Sunday, December 28, 2008

Peek of the top!


I'm at the peek of the top! Just when i completed blogging the previous post... he just came online, just in time.

I love fate.

Turns out his profile was hacked. Asshole sonofabitch.

Don't care. i'm happy now. I feel the world grinning with me. I now can go out tonight with no worries. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee...!!

At the very bottom

Is it my fault? What's going on? I checked out his profile - all pictures erased, picture display changed, relationships status not shown...

I ask myself once again, is it my fault?

It most probably is... i don't know

Now it's all up to time to smoothen things out and i hope it will be soon. Funny, how i jinxed myself with the previous post entitled "relationships"

Life goes up and down - now i'm at the very pit of the bottom

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I won't be so hooked on you for a while

As i'm listening to DRS - Gangsta Lean (it's an R&B slow song, not as hyped hip hop as the title might sound) right now. Feeling really down and angry, and this song really makes me feel like blogging for some funky reason. I guess songs can be my source and inspiration to blog.

I really hate the phone connection between Brunei and here. It sucks. His msgs & calls don't get through all the time. My msges gets through to him but my calls sometimes can't. It's such a hassle.

What happened just now totally pissed me off. It may be a small thing, but i can't help but to get bitchy about it. Scenario here is that i called him (only the 4th time could get through, geez) and we talked lah, then got to a point deciding to talk online for a while before he goes out again to party (he parties every night, why can't i have that kind of parties here?). In terms of call costs, it's about Rm1.50 per minute from me to him, but for him to call me would cost hella lot more...O_o..fuck

So i came online just for him and regretted so badly that i didn't decide to watch "John Tucker Must Die" like i was supposed to that time, coz he wasn't even online! His msn name was there and everything but no reply when i msged. I was almost at the point of cursing the daylights in that convo box, but i refrained knowing that it wouldn't do much good to our relationship. Might as well relieve my stress here, doubt he would even read my blog nowadays. Doesn't really matter.

So i msged him on the phone after 15 mins of silence online telling him how disappointed i was in him for not being online and saying if he went out, shud've at least let me know so i won't be here like an idiot. Few mins later i got a call..when i picked up *silence* on the other end. That's how BAD the connection was people.. SILENCE. So i hung up, few mins later, it rang again. Thankfully this time i could hear him. He apologised & etc. Turned out he fell asleep out of exhaustion and woke up by his friend's call, that's when he read my sms. He had his reasons and i accepted though i was still f-kin upset. Couldn't say much except "okay" followed by silence. That's my trademark anger convo, okay.

Well, point of the story is. That was the reason why i updated my facebook status to:

"I won't be so hooked on you for a while" a small reminder to myself

I'm not sure, this long distance sucks cock. Maybe i should not think about him all the time now and not msg him everyday (not like i could get his msgs also nowadays) so small stuff like this won't hurt as much. I know communication is key especially during long distance. But i don't want to feel so hooked on wanting to communicate every single day. *sigh* As the saying goes:

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" (it better fuckin be true)


Well, I NEED to go out more. If only there were more outdoor activities for me to do and to keep my mind occupied. *Oh lord help me* Hmm, this reminds me, Benita said the cutest thing on sms on Christmas day...

"Merry Christmas people! Remember Jesus loves you long time!"

Well, i'm going off to watch what i was initially supposed to do - watch "John Tucker Must Die", again... =)

Suck my cock people and go about your weary lives... Pretend to be lucky and you will be...

p/s: Call me out and Jesus will love you long time *winks*

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! (just added an exclamation mark to make it sound like the best Christmas ever, lol - not)

Well, Christmas has been relatively alright. I spent the whole day at home catching up on some needed Zs in my life. Then at night, sis and mom made a Christmas dinner comsisting of mash potatoes, baked carrots, stuffing thingie, roasted chicken with celeries, apples & oranges, yoghurt thingie sauce for the chicken, 2 slices of medium rare beef and boiled broccoli. God, needless to say i was full as hell. Everything was nice except for the stuffing which was a mixture of a ALOT of things and the veggies that accompanied the roasted chicken. Those were horrible...The rest, was the good. OH! and for dessert, they baked apple pie...Ahhh, very very nice.

I'm such a horrible person coz I didn't contribute at all to the dinner. All i did was hang on the computer during those crucial moments of dinner preparations. Haha. I'm such a sucker.

So have a merry berry Christmas suckerrrsss!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm downloading Skype now as we speak...

Why does it take this long to download the file?!? I swear, it moves 1% per minute. Guess it'll be done in about an hour and forty minutes. Ah, the pain.. the agony of waiting...

I hope skype will work with my computer. It kinda sucks that my MSN can never work ever since being stuck by a virus which i so idiotically got while chatting with Denise on msn. "Oh, what does this link lead me to.." *click* "ARGHHHH, FUCKING RETARD VIRUS!!"

..ever since then, even after reformatting the computer TWICE. I could not log into MSN. It's such a sad situation. But at least there are other alternatives, like my trusty My buddy for life i tell ya. Truly one of a kind. I've tried (sucks), (sucks twice), (sucks thrice and would drown it in the Pacific Ocean if i could). Needless to say, ebuddy was the most reliable and better looking amongst the rest.

*dammit* skype finished downloading to the comp BUT can't even open to do the Skype Setup Wizard. *cries* I wanna webcam for Christ sake! I hate this computer. Moreover i hate the other computer because apparently it's having trouble going online using the USB adaptor for the wireless internet connection. At this moment i hate technology because it feeds off both frustration and comfort. *stress stress stress*


Curse you technology!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Messages in a Bottle


As promised in the previous post, here are some pictures of what I gave to Peaches before he left.

Little messages in a bottle... Allowed to be opened only when in Brunei =)

Took me darn long drawing this butterfly. Though, not my design as you can see *ahem*

Today was boring. Boring boring boring. First weekend without Bryan. Boring.

Thankfully, yesterday was really fun! Hung out with Joyce, Lee Winn, Sireesak, Sait Yie, Samyutha, Jeffrey, Melissa, Kimberly, Lim Zhong and Daniel. It's nice to see old school mates again. Hope to do it again soon.

I'm bored, call me!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Peaches is in Brunei now. Safe and sound =)

You know, it's sad when you discover two people who seem like they're so meant for each other, destined to be together, have an undeniable chemistry/connection with each other, unexpectedly takes a down turn causing the relationship build to be... gone... shattered...

I see so many friend's relationship status changing from "in a relationship" to "single" or who and who has ended their relationship. Questions start to spark off and linger in my mind whilst browsing through their profiles (yes, i'm a very curious/kay-po person):

"What happened?"

"How did it happen?"

It just makes me wonder, will it happen to me? PERISH the thought SWEEI!

Perish, oh perish the thought...


I've grown completely tiresome of the previous one. Realised it looked pretty horrendous. I know someday in time i will realise that this current layout looks like crap too. But, in my eyes now, it looks perfect...almost. Hehe


Monday, December 8, 2008

Peaches leaving tomorrow

Wheeee...back to blogging!

Come to think of it, i think it feels great to type here again, though not sure where this is going. =S I guess reading's Vven's and Ashleigh's blogs got me missing my own, apart from the constant guilt of not updating anything.

Bryan (aka Byran in his Maybank account or Peaches in World of Warcraft), well he'll be leaving to Brunei tomorrow, the wonderful tax-free land. Honestly, i think i need to check that place out. I can't seem to picture how it looks like. Anyway, i won't be seeing him till the 10th of February, 2 months baby! Maybe it'll be a good thing, separation yea? (In distance i mean, just incase you might interpret it differently) I haven't been spending much time at home lately. Always going out with Bryan Bryan Bryan...

So frequent, that whenever i tell my mum, "Mummy, i'm going out". Then she'll reply "Going out with Bryan to SS15 is it?"

=_= So true mummy, it's almost routine. So routine infact, that i feel guilty for not spending much time at home. Sucks right having a daughter like me, right? I know i would. So maybe, just maybe this 2 month break of not seeing each other is a very good thing. Time to spend more time at home and not go out all the time. Be a couch potato! Readddd moreeee. Stuff like that. Oh yes! Blog too *winks*

Recently, i made Peaches a lil gift before he leaves to Brunei. The picture is in the camera which my sis took to the Krabbi Island yesterday for a 5 day trip, so i won't be able to post it up now. Will have to wait till then. I loved my own creation! My hand ached from it, too much *ahem* colouring involved. Hehe, a gift from the heart, yo!