Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I've been cleaning up one of my drawers yesterday and i came across a few pictures that i'd like to share. Hehe, or more like dread? because it's so fugly. Hehehe.

Omg, this booth picture taken in Pyramid was the worst! It was the first ever picture we've taken in the booth and i believe it was during form 1 or 2. Inexperienced. Damn fugly weih. Those in the picture is Joyce, Priya, Sait Yie and Me. Noticed the picture on the top left hand corner. It's our first picture taken and we're NOT ready! Moreover, it wasn't supposed to be the chosen one. Story is this, after the picture taking session and due to our lack of intelligence, we asked the lady outside for help. She told us that we should chose 4 pictures that we want to be printed. And the first thing JOYCE did was, "Whatever it is, it's definitely not THIS picture" and points to the worst picture of the bunch. Thus, it was selected and couldn't be removed. DAMMIT. HAhahaha, goodness. Owhwell, better luck next time i'd say.

Here is a picture of me and Christopher in Inti College holding what i think is a python. This was taken on the 5th of July 2006. Noticed the Tumble Tots pants. I just came out from work during lunchtime to attend the reptile event. Aren't i niceeeeee? hehehe

Oh, and this is a Birthday note from Joyce when i was in form 1. Hehehe, it was like a journey through memory lane cleaning out my drawer. The things i've found. Maybe you guys should clean out your whatever messed up compartments and find something that will bring you back a few years. It's a nice feeling. Maybe guys don't have these things, but you never know...hahaha, maybe you might find a used condom and that might bring you good memories..or bad....either take your pick.

As for now, happy cleaning!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Letter

I love receiving letters/cards or anything that is in an envelope sent to my house! It's just such a thoughtful thing to get nowadays since almost everyone is resorting to emails and MSN to communicate. I so can remember the Birthday card Pooi San sent me 2 years ago and the Birthday card from Kishy last year all the way from NZ (so sweet). Just the thought about it makes me want to do the same. *grins* Well, just today i received a letter from *dot dot dot*.
I was so excited and everything! All excitement bundled into one just at the sight of this piece of processed tree bearing my name and address.

Sealed with a cute heart. How not to love this?

At first i was wondering who sent this, then all thoughts started buzzing in my head thinking is this some love letter or something. But the handwriting in the front was too pretty to be a guy's. Lol. Sorry, no offense. Just stereotyping here. Then thinking maybe it's a birthday card but NAH, birthday isn't till October. Letter from Tsu Ming perhaps? Since he said i'm a good candidate to write letters to when he's in UK since i write long msgs to people. But then, he's still here! Hmmm, so i stopped creating that suspense for myself and finally opened it.

Once opened, it was a card from NATALIE YAW!

Damn sweet of her to make it more personalized!

She was inviting me to a concert in which she and her church mates organized. It's called G.A.P.S concert. Don't really know what it stands for though. It's a free concert and it'll be happening this Saturday, 6pm. This is opened to practically anyone who's interested. All participants will be able to get 'buy 1 free 1' ice cream vouchers from Yogur Berry and also other stuff from their sponsors. Chehh, promoting pulak. Well, who knows maybe you guys would be interested in going. So i'm helping to spread the word eventhough i'm not asked to. *grins* That's the power of a letter for you. If i received this through email or facebook. Honestly, i wouldn't even read it. Too lazy too.

Oh, there will be games, live performances and videos too! So if you're free, so head on down to Hosanna Praise Assembly.

Do visit this website for more info:


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Leave Me Alone

*warning warning*

Emo dogs in the house

*warning warning*

Does not want to be disturbed

Chloe: Serious case of depression till contemplating about suicide

Dodger: Mild case of depression, he's just... lazy

Hehehe, that's what I did today. Found something fun that belongs to my sis and used it to torture and humiliate my doggies. Wanted to put it on Russell, but he wouldn't even let that eye mask touch his fur. Hahaha.

On a different note, but still relates to animals. On my way for dinner at King Crab in Kelana Jaya, the highway that is in between Giant KJ and the Lake, i saw a dead animal. Roadkill basically, but this wasn't any ordinary roadkill that we usually see like cats, dogs, rats...

This was a SNAKE! Seems like a medium sized snake if you ask me. Dang! As our car passed, I couldn't take my eyes off it. It's flesh was all open to be made publicly. Kesian. It's body was all curled and mushed up, probably when the first run over, it curled in pain then the next car ran over it thus a huge big mess munched together. Poor snake. Bloody hell! Must've come from near the lakelah. Ish, damn dangerous. I was like some excited monkey in the backseat to see a run over snake, while my dad was like, "yeah, it's a snake". =_=

I mean, come on! It's not like you see this every other time. I know if my sis was there, she'd be just as excited as me. Err, or maybe less lah. =S


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

Imagine being in the only woman in the Fantastic Four...

Imagine being probably the ONLY woman in the world who has the ability to bend and manipulate light to render herself and others invisible and can generate force fields(which she uses for a variety of defensive and offensive effects)...

YES, i am talking about Invisible Woman!
Big bust and everything...
Now why would she want to turn invisible again?
We'll get to that later...

I would so love to have her super power! If you feel abit of dejavu, do not fret as i have mentioned about wanting to have invisible powers before.
Refer to my "Superpower" post.

Anyways, ever wondered how she lived her day-to-day life? Let's take it down a notch, like when she's not busy saving the world and before she even got together with Mr Fantastic.
What was she doing?

With a hot bod and a pretty face to boot, this chick here has been using her powers for her OWN good. Not saying it like it's a bad thing to think of herself once in a while instead of others (you know what i mean), but for her own personal usage. Which might I add is very much useful when in her position. What was she doing you ask?

Well, she was busy going on multiple dates of course! She's not desperate, just that she has a mother who so badly wants her to have a partner since she's going to be stuck to 3 other guys whom mum aint all that pleased with. Come on, a guy who can stretch himself like a rubberband, a guy who can burn almost anything if he wants to, and a really freakishly big red looking dude who looks like he needs to soak himself in a pool of moisturizer because he looks so darn cracked! Moreover, he's called The Thing... Any mother would be afraid if her daughter was staying together with someone or something called "The Thing".

So mum's on a mission to find a good boy for her daughter so he can look after her. Kind of doesn't make much sense since Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, and The Thing can take care of her way better than the average man can. Mums... Go figure.

When Invisible Woman is being set on a blind date, she confidently goes ahead with it hoping as well that the person would be the one for her. But everything changes at the dinner table...
The guys she goes out with has all sorts of problems with them.

Date #1: Guy has extreme case of sinus. Don't even try imagining it...
#2: Guy has bad table manners, totally barbaric when handling food, imagine him handling women...0_o....Oh the HORROR!
#3: Guy is emotionally unbalanced.
#4: Guy can't forget his ex-girlfriend. Terrible. Imagine hearing this the whole night, "My ex does that too". Enough said.
#5: Guy too nervous over the date, that he acts weirdly all the time. Absolutely not comfortable to be with.
#6: Guy can't keep his eyes away from her cleavage. He doesn't know how to look discretely! Almost as if he's in a trance at that area. Totally out.

...and the list goes on...

Normally when on a date, she would use her invisible powers to make her pimple invisible, food stains on her outfit be hidden, and so on.
However, when on a date with a guy who freaks her out and would be a burden to obligue to stay, she would make herself invisible and just walk out of the date. Wouldn't even think twice of going back.
On another note, after the first date, and the guy starts to feel lucky, he's try to plant one on her.

But thanks to her force field...

...not only can she stop bullets,
she can also stop them from kissing her
or even invading into her personal space!
*evil laugh*

This post is especially for Nuffnang's Exclusive private screening of Hancock!

To see the post, just click here

Made of Honour


The weather outside right now looks like it's going to rain, it's so dark and yellowish outside. I hope a storm is coming. I could do abit of cold weather right about now.

Anyways, last night sis and I went to the premier screening of Made of Honour brought to you by Advertlets. Hehe, the environment was uplifting and fun! Saw a few very known people there and lots of bloggers. The movie plot was how to say...... expected. Same as any other romantic comedy chick flick. One thing i just have to say as the moral of the story is, a boy and a girl can never be best friends and not fall in love with each other. Oklaa, maybe not fall in love, but at least have that special crushy feeling for one another.

I look so pale...aish

The next movie screening that was announced in the cinema by CEO of Advertlets, Josh Lim was the movie 21 somewhere next month. Would be nice to go!

*oh btw, i'm not reading Sophie's World anymore. I couldn't stand the constant bickering about how philosophers are better than you common people, blabbering of myths & beliefs, and the stupidity of who the hell sent these written tutorials to this little girl who so weirdly accepts these anonymous letters from a stranger and learns from him/her?!?! Beh tahan lah! So i'm searching around in my sis's room for other books to read. =)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Monday Monday Monday... I have the Monday blues.

Urgh yesterday didn't really feel too well after I got back from 1Utama. Had a headache, sore back, sore neck and sore eyeballs! Looking up hurts, sideways hurt, basically if i move my eyeballs fast to look at something, it hurt.

Anyways, I want to rant about the parking yesterday. Killer parking lot i tell you!!! I was stressing out like hell there trying to find a parking space. Oh my goodness, talking to myself (coz got no teman in my car, no music mah, what to do?) and cursing incessantly. Usually Sundays weren't too hard to find parking, it was relatively easy. But DAMN! Due to it being Father's Day, I had to suffer and i'm sure everyone else who took ALMOST an hour to find parking suffered as well... Yes people, imagine how much petrol spent. Stupidddddd...

*note to self: never go to shopping malls on an auspicious day

At any rate, it was well worth it I guess, spending time with my old primary school mate Erica. She brought along Halim, so yea, it was cool with me, didn't mind one bit and i've finally bought my sport shoes!!!! *GRINS* I'm bloody happy. I was trying to hunt for a nice pair of sport shoes all this while ever since my right shoe sole came out and plopped on the floor behind me while jogging on the treadmill in Celebrity Fitness. So embarressing !! Everyone at the back jogging behind me could see it. Joyce was nicely giggling while jogging. Oh well...

For a couple of months now i've been trying to find a nice suitable one that i would fall in love with and is within budget and I've GOT IT! Sketchers were on sale so i just thought of checking it out, i spent for what felt like ages standing in front of a particular section contemplating on which design is better then trying them on. Phew, first time buying a pair of shoes without my dad beside me. I was afraid i'd buy some crappy shoe that wasn't durable and what not. I think this is just fineee, got it for 40% off. Not too bad.

Father's day was yesterday as well and so we went out for dinner...
Then when dad knew i had a headache, he gave me these 2 patches to stick on the side of my temples. Smelt like Chinese medicine. *bluek* So i slept with it and now my pillow case stinks of it. It helped abit, but i definitely wouldn't recommend it at all. Prefer the same old odourless and effective Panadol tablets.

Then today, Gene suddenly ring me up which totally disrupted my sleep. It was 12pm that time. Hehe, obviously i was still sleeping, why would i need to wake up early anyways? Gene called me to join him, Ju, Anna, and Shern Ai out for lunch.

*ring ring*
Me: *in a very husky voice* ....errr...hello..?
Gene: ...errr...may i speak to swee wei please?
Me: ...speaking? yes gene, why arh? What time is it?
Gene: oh , you sleeping ah? it's 12pm now.
*jabbering on about me not feeling well*
Me: Anyways, why you call? (haha, then i realised i was talking too much and didn't know the purpose of his call)
Gene: I wanted to know whether you want to join us for lunch with Anna and all, sorry for the last minute call. First of all, i totally forgot about it, and second of all, my handphone dropped into the lake. I'll tell you the story later...
Me: Ahahahahaha, okok, what time you going?
Gene: Erm..hehe, 10 minutes time
Me: WHAT?!?

Eventhough I had a slight headache, i still decided to join them no matter how last minute it may be. I don't know, usually when people call me out last minute i'd still go, of maybe it's the power of Gene's psycho ability. It's sad to know he'll be leaving soon next week Wednesday, so hopefully we'll have another gathering before he leaves. Apparently, this time i'm organizing it. =S. Gonelah credit...hehe

Now i'm having a tummy ache, not the kind that needs to go to the loo. The pain that's there but can't be shitted out. *sigh*
Okies, i'm going off to bed for a short nap as an anesthetic for the pain...


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Short review

*sighs*...I'm so bored here waiting for Lee to come over my place to play PS2 and just to hangout... I swear, he's alike a girl sometimes, takes ages to get ready...I bet he's putting on some foundation or some lip gloss about now. Oh well.

I'm almost done with the book i'm currently reading. It's a nice read. Just plain ok. Nothing special. It tells the story of an autistic child trying to solve the mystery of who killed Wellington (neighbour's dog), and through his journey, he stumbles across a dark secret whom his father has kept for a long time. *ahem* Don't think it right to expose the secret but that's about it. You may find that some chapters dwell into the intellectual mind of the boy and how smart and capable he really is in Maths and anything that is number related. He also knows quite a handful of other information like the bubonic plague and other health related matters. Overall, to me it's just like any other children's book. Just a good read to past time.

God...i'm still waitinggg... Bored as hell here...


Thursday, June 12, 2008


You know in Facebook there's this application to discover what kind of Superpowers you would get if you were to be a Superhero. Hmm, quite intriguing, but I didn't try that application. However, I would love to have the power to be...


Whoohoo! Imagine all the eavesdropping you could do, guy stalking, sneaking into places in which you're legally not allowed to, scaring the pants out of people, randomly poking enemies, and many other evil syiok sendiri behaviors. *evil grins*

Frankly, in terms of a more logical "superpower" that i'd love to apprehend and engage in on is the power to Motivate. I know, lame lame, but as a friend to others or even as a kind soul to a total stranger, motivation can be a a powerful tool to ignite the hope and cheer (omg, sounds like Christmas, corny as hell) into the lives of sad and confused kids--ahem--I mean people. Hehe. I'm usually the kind of person whom people seem to trust me with their personal problems, I for one in turn try to help as much as I can. Though, I feel like I sucked, I try, but I suck. Well, least I take the time and attention to hear them out, let them know that I care, which in fact I do. Just what I lack are those powerful moving words or just the RIGHT words that can help lower their sadness to a minimum and boost up their happiness level. Hmm, maybe I should bring a box of chocolates with me just incase.

I'm just really free! So decided to blog about this.

Can't wait for tomorrow! Going to Cineleisure with Lee at night to watch a movie-dunno-what.

I'm going to be pretty busy over the weekend and i'm happy! Got everything planned out and sis got 2 free tickets to go to Advertlets premier of Made of Honor on the 17th of June (Tuesday) at TGV 1 Utama. It better be gooooood...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rape of Nanking

The Rape of Nanking is a brilliant true story of how the Japanese took over Nanking with no mercy towards the Chinese civilians as they heartlessly killed, tortured, and rape their way in. How strong propaganda played its role in covering this forgotten Holocaust of World War II. It's truly amazing the way things were during those days. Leaders fought for power hence resort to war, thus many lives were taken unnecessary in a brutal way. I'm really thankful that I wasn't born during those times. Craziness.

Here are some interesting quotes from the book...

"Chinese men were used for bayonet practice and in decapitation contests"

"An estimated 20,000 to 80,000 women were raped. Many soldiers went beyond rape to disembowel women, slice off their breasts, nail them alive to walls. Fathers were forced to rape their daughters, and sons their mothers, as other family members watched. Not only did live burials, castration, the carving of organs, and the roasting of people become routine, but more diabolical tortures were practiced... So sickening was the spectacle that even the Nazis in the city were horrified."

Interesting quote from a website... (

Those suffered most from the barbarity were women. They were not only raped by the Japanese, they were often brutally killed by the Japanese after the rape. "Sometimes (Japanese) cut off their breasts to reveal their white ribs; sometimes Japanese pierce through their lower body with bayonets, let them cry in pain! Sometimes they sticks wooden sticks, reed pipe or carrots into their lower body and stir, until they are dead, Japanese soldiers clap their hands and loudly laugh alongside" (Ref. The Record of the Brutal Acts of the Japanese Invaders, Political Department, KMT Military Commission, Published July 1938).

Young girls were usually not mature,..., the Japanese then tear open their lower body and gang rape them.
(Ref. "The Atrocities of Japanese Invaders", Du ChengXiang, Time Publisher, p55, 1939 edition )

Outside HongWu gate, Japanese soldiers raped a pregnant woman in a farmer home, and then cut open the abdomen of the woman and took out the fetus. In another case, Japanese soldiers wanted to rape a pregnant woman, her mother-in- law struggled to stop them, the Japanese were brutal than anything, they kicked the old lady, and cut the pregnant woman with knife, a fetus of several month flew out of the body, in a moment two lives ended like this. (Ref. XinHua Daily, Feb 24th, 1951)

Here are some pictures on the net which some can also be found in the book...

Burying alive.

Captured civilians were used as bayonet practice.

Two Japanese officers, Toshiaki Mukai and Iwa Noda, held a competition of beheading Chinese. They denied the accusation as "imagination" but were confronted with the above evidence published in Tokyo Nicinichi Shimbun. They were executed in 1947 in Nanjing.

A raped body

Female dead bodies were laid everywhere on the floors of Nanking

These three photos are not about the Massacre but taken in Xuzhou a few months later. They were put here to show that the Japanese soldiers were so proud about the killing because the photos were sent back to Japan as postcards.

This book basically wants to inform the people out there that The Rape of Nanking exists (as it was denied many time by the Japanese due to the strong propaganda at that time) and to hopefully bring Japan to their senses to not deny their past but to admit it and insert it into their history books. They are so ashamed about their own past that their Education minister tried to sugar coat it and to eliminate the past that would have a bad name for Japan. The stupidity of it all. I mean, how can they NOT admit these atrocities when there's clear photographic and recording evidence that supports it. *sighs*

At a 1994 conference on Japanese war atrocities in Cupertino, she (Iris Change) saw poster-sized photographs of Nanjing victims -- "some of the most gruesome photographs I had ever seen in my life." In a "single blinding moment,"she found herself "suddenly in a panic" that the massacre "would be reduced to a footnote of history," or, worse, that "the world might actually one day believe the Japanese politicians who have insisted that the Rape of Nanking was a hoax."

This is definitely one of my most favourite books to read. To be honest, the first reason why I picked this book up in the first place was due to the fact that it talks about the horrific torture methods during that time of the Japanese invasion. Yea, I have to admit, i'm pretty sadistic. Sorrylaaa. But seriously, everyone should pick this book up for a good read and it'll make you think about things. Depends on the individual itself on what you'd like to ponder about.

This book has intrigued me into watching the documentary, which I am patiently waiting for Siree to pass it to me. Hehe. Can't wait! There is also a movie based on the Rape of Nanking that was featured last year 2007. But i'd rather watch the documentary.

So hurry up and grab a book today! or the documentary... Whichever works.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just plain exhausting


I had a pretty good time for the past 2 days (Friday and Saturday). Which is why I am too darn tired to go out today.

Sait Yie came back from India last Wednesday so due to us both being quite free, we went out the whole day on Friday spending our time in Pyramid. She be my date and I be hers. hehe. Lovely. Dad was nice enough to send us both there at 2pm. So we hung out first at Sushi King chatting away as we drank hot green tea and ate the sushi that passed us by on the conveyor belt. I'm so in love with that Edamame peas btw. Great snack. After that we went around looking for my sports shoes, her waist belt and of course, checking out most of the ladies footwear. We then had dinner at 7:30 in Kim Gary. We probably spent a good 8 hours there. Amazing, we couldn't stop talking. We just kept going on and on like a never ending chatterbox will my cheeks felt sore. Siree picked us both up from Pyramid at 10pm to yam cha at Station 1. By then I was starting to feel dizzy from the Ying Yong (coffee mixed with tea, my body reacts to coffee like that,sad) and Sait Yie's stomach felt a little uneasy due to her gastritis. Moreover, that night at Station 1 I felt too upset to stay out for long due to a certain situation. In the end, we left at 10 mins past midnight.

A super tiring day and I was having trouble sleeping. Weird. Slept at 4:30am.

Well, Saturday was an exciting day at first, then it just got draggy. Harumph. Lee's brother had tickets to Summer Splash so Lee and I both decided to go and spend out afternoon there. Lee came at close to 2pm. After the horrendous traffic jam and parking woes, we found out that we had to go through another entrance into Sunway Lagoon and not the usual main entrance. Oh bugger. When we went down the escalator beside the main entrance and walked for what felt like eternity, we finally met a HUGE ASS CROWD! It stretched all the way to the MINI entrance into Lagoon. ****


We were in the slow moving butt-to-butt crowd. What a never ending nightmare. My toes stepped multiple times, I was being pushed so hard till I felt I could fall and die from being stampeded over (if you could see the trees there, you'd know what I mean, the crowd was insane that the trees in the way were pushed to the ground and stomped all over. Kesian) and hearing the angry united chants of "Fuck you". What a way to show your Malaysian spirit.

I HATED SUMMER SPLASH for being such a loser in terms of its organization. Who the fuck organized this?!?! Summer splash to me was a big summer FLOP. We waited in the crowd for a more than 2 hours NOT to get in. Go and die please. What the hell, you printed so many tickets but you can't even let us in?!!? Please control the amount of tickets you print you suckass. We've wasted our time sweating our asses off, ciggie smoke being blown to our faces, and lame joke remarks of...

"Potong kotek dia!"
"Cabut bulu kotek dia!"
"Oi, Mawi nak lalu!"
"Cepatlah, saya nak berak!"
"Bunuh buring biru tu!"
"Saya anak Badawi!"
"Gigit telinga dia!"
"Gigit hidung dia!"
"Siapa kentut ni?!?"

(...and so many more) the officers there.

Mostly the crowd chanted "Fuck you" a couple of times. Which Lee and I found quite irritating. Please people, don't waste your breath. They wanted to destroy the flat screen TV which was just above the mini entrance of Lagoon. Too bad they didn't. But they did manage to just pull down one bunting. LOL. Big achievement there I suppose. Screw you organizers for over printing your tickets and leaving ALOT and I mean ALOT of people out! We suffered for nothing. *sigh*

I will never so to this event ever again because this is what you get for going to a free event. Havoc and disappointment.

Anyways, we then had to rush to go to Sait Yie place as it's the meeting point for our next agenda. We're going to the Regency hotel that night to celebrate Samyutha's Birthday! So rushed we did, I went home to grab my stuff, went over to Lee's place, then Siree picked us both up and we all reached Sy's place at 7pm. Samyutha wasn't even THERE yet! She and some of her mates were supposed to lead us the way to the hotel. Well, Sammy was getting her hair done and stuff. Hence the long delay. They came at 8:15 instead.

The hotel suite was nice. I felt relieved that I could finally take my bath after that horrid scene in the afternoon. I was sticky and icky the whole time.

Sait Yie and I

People started coming in bla bla bla, met some of my old school mates. We were all starving and the food finally arrived at 10 something. Haha, yeah, talk about dinner. KFC and Pizza Hut. Most of them only had 1 piece of chicken and a slice of pizza. That's dinner *ahem* i mean supper for you folks! Then not enough water, and i felt dehydrated from the Coke mixed with dunno what alcohol. Anyways, to be honest, it wasn't the best party i've been to. It was just plain O...K...

There should've been games to get the crowd together or something. Half of the guys were watching the Euro football game there and that got dear Sammy pissed. Don't feel like elaborating much coz i didn't really enjoyed myself. But it was great seeing the mates that i haven't seen in ages. Least there's a plus side. *grins*

Siree, Sait yie, Lee and I left at 2 something in the morning from KL. We were all exhausted especially Lee and I from that you-know-what-bullshit-thing.

Let's hope next week will be a week to look forward to...


hehe. Cheers!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hey God... wassup?
Last night was one depressing night. I cried over dad's sudden decision. First of all he allowed me to go for a Degree (wanted to surprise the gang by showing myself up in college on the 1st day of Uni, so I didn't tell most of yall, only Audrey), but then, now he's thought twice and said that best I start working...blah blah blah (well, back to square one). I don't feel like filling in with little details and stuff. Just informing you guys on the conclusion is enough. So ... whatever ...

Whilst bawling my eyes out, I was msging Lee, guessed that helped abit. Then I started to think positive that you know working shouldn't be SO bad (not the end of the world basically). I feel like venturing into other things than Public Relations as I didn't really enjoy the workscope (having the experience in Essence Communications). Stupid media calls & media shit.

Anyways, when I was comforting myself being all positive and looking on the bright side of things, I suddenly got struck with an idea for my tattoo!

I thought of the SUN. Something that represents cheerfulness, optimism and to help remind me that whichever road that is set for me to take, there is always some good in it, the light in every darkness. I may be seen as someone who's so carefree and happy-go-lucky. Yes, can be considered true, but obviously one can't stay that way forever right? There are also some hard sad truths about me that I don't normally share. Just stored away deep inside, still upholding that cheerfulness when in front of the publics eye.

But anyways, I'm excited about my sudden burst of inspiration for this tattoo. Now I'm searching for a good design. My sis is also helping me out if I need any alterations, something to make it that much special. =)

I've found this nice article (click on the title) : 7 steps to a perfect tattoo
It has got cute pictures alongside it. hehe

Since this tattoo is going to be a forever sort of thing, my plan is to search for a design this year. Once a design is confirmed, I shall place the picture in my room for about 6 months or so to see if I get bored of it. You know sometimes when you feel that a design is absolutely fantastic at that point of time, but then the next your perception might just change in a few months or so. For all i know now, i might think that having a Sun tattoo might be dumb. So basically, I'm on a verge of finding a design which has endless beauty for me. Something that I will definitely adore for life. I'm not going to rush myself into this of course.
I'm just going to take my time as this will last for a lifetime.

On another note, there will be an event called the "Malaysia Dog Olympic Day 2008" on 29th June, Central Park. For more info you can click on this link.

I may or may not go, it depends. hehe

Oh! On another separate note, I so so so don't like that new song by Sayla, Dina, and DJ Division entitled "Whoopsie". Too bad I can't seem to find the lyrics to that song, as I would love to highlight the *ewwwwness* and the sheer dumbness of it.... The hard breathing in the background (doesn't sound sexylarh woman, don't even try) and the ending to that song which goes a little something like this...

girl part: We can do the accidentally
guy part: Yeah, do the whoopsie all night longgg...

Not exactly in the right order, but somewhere there...
*ahem* Time for criticisms. Do the whoopsie accidentally and all night long??!?! Whoopsie is supposed to be like a short time thing isn't it? Like "Whoops!" when you accidentally slipped on a banana peel or something.

Oh well, I guess you can do the whoopie all night long if you want to. Gosh, it soo means like sex lahhh..."Whoops! I'm sorry!! It just slipped into your vajaijai, so can we do it all night long since I whoopsed already?" Haha, then all night long you'll be hearing "whoops...whoops...whoops...whoops". Bit annoying eh? I'm sorry, my minds abit corrupt. Let it beee, let it beeEE, let it beeeee...oh...let it beeee. Whisper words of "whooopsieee", let it beeeeeEEEEEEEE...


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flo Rida and T-Pain in Malaysia?

Flo Rida and T-Pain coming down to Malaysia????


wait a minute... Or is it just Flo Rida only?

Ahhhh heck! I don't care.... I want to goooooooooooooo!

Hehe, I heard about it yesterday on They're coming down to perform at Mont Kiara alongside with Pop Shuvit and god knows who else (another local band I can't remember). I'm so darn excited!!! *wished it was free*. It'll be on the 19th of July. Kind of feels like a long wait for me. Was hoping it'll be on the 19th of June instead. Ish, wished they would tell this information in the month of July instead of now.

"Please make the tickets dirt cheap...pls pls pls" =P

Anyways, hope it'll be sponsored by Maxis at least. *bighugeassgrin* OR I'll enter in some contest and win tickets then I can bring some peeps along so we can ALL SING (or i'll make them sing)

"Apple bottom with the furrrr...(with the furrrr)...the whole club was lookin at herrrr....she hit the flo...(she hit the flo) ! Next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low low..."

Imagine making Lee sing it... LOL! I seriously can't imagine it at all. Zip. Not. Nada. Nope. No way. Never in a million years. Even in my dreams it'll never happen. But it would be fun though! But then again I can picture him looking elsewhere and stoning, and probably looking all pissed at me making him sing...darn...mission failed. Oh well. I tried.

Can't wait for more info next time around.