Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am now officially CURSED when it comes to hooked earrings...

Damn sadlah, for the 1st pair of earrings, i lost one piece...then ANOTHER pair of earrings (my FAVourite, mind you), i lost another piece. CRAP! All in 2 weeks i believe.

Well, at least now they can be "matched" together since both pair's have lost their partners. hehehe, very oddlah. I'm having a slight phobia of hooked earrings now, afraid i might loose one of em AGAIN.


Enough about my cursed right ear...Hmmm, come to think of it. IT'S ONLY ON MY RIGHT SIDE! wonder why...pfffttt

ANYWAY! I had a blast last friday night during our campus's Orientation Night. It's my 3rd time and hopefully will go for more in the future. hehehe, it's seriously fun! Thanks to Denise darling who did my hair. She's got some good skills i tell you, never knew she was so talented. Me, Aud, Calyn and Karen went to Denise's place after coll to get ready for the night. Had loads of fun there doing girl stuff. Alvin picked us up later at 7 something. Sweet guy. THANKS AL!

When we reached campus, we met up with Kerry and the gang, then soon Dan, Paul, and another girl came. By the time they reached we all makan ady, darn sad. The food was alright, not as fantastic as the previous one that i attended.

I loved the performances there. Super cun! Killer moves from our TCPJ (taylor's coll petaling jaya) dance group, hot chicks dancing to hot songs, guys shuffling, and lots of Hospitality and Tourism GUYS wearing fitting tops tied so show off their stomachs, long skirts, huge ballons as their boobies, and ultimately MAKE-UP.

Yes my dear friends, it doesn't get any better than this. I wonder if my mates got pics of them dancing like sluts. Very alluring *giggles*

We danced danced danced alllll night longggggggg, till i had a slight headache already. Thats what I get for dancing too long and not getting my ass out from the dancefloor to rest. Overall it was a good fun workout. I met Elmie and Aniq at the dancefloor too! Dan and Elmie had a one-on one-dance together. Priceless..

Wahahaha, btw kerry, I really did NOT spit INTO the Anglia can LAH! I spat outside, ahahaha, though close enuff to the can. Oklaaa, maybe some went inside. Pffttttt, your fault anyway, talking funny shit when i'm drinking.

Here's the pics to entertain yall... (pics taken from denise's blog)

Denise doing up Aud's hair, Aud looking very preppy here...hehe


HOT Aud here *sizzling*

Calyn's hair


Pretty Calyn all ready!

My hair... hehehe, simple yet elegant

Denise u rock!

(l-r) Karen, Calyn, me, Denise, and Aud.

TCPJ dance group, they rocked the house!

Kerry and I

Dan and I, haha, had to censor abitlah *smiley*

Denise and Paul. Hahaha, such a cuteeeee pose =)

After dancing, about to leave... SO FUN!

me me in my room room

Then yesterday i went for this Arabian Night Food Promo at my campus with dear Dan. It was fun really! Thanks babe! Although I expected more from the belly dancers. Geez, it was too shortlah the performance. The Magician rocked tho, Hahahah, killer cun. There was this funny guy who performed fire flaring (i think that's what it is), niceeeeee. It was a HOT performance i might add. No pun intended *grins*
Hehee, they were playing kenny G songs, soon it turned to the clubbing genre. *laughs* I don't know what they were playing at, since this IS after all themed ARABIAN. Would've expected Arabian music, but apparently they didn't have any. The atmostphere is quite nice. Very cozy!

Owh well, I'm begining to write nenek stories now, so here's some pics to not-bore-the-crap-outta-your-ass-kapish-kapish...

Dude playing with fire, don't try this at home kids, coz i singed my hair doing it. JOKING!

What great timing for me to capture this shot.

Playing with fire again...
dan dan
Lucky draw
The way that French lecturer spoke in English is SO adorable!
If you see my in my hunched state,PLS DO SLAP ME ON MY BACK. I don't care how hard you do it, JUST DO IT!
*cries* *straightens back*

Thursday, July 26, 2007

MY DREAM, if only this were true...

I dreamt of RAIN (Jung Jihoon) in my dream today!!!!!!


I couldn't help but grin like shit when i woke up recalling what had happened between me and him. *GRINS*

Me and my sis came out from a place...and there he was, in his pure white crisp suit, as handsome as ever appearing a few steps from where i stood with a group of staff behind him. It was like we were both expecting each other.

What a DREAM huh?

Anyways, soon I went up to him and took hold of his right arm with my left arm and we walked together ditching my sis and his staff. He was DAMN tall btw. The top part of my head was leveled with his strong broad shoulders. HAHAHAHA, it felt so REAL, so divine, so dreamyyyyy.....

We walked around, then my ring slipped off my left hand onto the floor (didn't know i was holding anything or wearing anything, not that i'm complaining!) . There were lots of people walking around. I was afraid that someone would step on my ring. Then the kind and gentle RAIN beside me bent down and picked the ring up with ease and slipped it on my ring finger. *SQUEALS in delight*

Thats all i could remember. We were like the couple of the day or something. *laughs*

Wished there was more....but unfortunately, i can't recall anymore. As i'm listening to RAIN now. I only can imagine his strong arms *melts*

BLAH, i think i'm boring u guys...

Hehehe, that's all i wanna update. Wanna have more of them RAIN dreams...

Y Will we get married nextsY

Tune in next time to find out! Muahahahaha, jkjk


Btw, i've added one more extra twister pic in the blog post below.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Birthday's, Movies, ass crack...hehe

Last friday i had a blast with my mates whom are Kerry, Aud, Karen, Jacq, Carol, Denise and Shafiq!

It was Kerry's Birthday yo!

Had alot of laughs and crazyness. Bit lazy to type, so i'll let these pictures do the talking.... Too bad i don't have Shafiq in the pics...

A normal nice family portrait.... for now that is....

Carol darling and I

Karen baby and I

Errrr, sorry, wasn't prepared....

Yo wassup peeps! We in da hiz-zouze! bwahaha

We're so "sweet" and so "lovingggg"...*giggles* No seriously we are...*grins*

I laughed too much till my face got blur...=(

I also went to the Starlight Cinema yesterday to catch Shrek 2 and 3 at KBU college.


I so perfered the location last year where it was at Sentul Park. *whines*

I don't like the KBU field!!!

Sentul Park beat it hands DOWN!

Break time!

The crowd wasn't that big as compared to last years.

Wheel of crap

There were technical difficulties in the middle of shrek 3...sad case

Mini stalls

candid sis

dark me


Overall, it was okie dokie. hehee, we watched it for free, so no complaints there.

But if i had to pay, i would be ranting about it here like no body's business! Will go again tomorrow to catch Oceans Thirteen!


Watching it for free again since i've got free tix.

Here's a lil pic to laugh at...

Twister is KICK ASS! (me in green) *pic taken from jacq's blog

Stay strong Jacq! Don't colapse on me! *grins* *pic taken from Abu's blog (ashleigh)


Friday, July 13, 2007


Today damn fun man at college!

The Communication Project Management (CPM) subject lecturer was on MC! hahaha, the class was at 8 to 10am.. Sheesh, we woke up early for NUTS only!

BUTTTTTT, either way, it's was SO darn fun!

Ayna brought along her friend's
TWISTER game! Hehehe, we all in a group (Audrey, Kerry, Nessa, Amanda, Ayna, Roger, Ashleigh, Denise, Jacqkie and me of course) went down to one of the Annexe classes and played our hearts out. Damn fun whey, our bodies were like so distorted stretched in many ways. Then the 2 ones left would always be me and Amanda. However, Amanda would always win. She's GOOD!

Got pics and recordings, but they were taken from mate's handphone. Wished I could post it up here though.

We then played in class when our lecturer was in. He didn't mind. Hehehe, we all having fun at the back of the classroom doing our stretching and all sorts of yoga poseslah.

Anyways, had loads of fun playing Twister. Wanna play it again! Miss it already.....

Notice the BLUE, RED, YELLOW, and GREEN theme?

I'm addicted to TWISTER!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


OMG, today was a really funny day!

Hehehehe *GRINS*

In college today, Audrey, Karen, Calyn, and I were walking on our way to the Media Hub (a place where there are lots of computers, including those MAC comps), the weather was quite windy that time, so ya knowlah how girls are when there is strong wind.

Strong Wind + Hair = MessyNESS & IrritatingNESS!

So Audrey didn't like it at all. So she walked backwards instead thus facing me, mind you she was wearing a 3/4 black skirt. Then from out of the blue....

....her skirt FLEW UP!


She had to do the infamous Marilyn Monroe pose....


I was the only one who laughed so hard and so long! I dunno what happened to Karen and Calyn, but i think they laughed moderately. *chuckles* Hahahahaa, i'm still laughing while typing this out. Hehehhee, sorrylaaa, Aud, terpaksa laugh like crazy that time.

God gave me a throat, voice box, and a mouth to laugh my ass off just incase events such as this occurs. *GRINS*

K, thats all for now.

Ladies, beware of the angin!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Dear blog (gosh, who am i kidding?!?!),

Today i woke up, bathed, ate, went online, met up with jacqkie, ate, talked with mates, went to class, talked more, went to Parade and then met up with one of my ex-co worker from Tumble Tots. His name is Shukhrat. If you think it's an odd name, well it's because he's from Uzbekistan.
Hahaha, long time i've not talked to him face-to-face. And i tell you, he can reeeaaaallllllyyyyyyy TALK! He's one heck of a chatterbox. Well, it's a gift lah. Not many people can do so. So we were chatting at McDs after his class at 5pm. He did most of the talking basically.
Yada yada yada, at Parade i saw Azureen, Eu-gene and his mom, and Dilshod (another Uzbek friend, whom benny named him as Dildo because she can't seem to remember his name, lol).

I went home today at 6pm and found on the table MY PRIZES!!!!!

I entered 2 Channel [V] contest, one was for Surfs Up and the other Hot Fuzz. *grins* Fortunately for me, I had won both! Hahahaha, I guess alot of people might not bother about these things that's why i had a higher chance of winning.

My 2 packages and a Hot Fuzz Poster. I had to clone stamp my private details out, that's why there are blank spaces.

The stuff.

The undersized slipper. =(

Damn sadlaaa, the slipper was a size medium shit. Gahhhhh, and the shirts were like WAHHHHH, HUGELAH!

So tak syiok. The ONLY cun thing was the complimentary movie ticket pass (altogether 4 tixs)! My sis already planning what movie to watch with me. Only the movie which is labeled with an asterisks. So far only shrek3, Hot fuzz and Surf's Up qualifies. Dunno when to watch yet.

Owh well, i don't want to write a long blog today. Not in much of a mood to do so. Wanna chat! Will update more later when i have more stuff to share.

Btw, anyone interested in the undersized slippers? It's for kidslah, so if you have lil bros or sis, don't hesitate to ask me for the slipper that i will never use, EVER.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pets in dire need of a home!!!

As you may ALL know, I'm a major DOG LOVER...

I got this email from Sherrina K who's incharge of this group called "Independent Pet Rescuers". What they do is they rescue pets and rehome them. A good alternative to the SPCA since the SPCA is getting overcrowded. They also don't believe in putting any rescued animals to sleep, so u can be sure that the animal will be well taken cared of untill they find a new home. Basically, they are a group of animal lovers who foster the animals temporarily while new homes are being found.

U can become a VOLUNTEER too!

I want to! but since i've got 3 dogs at home. Gonna be damn hard to help foster one. My dogs will go beserk!

Here's what was said in the email...

Dear All,

Please help us. We need urgent fosterers. We have 9 dogs needing foster care urgently and we don't know what to do if we don't get a solution soon. We will provide food and whatever that's necessary. Please forward this message anywhere you can. Post it up on blogs and newspapers if you can. We need all the help we can get.

Sherrina K
012 2026384

Below is the main website

Animal rescued (for adoptions and updates)

OMG, the dogs are major cute!!!!!! I WANNNNNNNNNNT!!!
There's cats too btw. hehehehe.

So if you're interested in fostering a pet OR adopting one instead of buying those pedigree pets at the Pet Shop, PLEASE DO SO! It would mean a great deal to these lil angels.


Dogs dogs dogs.
*woof woof*

College Smollege


I'm BACK in COLLEGE already!

Yesterday, i was so damn freaking tired! Slept at 9pm!!!!!

Talk about major body breakdown here.

Class started at 8 am then ended at 8:20am. Then me and my mates chatted till 2pm then went to our next class which ended at 3 something. Jacqkie baby said that our Public Relations Writing lecturer, Bernard Thamboo, looks like Dr. Mahathir....


HAHAHAHHAA, oklaaa, maybe so. *pffftttt*

Soon, Audrey and I took the 4:15 bus to Parade. Audrey left at 5:15. Gah, i only went home at 6:45pm! Dad had something on. Was dead bored at parade. *sighs*

This sem is going to be loads so stress!!! Lots of things to do!!! We've got to organize an event soon. not sure on what will we come up with, but hopefully it'll be an interesting eye-opener that will capture people's attention. This year we hope to collect as much or MORE than the previous semester which was Rm18 K. *shivers* Amazing!

Owh well, whateverlah, screw it! hehehe, omg, keropak lekorrrrr......i wannnn!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I'm a happy happy girl ever since last night!

No, i didn't do anything , errrr, that involved something something. Even BETTER! I did however managed to get permission from my dad to use the car tomorrow!

You see, my sis left for Thailand today at 5am, so yeah. She'll be away for 5 days! So there's obviously a chance for me to get myself independent by not relying on people to send me to and fro places. *yeay*

My dad on the other hand was so mean!

Here's the conversation at dinner...
Me: Di, since che che (sis in chinese) is going to Thailand. Can i use the car on Friday?
Dad: *thinks* What time will you be using the car?
Me: Erm, at 10 in the morning.
Dad: OK, it's up to you. If you get into an accident, it's your problem...
Me: *spirits broken* HUH? Thats the first thing you say to me? So mean!
Dad: Just drive carefully.

Haiyohh, like so no confidence in me or something. But i can tell he's slightly worried since he's NEVER sat with me when I was driving the car before, only my sis. Thinking about it, i'm a tad bit nervous driving by myself for the 1st time. But i know things will turn out great!

So freakishly grinning right now, i'm also listening to this song "How Do I Breathe" by Mario. Omg, love this song to bits. It's so groovy romantic. *sighs*

Here are a few jokes that I wanna share...(taken from Reader's Digest)

A chicken and a cow break out of prison and make their way to the border. Hiding behind a bush, they peer out at the checkpoint on the other side of the road, the only thing that stand between them and freedom.
The chicken looks at the cow and says sadly "You go on, i'll have to turn back here"
"But why?" the bewildered cow asks.
The chicken's eyes move slowly from the armed guards at the checkpoint to the road infront of them. Then he says, "If i cross that road, i might raise alot of questions."

A woman rubbed a lamp and out popped a genie.
"Do i get a wish?"
"Yup, what will it be?"
"See this map? I want these countires here to stop fighting."
"They've been at war for thousands of years. I'm not that good," he said. "What else?"
"Well, I'd love a good man. One who's considerate, loves kids, likes to cook and doesn't watch sports all day."
"OK", sighs the genie.
"Let me see that map again."

And now i shall leave you with a quote....

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the first word you thought of.
-Burt Bacharach

Laugh. Smile. Die.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Gettin flirty?



I just got a call from California Fitness. This dude called Nicklas gave me call promoting this student package stuff which will end this sunday. His approach is so wrong i tell you. He's so freaking flirty. Geez,he starts talking to me about things that aren't even relevant to their club like asking me whether i know his fren *dunno what* coz since she's in Taylor's coll as well. I'm like, "Err, i don't know who is that. Anyways, whats the pricing for your promotion package?". As you can see i'm trying to avoid any further nonrelevent Qs and to get straight to the point.

Gosh, then at the end of the conversation...

Dude: So when can you come?
ME: Erm, maybe during the weekend. Depends on my dad whether he's interested in the offer or not. If he is then he might go, if not, then won't bother.
Dude: So it is okay if i call you this friday night to confirm your answer? Hope to hear good news. Me: Errr, *thinks* sure, should be okaylah".
Dude: Your mother won't be angry right a man calling you at night?
Me: *confused look on my face* Nooo, it doesn't bother her.
Dude: I want to hear your voice again.
Me: *nervous laugh* what?!?
Dude: hahahaha, just joking, i'm a very funny guy...


BLAHHHHH!!! DUDE! Like, hello? You're not that funny ya know. *shakes head*
Anyways, I suddenly got an anonymous sms later on, and it was from him.

Here's how it goes..
012-2589790. NICE TO MEET YOU GAL =]

I'm thinking to myself "DID I ASK YOU FOR YOUR NUMBERs!s!". Then was thinking "omg, he's calling me with his num or the california number?" *prays hard it's the office number*

Well, anyone interested in this poor lonely "man" here?
If you are then please do dial that number.
Or if you know this person. Tell him not to be flirty and try to be professional because he is part of the people that represents the company tot he public. Geez, i'm suddenly having the impression that the guys working at California are scary to come across to. Owh well, but the offer at California not bad. RM99 per month. Anyways, i'm still set on Celebrity Fitness. No gym can beat that.

I've changed my music & lyric of the week!

I've just discovered it actually. It's a mix of "In My Bed" by RAIN and "Anytime" by Ray J (whoever he is). Quite nice really! Very grooovy. GO have a listen and tell me what you think. It has more of RAIN i believe. *leaps with joy* The beats are so romantic. NICE.

As for the lyric, I've chosen "Stick To The Status Quo" from by the High School Musical movie. Love the song man! The part where the skaterdude guy was like "A SAW!". Kick ass funny.

Kays, feeling very drowsy from the heat. So i'll leave you with this special message.

"I love Bi, you love Bi, We love Bi!"
*in korean Bi means RAIN

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hairy issue =P


Well, i've finally cut my hair....and NO it's NOT short. Much to the dissappointment of most of the ppl on msn. *laughs*

I will cut super short the NEXT time k?

The guy is really skillful and funny too. I was talking to him while he went on snipping away. I might go to his shop again next time.
I was pretty blur with what kind of hairstyle i wanna get. So he gave me his opinion. He showed me a pic of a hair style that was apparently the "trend" nowadays. So i'm like what the heck, gimme what you got.

And the end result is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

I loved it! It's very much layered at the top. Which i really liked.

I just put this as a before pic, since usually before pics are bad & funny looking.

And i certainly think this is!

Here's how i look now....

However, i felt that this picture did not do justice as to how layered it really is. Owh well, you guys just gotta meet up with me to actually see it. *grins*

All the more excuse to see me eh?

I think it's way better than before though sadly my highlights are cut off. *whines* I just liked the colour alot! Hehehe, next time will dye my hair again.

Well, i've got approximately 1 more week of hols!

Can't wait to go back to college and see all my wonderful mates again! Miss them dearly...

Counting down the days when coll will start.