat....FARNEEEEEE!! ok, i'll cut it out...hehe

Yesterday was a fun filled day as I chilled with Joyce, Ju Lyirn, Kae Yi, Siree, Prassan and dear Mayne. We pooled chat and stuff all at the happy place called AC. Suddenly i'm thinking that it stands for Ass Crack. HAHAHHAHA, no idea why. But it's just to amuse myselflah.

Guess you can blame the weather. *glares at the sun*

The weather right now is SO BLOODY HOT. I tell you, I feel like i'm in a freaking huge toaster. The heat is ultra hot. Can burn you to a crisp one you set foot outside. It's crazy. Somemore today, early in the morning when I was having my happy time chatting online. So syiok sendiri typing away. When suddenly, *PooooF* everything went BLACK and DARK. OMG, I damn stress ady wheyyy...
This is like the 2nd time this week that my section got power cut! *Arrrgghhhh* And bwt, it was 2:20 AM when this happened.

And to make matters worse,

NO electricity = NO energy to work the fan/air cond = a FREAKING SAUNA!

Haiyohhhh, couldn't chat, couldn't sleep, so i walked outside for a while in the "cool" fresh air. Still hotlaaaa, but better than inside! Wayyy better anyway. Then i was bored walking around outside the house, I went in and took the hand fan in which my dad got from China. It's not those battery powered ones, it's those manual ones when you move your hands up and down to create a nice cool breeze.

Hehehe, i sound so retarded right about now.

So i went up to my room trying my best to go to sleep and hoping tht the power will come back soon, REAL soon.

Feeling really sweaty (look at the the equation i made up there earlier on and you'll know why), so I took off my shirt and still that didn't help at all. I opened up the windows to help deal with the stuffyness and I think I let in some mosquitoes, but thankfully they didn't bite me and take my sweet blur blood, but they did kacaued the heck outta me! Buzzing for a while around.


The power only went on at about an hour and a half later! So i was suffering like shyt there. Thankfully it came back on at least, if not i'll stay awake the whole night. Wouldn't want that to happen after a long day.

Can't think of anything else to blog right about now. So i'll update another day when i feel inspired and bored to death.

Bored bored bored.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

crummy me

Hello, just felt like updating. But too bad no pics to post up today Sher. =(

Well, today i was supposed to go cut my hair. But dad not free to send me....

*sighs sighs sigh*

Anyways, i actually thinked twice about cutting my hair. I just don't want my highlighted part to be chopped off! I love that part soooo much. I know i can always dye it again, but it'll never feel the same way....*what the heck am i thinking???* Ish, i know i'm definitely gonna cut bangs, miss having short fringelah. Gonna cut this weekendlah. Hope i don't procrastinate again. It's just fcuking hair! No biggie. I gotta keep telling myself that.

Well, i just checked the mail today and boy was I excited to get an email from Channel V. Here's what it said...

" Congrats!
You're one of the consolation winners for our Hot Fuzz contest!
You've won yourself an exclusive Hot Fuzz T-shirt, poster, as well as complimentary movie passes.
Please confirm your contact details ASAP so we can send you your prize!
Cheers,The Ticket TeamChannel [V] International.

I really couldn't careless about the poster, t-shirt is okaylah, but i was wondering how many movie passes was i gonna get? 2 or 4? Hmmmmm, better be 4, sounds like 2 though!

*bites nails*

Owh well, we'll see when it comes to my place. If it's 2, i'm taking my sis, so don't give me those hopeful looks. HAHAHAHA.

Anywho, i'm so darn bored right now. But i'll be going out to watch Transformers soon at 12:30am (thurs mn,friday morn). Going Megamall to watch it.

Then tomorrow gonna wake up early to go to my ex-school with gene and possibly Ju to collect our SPM certificates, then go pick up Joyce to go ss15 together. Then gonna meet up with Kae yi, Ben and dear Ol Prassan. Gene and Ju(maybe) will be in Inti. So not joining us. Then i can finally return KY's Heroes DVD. Yeay!


I don't feel all that well right now. Feeling so tired all the time, and so hunchback (Can someone slap my back for me so that i'll sit and walk up straight?). Blah! I'm feeling a lil crummy today. You can tell by the multiple amounts of sighs and that this post aint colourful enuff.
Neways, Mom cooked already.

K, i gtg eat din din. Will tell yall how was Transformers. *grins*

Monday, June 25, 2007

What do i think of my mates?

What You Really Think Of Your Friends

Sher Lynn is your soulmate.

You truly love Audrey.

You consider Joyce your true friend.

You know that Julyirn is always thinking of you.

You'll remember Jacqkie for the rest of your life.

You secretly think Kish is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times.

You secretly think that Eugene is colorful, impulsive, and a total risk taker.

You secretly think that Benita is loyal and trustworthy to you. And that Benita changes lovers faster than underwear.

You secretly think Karen is shy and nonconfrontational. And that Karen has a hidden internet romance.
Hehehe, i got bored and i saw this test thing in yoke han's blog. SO i decided to just give it a shot for the fun of it.
Here's what i think....
Sher Lynn
being my soulmate? It could happen! But i hardly ever spoke to her nor seen her for so long ever since Ann-Louise's farewell gathering. Miss the lil geisha dearly.
Of course I LOVE Audrey! I always chill and hangout with her after college. We're always together! Inseperable. In addition to that, I love all my friends too. No doubt about it.
my true friend? *ding ding ding* 100% corrrect! This is like cool eh? Love this gurl to death do us part. She's one heck of a damn good secret keeper. Can't make her spill other ppl's secret to me no matter how hard I try. Kept bugging her but she still stands by her morals. *salutes* Least i know my secrets are safer with her. OWH Heck! I can't even keep my OWN secrets well! *slaps forehead* Such a sad person i am.
PPfffftttt! JuLyirn is always thinking about me??!?!
OK people!
Don't take this silly test because not ALL is true. Lies I tell you.
HAHAHAHHA, well, no comments about this one cause i'm not Ju. Can't tell whats he thinking.
! Obviously i'll remember her for the rest of my life. She's such a darling sweetheart! Can't forget this one of a kind babe. This is one heck of a general statementlaaa, any name would be put here, and it's already known that i'll remember them for life. Hands down!
HAHAHA, I do secretly think that Kish is creative, charming, and a bit too dramatic at times. So true! Well now it's not so secret. Hahahaha. He is seriously charming, one of the most charming guys i've ever known. Dunno where he gets his charm, i think it comes naturally, should be. Dramatic I think in terms of wanting to overthrow the government? Hahahahhaa, I think that can be called dramatic right? He's definitely a guy that stands by his belief, good on him. Don't ever underestimate this dude's ability.
is colourful? *raises eyebrow* Erm, not too sure by what tht means. But it sounds good! Not too sure whether Gene is impulsive. So far as i know him, I don't think so. He always thinks things through, he doesn't make haste in his desicions. SO yeah, that's what i know abt good ol gene. HAHAHA, guess you can say he might be a risk taker or a potential risk taker. Not too sure about that either.
He pranks people, tht could be a risk, HAHAHA, a risk of having his NECK STRANGLED by certain pranked peeps! Watch your back gene....
! She is one loyal friend! Love her to death. But the part about her changing lovers faster than underwear is SO false! She's got her baby Dave by her side and that's all she'll ever need. If he's underwear, then she'll be wearing that underwear for life.
Ehehehehe, can't wait to meet Dave soon in August.
Whooppie, gonna fatten him up goooood!
, my baby Karen. She definitely IS a shy person and nonconfrontational. But secret internet romance? NO WAY! So not her. And at any rate, if it's a secret, i wouldn't even know! Hmmm, but she tells me her stuff, so yeah, guarantee NO secret internet romance.
Thats all I can evaluate on what is being shown in that fun webby. Go try it out when you're bored. It's fast and painless. Just for the sake of amusing yourself. Ehehehe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My cheerie day =D

K! Got back from CHEER 2007!
It was WOW WEEE! Damn cun! Me and my sis didn't get sesat there or anything, it was easy peasy going to Bukit Jalil. She drove there while i drove back. Felt goOoOoOoOoOd driving again. Anyways, i didn't realise that ALL the teams would be performing today. Thought that it was a continuation from Saturday's performances. But it was good seeing everyone so psyched up about their teams, supporting them all the way baby! Giving their 110%. Btw, Ben couldn't go, she needed to get her project done. No worries girl, I totally understand. Been there done that.
Gosh! I so forgot to take a close up pic of the CHEER logo! Thus, I had to search through my pics in search for a mini one...But this is all i can get and with the important bit cut off too! Imagine that! What are the odds? Well, the reason why i wanna show you guys the logo is because once you look at it closely, the face looks like a MAN! NO JOKE! But with the body of a women wearing skirt and all.
Whats up with that? I think they need to change the graphic designer, cause it just looks weird...

Too bad the whole head was not in the pic, so you can't laugh at it, ehehe.

Here's some of the things that i've captured on cam:

Jien and Sarah

Jien's my fav host! He's so funny.

The Falcons supporters infront of me.

My sis and I. She's doing that fake smile. Ha ha ha, farneeeeee

Gosh, forgot what team they were. But the small boy infront is so cute! Small bod, oversized uniform =P

Not bad for an All male team. *2 thumbs up*

My ex-school's team. Team Valkryies. I think they did pretty well. They need to change the songs though. Poor choice.

The crowd was amazing! We definitely did the MEXICAN WAVE. My fav!

HOT HOT YANNUS in black!

CHARM All-Stars rocked the house! Really professional.

Jien was hillarious! Sarah on the other hand could not be compared to Jien's charisma as a spontaneous host. Sarah was pretty new to co-hosting this whole CHEER competition thing. So can't blame her for being quiet most of the time while Jien did most of the interacting. I love them both still. Still kept me entertained either way, mostly by Jiens jokes.

The ALL male teams did really well! There were only four all male teams and 2 of those teams gave amazing jaw dropping performances. I kid you not. These dudes definitely has the strength and ability to jump high, throw their mates high up in the air, do beautiful back flips, and many more. It's always nice to see them cheer for their school. The male teams that did extremely well was The Vulcanz all boys team (won 3rd place overall) and The Calyx (won BEST newcomer). Cool huh? The Vulcanz were the originators of the

"Guy's Don't Cheer with POMS" cheer

i believe. Hehehe, they did that cheer again this year. It's like their trademark by now.

Most of the cheerleaders I noticed played the same old songs, like Britney spears Hit Me Baby Once More Time and Missy Elliots Lose Control. Heard Lose Control way too many times already ever since today. Many teams opt for these songs, no idea why, but it's SO last year. AHHAHAHA, actually last year, the most popularly played song was Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl. Nice song really, very much suitable to be used as part of their performance.

My ex-school did well. A very fair performance I might add. But i do wish that they would change the uniform colours. Goodness, at least they can have hope of winning the Best Dressed team since it's so obvious they can never get top 5. NO MORE PURPLE AND ORANGE COMBO! Lord have mercy!

The overall best cheerleading team that won 1st place was the....


So synchronized and creative as well. Good job on them. Love their white pom poms *grins*

CHARM All-Stars never ceased to amaze me everytime. It's comprised of girls AND guys. In case you haven't noticed, they are professional cheerleaders who has represented for Malaysia internationally. Cool huh? I wonder how they came about. Their performance was almost musical like! But it was damn refreshing to see them perform as professional cheerleaders. Seeing them do a pyramid 3 stories high was fantastic! Wanna see them againlaaa. Will check them out again next year.

K, i think i'm done with CHEER 2007. Can't wait for 2008!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ping Pong+Pool+Pics!

Well i just came back after a fun filled time with Benny, Lee and Siree! I reached at 3K today at 11:30am to find Lee and Siree already playing ping pong. Haiyohhh, Ben thought it was 3 pm! I told her it was 11am last night itself. Like what the heck! So fast she can forget. Ehehe, she was thinking 3K 3K so thus she thought we're gonna meet up at 3pm!*swt* God knows what went through her mind. Interesting really. HAHAHA.

So anyways, the 3 of us played while we meet up with Benny at the AC at 1:20pm. We ate at Little Taiwan then went up to play pool at the AC. Gosh, i missed playing pool. Ehehee, tak jadilah after watching the Guinness 9 ball. I thought I might get better, ended up i played the same old same old me. Ehehee, but still it was major FUN! Should've played 9 ball instead. Next time next time. Went to McDs after that to lepak. We talked and laughed our hearts out during out time there. I didn't want anything, but still Lee got me a drink. It was some strawberry shake. Tasted like strawberry ice cream slightly melted. So sweet of him, but i felt 5 times heavier after drinking that!
*guilt* *guilt* *guilt*
So crappylah...siree went and breathed in salt through a bloody straw up his nose! UGH! Talk about OUCH! Saw him get all teary eyed and went to the toilet. When he came back, ben asked him to do it again cause he did it without our acknowledgement. I'd call him an idiot if he ever did that again. It's so NOT GOOD! Blah! Ben likes to challenge the guys to do something and she keeps saying that she would pay this muchlaaa and stuff. In the end, nothing happened. I'd say it's smart of the boys to not follow her weird dares, though fun it may sound for me. *chuckles*

OWHYAH! Benny gave me the UVNation pics she promised. Now i'm waiting for Audrey's. I know for a fact aud's lazy to send it to me. So gonna get it from her when college starts, ehehe, i don't bother kacauing her to send it to me anymore cause it'll never happen. Lesson learnt through experince. *grins*

Here's the pics benny took, there's more weird ones in Audrey's cam where me, behonce and aud had glow sticks in our hair. Wonder how it turned out. Heehee, never got to see it properly.

No...nobody farted..ehehee, I was just telling ben to move a lil more to the left then *SNAP* =_="

Us in the car, on da way, ON DA WAY!


TY and LEE. Yes, spread the peace yall!

The dudes and I


Ben and the dudes =D

LOOK MA! I'm all GLOWY! You can only see me and lee cause we wore white. Luckily! Didn't realise that under the UV light, white looks really cool!

Turning off the flash helps make our shirt GLOWY ben. GLOWY! GLOWY!

Guys are so sad.....

Par-teeeeeee! The crowd was huge!

Robot dude on stilts

Fireworks before Benny Benassi finally came out

Dance Dance Dance!

For more pics, pls do proceed to MY MULTIPLY website. THX BEN once again!Going to CHEER tomorrow with sis and Ben! Wheeeee....!

A picture says more than a thousand words.
Do these pictures tell all?

Friday, June 22, 2007



I thought it was in July! *damn it* Of all the days, my dad JUSSSST had to leave for Macau early this morning on holiday with his collegues and will only be back on Sunday. SH*TLAAAA! Hope my sis knows the way, i think i roughly know the way since i've been there countless times already. Moreover since RAIN had his concert there *GRINS* *thinks*


Wonder whether should i go for 2 days or just go on a Sunday. Hmmmm. FYI, this is a 2-day cheerleading competition. Few teams will be performing on Saturday and the rest will continue on Sunday. And on Sunday is the most crucial day of course since the results will be announced (must go).

i wanna see ALL the teams strut their stuff,
i wanna SCREAM my lungs out,
i wanna do the Mexican WAVE,
i wanna see the funny games that are being carried out to entertain during intervals,
i wanna see more of Jien and Sarah Tan,
i wanna see hot hot Yannus,
i wanna see CHARM All-Stars perform,
i wanna have fun,
i wanna scream some more,
i wanna see the Valkyries screw up, ahaha, nawh just kidding, well, partially anyway =P

I've been to this CHEER comp ever since it started way back in the year 2000. Never missed it since and i don't intend on missing this years competition. It's SO FUN!

Anyone going?

CHEER 2007 here I come!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Random stuff on my mind

My 2 months holiday will be coming to an end soon. *gasp* In about 2 more weeks it'll be back to stress again for me. But somehow or rather i'm pretty excited, mostly because i wanna hangout with my mates again! It's so fun being with them all. But the excessive smoke from cigarettes is something that i can definitely live WITHOUT. That's the thing about college kids, they smoke like hell. Ciggy after ciggy. It amazes me. Owh well, just holding onto my breath is all i can do =P

Gosh, my hair is getting super long! Need to snip snip snip!

Soon soon i will, though i keep procrastinating. *guilty look*

Still reading that "Confessions of an old man" book. Almost getting to the middle of the book. AHAHHAA, i'm such a slow reader! The book aint all that thick some more. *shakes head in dissappointment* But so far so good. The author gave me the idea that Dato' Hamid made love again! But fortunately noooooooo, since he already is married and all. Good for him. Leave other hot chicks for the other dudes will ya. Dun be greedy. =P

I went to 1 U yesterday with Karen and Nickky. So fun! ahahaa, but sad to say that 1 U didn't have really good offers. This is just my say anyways. But a great place to find good sales on clothes would be at the Concept store in the new wing. Ahahaa, but i didn't get anything from there, though i saw this nice shirt from P&Co, but my mind was so set on getting a pair of ladies slippers 1st that i didn't bother getting it, maybe next time. I don't think i'll go to 1 U for shopping anytime soon. Rather go to megamall.

Anyways, eventually due to the outcome of going to a shopping mall with ka-ching ka-ching in my wallet, i got myself a pair of ladies slippers, was so tempted to get 2 pairs, but i managed to reasoned to myself not to. The ones that i bought looked so beautiful! Well to me it does. *grins* I think they can be called thongs no?

And i also got myself a simple purple tshirt. And that's about it thankfully, any more and i'll go really broke! The funny thing is, these 2 stuff that i bought were NOT on sale *sulks*. Whylarrr i must get attracted to things that arent on sale?!?! Like whats the point of going out shopping when there's a Mega Sale thingie going on right infront of me! Either way, i had fun shopping on my own after 2 of my mates left at 6 something. I stayed back till 8:45pm coz dad was in the gym.

I heard prassan will be coming back here on the 3rd of July! He's hoping to come back earlier though. Whooppie! I dunno what are the plans tho. I'm sure the 1st thing he'd wanna see 1st is Mayne darling. Don't blame him. *chuckles* Can't wait either way as long as he's still coming here no matter what.

Pool is on my mind right now. I feel like like like like like shooting some balls into a pocket! Gah, wished i had a pool table. Wouldn't that be fun! Might play till i get bored of pool?...NO, i don't think so anyways. I watched the Guinness 9 ball Tour last weekend and it was AMAZING! I felt so inspired to play better and stuff. Been paying attention to the way they shootlaaa, erm very skillful definitely. Dunno whether it'll work out or not for me. It's also about luck. But the thing which i really wanna try is to do those zing zag and jump shots! Gawd, that would just be awesome. Next timelah, we'll see how it goes. ehehee

Pool is God's gift to bored people like me.
Wanna play?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Things that i came across

Well, just to share with you all on what i did in the past hour, I read yesterday's theStar newspaper. *swt* I know , it's already considered OLDpaper, since i didn't read it when it was still fresh,NEW and all. But yeah, I read it when i was bored in in the mood.

I came across this wonderfully insightful article with a good dose of humour added in by Huzir Sulaiman entitled "Communication Failure" and the subtitles says "Smile, and the whole world smiles with you. Really". It was about the author being very concerned and irritated by the brusqueness of the woman who came up to him. Here's the scenario while the author was eating his fried noodles at a local hawker stall in Singapore while waiting for his wife in her usual Pilates class.

Woman: *glares at the plate and then to the author* Where did you order your Mee Goreng?
Huzin: *points to the Siti Nur Liayat Claypot Noodles sign* They're very good.
Woman: Okay
Huzin: *thinks to himself : Okay? Okay? Whatever happened to 'thank you'?*

He was obviously fuming about the rudeness of the woman. But then it was about an hour later he realised that it was not really about rudeness, or at least not entirely. It was about failure of language, and the perils of assumption. Because the woman had spoken with the accent of a fluent speaker of English,

What Huzin expected was this....
Woman: Sorry to bother you, but could i possibly ask from which stall you ordered your noodles? They look awfully good.
Huzin: *tells where he got it from*
Woman: Thank you ever so much

Ahahaha, *swt* i know that would be a tad bit farlah his expectations, but it did humour me for a moment. He said that he wouldn't been at least bit upset if a person whose first language he guessed to be Malay, Hokkien, or Tamil had come up to him and said, "That one from where?" and had merely nodded thanks when being told. When thinking about this issue as a whole, i guessed it would have the same effect on me as it did on him, but the only difference is that i DON'T mind whatever race he or she maybe. People should know and PRACTISE the flowery codes that conveys a sense of politeness and respect, regardless of what colour your skin maybe. He mentioned that the discrepancy between the woman's standard grammar and non-standard brusqueness was what had offended him.

Once he told his wife about his, his wife merely just shunned his theories and said, "No matter how well or badly you speak a language, the most important thing is the smile - the sense of the human connection. A genuine smile transcends a limited vocabulary. You were right to feel insulted - not because of the words she used or didn't use, but because of the words she used or didn't use, but because she didn't have the courtesy to smile." Wow, now that IS deep right? I mean, i she' quite true about the fact that a genuine smile transcends limited vocabulary.

This suddenly reminded me of an advertisement on the TV long long time ago when i was a lil kid to SMILE. It was a song basically. Ahahaha, nice ad. I wonder whether was it due to a Smile campaign going on or something. Hey! I was a young semi-ignorant girl, i didn't know whats going on outside the big world. hehehe.

Well, just goes to show to yall. A smile does warm peoples heart, especially if it's genuine. Just cut the words and leave a smile. *grins*


Flipping through the pages of theStar once again, I then came across super funny myth in an article entitled "Tips for grown-up zits". Here's a little extract from it:

" Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by eating too many fast food hamburgers with French Fries, consuming soft drinks, gorging on chocolate, thinking about sex, or not washing your face. "

AHAHAHAHA, guessed where i started laughing at???
"...THINKING ABOUT SEX?!?!?!?" like wtf? *giggles* I've never heard of it before! It got me in fits reading that one. Haiyohhh, who the silly scientist who even created such a thing in the first place? Wanna slap that person senseless already. Geeez, if like that then i know who's the horny dude by now. AHAHAA *has a person in mind* LOL


Currently now i'm reading an interestingly bit over exaggerated non fictional story of Dato' Abdul Hamid bin Dato' Sidek. The book is called "Confessions of an Old Boy. The Dato' Hamid Adventures". So far so good after reading the first few chapters, but SO freaking hornylah this Dato' Hamid feller. He keeps making love with HOT women (well, they were described to be very big in the upper torso section and all those lovely descriptions of a hottielah) in this story. Like hello?? Was he really dashing? *looks down and shakes head* Whatlarrr, but i still read on. Not bad, you guys should give it a try, though i'm not done with the book, so i'll give you my final verdict when i'm done.

To sum things up:
  1. Zitty people aren't horny, so STOP teasing them! Ehehehe, but since i've just found this out, i might just make a few laughs just for myself by teasing sum zitty feller. Do you think Ju Lyirn's horny? *giggles* Thank goodness he doesn't read my blog.
  2. Cut the words and SMILE everyone! Smile to the people around you. Go on, spread and create a human connection with just a smile. LOL
  3. Young Malay men are horny bastards when they venture overseas judging by the first few chapters of that book i'm currently reading. Too muchlaaa too much.

Waiting in vain for pics that have been long forgotten.
Waiting painfully.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I'm beginning to get bored of the usual same old songs in which i've been listening to for months continuously, mostly Korean and Jap songs such as RAIN, Lim Jeong Hee, W-inds, Se7en, Korean sountracks, Utada Hikaru and K.

So i've decided to look for something refreshing.

I've been listening to songs from Micheal Buble recently. When i mean by recently, i meant yesterday. lol. Actually i've listened to his songs long long time ago, but now i'm starting to recall the lovingly jazzy numbers in which he is so popularly known for like sway, kissing a fool, home, fever, put your head on my shoulder, how can you mend a broken heart and so on.

It all started when i came across this promotional copy CD which i had won few years back for answering a pretty simple dog related question at a Dog Expedition held at the Mines Wonderland.

No more korean or jap songs for me for the moment. *hesitates a lil* But what the heck, i can live without em for the moment!

As you can see that chinese song at the sidebar is currently my ultimate fav song from this show called Hanazakarina sumthing on 8tv at 7pm. Love that show no matter silly it maybe. It's uber funny! Gosh, so sad i couldn't be bothered about the name of the singer. Owh well, the song rocks! so romantic though i don't understand a word, sad.

Owh! That new song from MCR totally rocks! Ahahhaa, Teenagers.
Thats why it's lyric of the week. I was actually listening to it blindly, like not paying attention to the lyrics and all, mostly just banging my head to the beat. But when i started realizing what they really sang.

HELL YEAH it's worth putting them as lyric of the week. *grins* Funny ass song.

Teenagers scare the living shit outta me.
Die teens die!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let's SURF!

WHEEEEE, I've recovered from exaustion! WHoppie! Yeay me! *mimicks that asian gurl in the suite life of zack and cody*

Well, i've been pretty busy (going out alot), sick, and lazyyyy. Yes, lazy, this feeling will stay with me forever, no doubt about it yo. My 1 wk gymming is over and done with, that was basically what got me really sick. My whole body went cold till the tip of my fingers went numb, crazy headache, having trouble sweating, and sore throat. My fault of over excercising. Idiot me trying to kill myself by overworking my body. So since my bod has a mind of its own, it tried to get back at me with pure hatred and got me lying in bed for 16 hours straight! Sleeping my ass off till i can't sleep no more. Kudoos to my bod for doing a great job! I had a great time in Celeb while it lasted tho, this Lucianno guy was like OMG, so funny! Really enjoyed his Party Jam class. Body pump is also a good class to attend to get your muscles firm and toned, it can also help make your metabolism rate higher. So thats a good plus point.

Ahahaa, besides that, there was this so called the party of the year, UV Nation which was last saturday night. Erm, i thought it was NOT the party of the year exactly. Just thought of it pretty darn normal really. With it being in a carpark, not the super rooftop one but one or two floors down. So it looked pretty lame, ahaha, cheap. Wished i had some pics with me to show ya. But thankfully i wore white that time. Heehehe, whenever i was under the uv lights, my white top turned blue and glowy. So cool! ahahaha, I was damn excited about it, same goes for my baby Beh, luckily he wore white too! He's such a funny dude. Benni Benassi was alright, he came at about 11:30? but by then, my feet ached so bad, and i was too tired to keep on dancing, but still i pushed myself to get my groove on. *grins* Owhya, when Benni came on, there were fireworks right above us. Quite nice that part. Making the scene grand and all. Then when the started playing for a FEW minutes, there were techinical difficulties being faced, so the music was temporarily cut off. Bit of a turn off really, but a good excuse to just stand and not move. HAHAHAHA, well, Benny went home around 12mn, she followed her friend Liyana back since we all wanna stay back and hang a little while longer. Nice to meet her tho, she seemed quite fun to hang around. Thus leaving me with 3 dudes, lee, siree, and ty. In the end, got really tired, and head on out of the party at 1 something. Gosh, guess where we ended up next? McDs in SS15, ty's idea. Owh well, whatever floats your boat dude. We chatted and stuff till 3:30am and then chioz back home. Was fun and all knowing what guys really talked about when they're together. Geeez, no need to elaborate about that. *shakes head* guys......but Lee was different thankfully, but the other 2 like GAH, wanna strangle them both! I'm still waiting for the pics from both benny gal and audrey the maki. They're doing it in Msian asap. Cute way of saying it ben. *giggles*

Well, enough about the "party of the year" bull, I went to the Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer premier last wednesday night at Megamall. Dan got 2 free tix from his cousin, so we went to go check out. Since it was organized by Anglia, so there were lots of free cans to take. Since my bloody sore throat was still killing me, best not to consume it. There was this dude who dressed up as the Silver Surfer and GOSH was he creepy. AHHAHA, this dude was posing around, ppl taking pics with him and stuff. He had two teeny weeny plastic holes as eyes, so you can see his head go in all sorts of funny positions to get a good look around and moving his arms here and there making some cun poseslah. Well, there was a cocktail party outside before we could get into the gold class theater. The food was okoklah, got those common cute sushi rolls, white bread with sumthing inside, some mini pastries and sliced baguettes with a thin slice of salmon, olive, and something green on top.

Got bored of waiting and stuff, so we had our free picture taken with the creepy silver surfer. AHAHHAHAA, gosh, he was posing "punching" me and dan. damn smart. Was wondering why something was touching my chin. Then when i looked, i realisedlah, so i raised myself slightly higher so my chin would not collide his fist of fury. The pic ended up pretty funny looking with me being all happy happy being "punched". Couldn't help but grin when i saw myself. Moving on, I didn't really care much about the 1st Fantistic 4 movie, but since this is like the highly anticipated movie (all thanks to the super cool trailer that featured the invincible silver surfer that made up for it), i was pretty darn excited! The ending was very much cliche, but it's i guess expected. Most superhero movies are that way, so yeah, this was no exception. But the dissappointing thing about this movie was the time duration, It felt VERY SHORT! It's less than 2 hours if i'm not mistaken. But the graphics is SO SO SO SO good. I LOVE the part where the Human Torch was chasing after the Silver Surfer. WOW. It's must watch in the cinema. There's also plenty of comic moments involving Mr Fantastic & Invisible Woman and The Thing with the Human Torch (which is freakishly hot might i add and literally too). Still wished the movie was longer though like Spiderman 3. Wahhh, damn nice if it were to be that long. Ya know the funny thing is, those villians in which is deemed or seemed very much invincible or indestructable , will usually give up and be on the good side because they were touched emotionally. BLAH. *rolls eyes*


Kill Kill Kill....muahahahaaha

Waiting in vain for images that never seem to come soon.
Wait wait wait.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Of Gyms and Birthdays

I'm feeling better WITH a hint of soreness in my throat *clears throat*

Ahahaha, Audrey's sick too! Not that i'm happy about it or anything, just that, i think alot of people now is getting sick coz of the weather. It's the drizzle ppl, it's the drizzle....

Well, i got 1 week free trial pass to Celebrity Fitness yesterday, so i gotta use it up by the 12th of June (tuesday next week). Can't wait! Audrey and i went there yesterday to consult this really friendly lady named Diva about the pricing and stuff. But we ended up being toured around and stuff, more than what we expected. Little did she know, i was there before, so i knew what to expect of thier classes and facilities that they provide. She kept on emphasizing that their instuctors are all Brazilians. AHAHAHA, in hope that that she could lure us in and get us all excited. Well, i can't deny that it's true, they do have HOT looking brazilian guys. Though i only saw 2 last time. Now they've got one new feller, a very internationally know Brazilian dancer, but i still don't know who he is. Owh well, i'll join one of his classes soon enough. *grins*

Anyways, so yeah, out with the gym and in comes the BIRTHDAY! I went to my friend Erica's Birthday gathering and it was FUN! Her dad is such a sarcastic british dude and her mom is SO SO SO sweet. Erica and Halim fetched me and manggalaa up from my house, and off we went to her parents place! There are other ppl whom i don't know were there who are her neighbours. It's a pretty intimate gathering with lots and lots of FOOD. Gawd, the food was del-lish! Loved the fried chicken, pineapple curry, the dad's beef fried with ginger, Dominoes pizza, and Chocolate indulgence cake with choco chip ice-cream! *drools* I felt so bloated after that, i felt that the free 1 week trial pass to the gym was god's gift and a sign. AHAHHAA, HE, knew it was coming alright. HE knows too much. *laughs*

Here's some of the funny stuff that i took, i did alot of candid shots to make it more fun!
Gah, i can't seem to post anymore pics at the moment. Sad really. Stoopid blogspot.You can also checkout more pics at MY MULTIPLY

Roger soooo cute!

the Birthday girl cutting the cake

Monday, June 4, 2007

*sniff sniff*

I'm feeling hot....and....cold

What is this odd, irritating, irksome feeling you ask?

It's called being S.I.C.K.....lemme find da words to describe it. *sniff sniff*

S - Sneeze like nuts *ac-chooooo!*
I - Makes you ill to the bone
C - Crumpled up tissue will be your best friend
K - just wanna Kick somebody???

Guess walking from the Subang station to Carrefour and then from there walk to the bus station opposite T.G.I.F in the slight drizzle isn't advisable. But there's no choice! Drizzles suck just as much as rain *gasps* not my baby RAIN of course, its the wet one i'm talking about. *grins* My appetite has almost gone, don't feel like eating anymore. Just wanna drink and drink and drink and of course sleep. Gosh, the weather here right now is SOOO lovely, very dark and gloomy after the rain had died down. It's a tad bit cool, not cold, but nice and cool. It's the kind that you would just want to stay in bed for a long long time snuggling up to your comfy soft pillow. MMMMMMMM, feels nice.

Ok guys! don't walk in the drizzle! But if you had to, i hope you don't end up sick as i do. *sniff*

Anyways, if you're wondering why suddenly i was at the Subang Station that time, my friend Manggalaa and i came back from Megamall. Ehehehe, we went shopping for a shirt for our friend Erica who's having a birthday party tomorrow night. CAN'T WAIT! Even if we're gonna be the only young ones there excluding the birthday gal of course. Still hope it'll be fun. Here's some stuff i took yesterday and some stuff SHE took while trying to get back at me for taking random pics of her. *evil laugh*

Manggalaa and I, best buds since Standard 5!

I like the back being all blurry, thx people for walking fast!

I dunno what's this gurl looking at...must be some hot Caucasian dude

A candid shot of her in which she got pretty revengful when she's having the cam with her.

Her idea of revenge......

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dancing, Shopping, Food.....

Yesterday i had a blast over at Subang Parade to see the "So You Think You Can Dance" Roadshow at 3pm. WOW, i was blown away by their different styles and techniques. Very impressive. *Hats off to all of them*. I especially like Alam, wow, the guy can really put on a good show for the crowd. Audrey, Ashley (her lil sis) and I were enjoying ourselves very much watching them dance and shaking that ass, shaking that ass.

Here's some pics of what i took during that roadshow:

Look at the crowd!

Lining up for the meet and greet. So candid cam!

The meet and greet fan session, Audrey and her sis went up there *giggles* Aud didn't want to, but got pressured by her lil sis =)

ONE big happy dancing familyyyyy

All having fun posing for the camera

Alam happily posing with his necklace, the feller seriously damn excited about it.

After that we went to TOYS 'R' US and had fun pressing things and seeing what would happen next to that toy and what it would say. Ehehehe, silly Dora the Explorer doll. Damn scary i tell you after you press her shoelace. *grins*. Go try it one day yah! She'll scare you for the first 1 second. Ehehehe, it sure did scare me and my mates last time.

Here's what i got from TOYS 'R' US:

*gasps* is it the finger??? ehehehe, funny toy

Looking at this baby doll

We then walked about aimlessly around parade and came across this magician guy doing some simple tricks for the kids. So, the lil kid within me brought Aud and Ash along to watch it. Nice! very entertaining! He even performed the very classic "OHNO! MY thumb has dislocated from my hand!". Good one. Then Aud and Ash had to leave at 5:30pm leaving me behind to stay till 6:30pm as planned beforehand. So i went on window shopping by myself in which i really enjoy doing. Feels good to me, i can go wherever i wanna go and not tire ppl out. I got myself a brand new eyeliner which is black in colour, i hope black is good, but joyce told me that dark brown is better after i bought it. Hmmm, can't help but to feel a tinge of regret suddenly. Owh well, i've bought it already, so just use it. Then i went to look for a nice skirt/pants for the party happening soon, i've decided for the top but dunno what to wear for my lower torso..*laughs*. ANYWAYS, i went to try out some flats just for the fun of it. Really enjoy trying things out, especially ladies footwear, ehehehhe, very easy to slip them on i guess, wherereas when it comes to clothes, a tad bit troublesome.

End result: Messy hair...urgh, which is so NOT good.

When, it was 6:30 i went out to Coffee Bean there to wait for my parents to come pick me up for dinner with relatives at "Restoran Paris" in SS2. It's actually a chinese restaurant, but i just don't understand why they have a name like that. Geeez, people, what were they thinking?!? My sis couldn't make it as she had to work that night, sad. She's a graphic designer, so you gotta expect these kind of things. Anyways, i chatted mostly with my cousin Swee Siah, i guess i could chat with her best out of the rest. She came back from her trip to Japan (2nd time) and got me and my sis some stuff. Mostly snacks! Wished it would be sweets though, i love jap candy. She also went and got us 2 bookmarks when she visited Studio Ghibli. This studio is basically a Japanese Animation Film Studio and is headed by the acclaimed director Hayao Miyazaki. This dude created popular films like Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle. I personally enjoy watching Spirited Away. Love it!

Studio Ghibli's logo

Here are some pics of the stuff she bought:


2 pretty bookmarks of a piece of film

Close up

Close up

So that was my day, nice, tiring, and thoughtful. *smiles*

Friday, June 1, 2007

Rantings of a rain loving, group work hater!

DIE hot weather for making me sweat like a pig *oink* ...... BE GONE!!

RAIN please come again, both wet and sexy RAIN....



Eheheh, i just had to put it that way. Face it, i'm a free "woman" unbound by the chains of heavy workload from which i had to bear with for so longggg....

This is my well deserved, a lil bit boring break!

Anyways, i just found out that our results were already out few days ago, sheesh, didn't know it was in a NEW taylor's online website. Me and so does the majority of my mates didn't know that, so basically we were looking at the wrong places in anticipation to see our results. *sigh* Dumbass Taylor's don't know how to inform us clueless students in the first place.*scowls* They just simple put this link called "Taylor's Online NEW" at the top thinking we would click on it and find our results there. Haiyohhh, obviously we would look at the same old spot for our results like the last few sems.

So yeah! I searched for my results yesterday night, with all my nerves bunched up together in a tight knot, and to much to my surprise i got a B+ for my Comm Research Methods! Previously i got a B for it before i sat for my finals, thx god for the one grade upgrade. *grins* BUT the dissappointing subs for me would be Intro to Desktop Publishing (IDTP) and Public Relations 1 (PR). I got a bloody A-, when expected to get an A. Why is it so damn hard to to get an A?? Design is soo subjective and our lecturer wants eveything to go HIS way, according to what he perceives as a GOOD design. Well, the group work was tough (designing a marketable magazine and newspaper), as me and my mates have different views and well, persistant ideas. That's the beauty of a group work, talking it out, being tolerant amongst each other and giving a smile eventhough the ideas may seem like crap to you but the most prettiest thing in the world to another person's eyes. But honestly, I don't like GROUP work at all, eventhough in reality, we would be dealing with people much more worse than the ones we have in college. So yeah, gotta get used to it and be all smiley smiley *fake grin*. Ohya, for PR, well, bit sadlaaa, got a B+ for that, the finals were abit expected yet unexpected, confusing Qs really for the essay. In addition to that, there was a group work, where we had to organize the Mass colympics. I feel that some people did not do justice when it came to peer evaluation. Really complicated, and i don't feel like touching it coz whats done is done. Moving on to, Intro to Comp Graphics (ICG) and Media History and Law(MHL), I got A for ICG (guaranted) and A- for MHL, which i felt was fair enough. *smiles*

Overall to sum it all up, I've got an A, 2 A- and 2 B+. Really THANK GOD for not giving me a grade B and below as hoped for at every semester. I've always wanted to maintain B+ and above. I wonder what does my CGPA look now. IT better rise! I seriously need to bug my dad to sign me up to a gym, preferably Celeb Fitness. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!