Monday, September 29, 2008

Black Water & The House Bunny

Just a little update... Malas to blog, so I copied and pasted two reviews from Cinema Online webby. Enjoy!


Watch this if you liked: “Lake Placid”, “Rogue”, “Primeval”

Three cheeky monkeys sitting in a tree
Teasing Mr Crocodile: "You can't catch me."
Along came Mr Crocodile, quiet as can be

All the above were true, except that they weren't cheeky monkeys and they definitely weren't trying to be smart by teasing the crocodile lurking below them. This children's song was monotonously sang by one of the characters in the movie - what a thing to sing when you're stuck in a tree in fear! In terms of script quality, it's not too bad as it injects that needed bit of humour into the dullness of being stranded within the mangrove swamp.

The Bahasa Malaysia subtitles in this movie is alright except for the very beginning - "Buaya Hitam". As I recall, I wouldn't really describe the croc as actually black, but let's not take things too literally shall we? As compared to the recent croc film "Rogue", surprisingly I found this film slightly better even though it involves fewer actors, with only three main characters in focus. Reason could be because it has a more realistic feel. The platform idea was on the true story of two teenagers who were stranded up a tree in a flooded river, whilst below them the crocodile that had just killed their friend lay waiting.

The audience is exposed to a thing or two about the saltwater crocodiles (also known as "salties" in Australia). One must always know about your enemies beforehand, very educational. Thankfully, the directors didn't decide to make this "saltie" retardedly humongous. It looked very realistic with a maliciously intelligent mind of its own. It knows how to psycho it's victims by rising from the surface of the water to reveal itself and its dangerous glare, and of course many other actions in which I shall not reveal. I must say, this croc is very cheeky!

The pitch-black night scenes were creatively thought out, with the weather being slightly thunderous so that with every flash of lightning, you may see the characters. What I found very frustrating was the purpose of the death roll, which was deemed the most powerful killing mechanism on earth. However, at some point, it didn't seem powerful enough to really kill. What a killjoy.

Overall, it's not a bad watch if you're into these shows where the killer animal takes the stage. However, be warned as in the end, you might actually develop a soft spot for this killer.


Watch this if you liked: "Legally Blonde", "The Hot Chick"

Anna Faris poses once again as the funny, bubbly, dumb blonde that we all are too familiar with in the latest sexy comedy "The House Bunny". Her role as Shelley fits her like a shoe, as both actress and character bind together as one with every gasp of excitement, awkward pause and funny comment. Not only did Anna do her fair share of jokes, Emma Stone made her humour known by playing the super-smart, but boy clueless, Natalie. She acts naturally as how a nerdy girl should act as she gets excited, then talks animatedly about facts which always manages to squeeze out a few pent up giggles.

The story is essentially about a Playboy Bunny who gets kicked out of Playboy Mansion for being supposedly "old". Apparently, being a 27-year-old is like 59 in bunny years - well at least it's not as bad as dog years! Fate then brings her to teach an awkward group of college girls from the sorority house called Zeta about the opposite sex as they try to become popular enough to reach the minimum amount of 30 pledges needed to keep their sorority house. By being popular, it means to dress up as sexily as you can to get the attention of the opposite sex.

One of the funniest characters to watch out for is Carrie Mae played by Dana Goodman as she tried twice to get a guy's attention in a club with her "kinky" pick up lines and "seductive" movements. She sure did grab his attention, but in a way that will certainly leave you wanting her to hit on more guys.

Packed with comical lines, it definitely makes an entertaining watch (if you're not so much into the skimpily clad girls or over-revealing cleavages on offer). The story is stitched together with hilarious lines such as "I love charity. One time, I even let Bob Saget grind on me" and "The eyes are the nipples of the face".

Clearly in the end, the moral of the story is - to be yourself; and it's what's on the inside that matters. This obvious lesson brought up by Shelley absolutely contradicts the first three quarters of the movie as it focuses on the girls baring their breasts and looking like prostitutes.

Oh well, it is a comedy after all, and a lovely one it is.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Feeling very bitter and disturbed

Today shall be a bitter post.. One of the bitterest post i guess. *sigh* Wished this was a sweet one instead, but yeah, i just feel like pouring out my problems in public and seeking for sympathy and comfort...but aiming more towards sympathy. =( I'm sucha sucker..

Anyways, last wednesday i lost my wallet in Midvalley (it had everything!!! every single card i've ever owned). Stupid carelessness. Didn't take care of it properly and some guy found it, (well, i'd like to think of him as a dude, could be a lady,to make it simple, i shall gender that person as a loser) kept it and msged me the next day...

The sms went like this:
Loser: Found ur mykad, d'license, and id at midvalley.
(at this time i was squealing with joy in the office, informing my team mates on the good news, and also started thinking what a waste that dad and i settled the ic, drivers license and blocked my bank account this morning, therefore skipping 2 1/2 hours of work, which btw, do not lodge a police report saying "tercicir" or what shit coz it'll cost you RM110 for the first lost, Rm210 for the second lost and so on. Instead, please lie when you're lodging a Police report saying that you got robbed, or snatched theft, coz redoing your ic would cost you NOTHING. Don't judge me for telling you guys to lie ok, just trying to spread the good info in order for you guys out there to save money. It's ridiculous to spend so much for a friggin piece of card that makes your face look noseless in the picture due to the camera's light. Altogether, Atm card, Ic, Driver's license, and police report certification costed dad RM143...and alot of petrol used to go here and there like crazy. Anyways, back to the story)

Me: OMG!! THANK YOU!! Btw, who are you? are you one of the workers at mid valley? service counter?
Loser: nope, but can you bank in $250

(When i received this, I automatically lost hope, cursed the loser and didn't reply loser)


His number is 0162501935

Someone please call loser and fuck loser up for me? I expected more from Dad to take some action and kick his ass by reporting to the Police, trace back the number or whatever. But he only said he'd try to call and talk to the feller (don't know what dad plans to say). Dad called, but effort was in vain. No answer on the other end. Of course i expected loser not to pick up an anonymous number. But you know what's the interesting thing?

I googled loser's number and all that came up was ONE item...(thank god only one item)

Date posted 2007-06-02
Details We offer new mattress for token amount in exchange for your old and soil mattress.
Phone 0162501935

Loser's some mattress exchange dude! I mean, how can your business grow if you don't answer your fucking calls??? *sighs*

I had like RM150-180 in my wallet, why can't he just take it and leave the rest behind? I know he's trying to take advantage of the situation, but it's not working. I'm in need of some justice here. But i just can't seem to do it alone and take action. Dad said it's ok, nevermind about it since driver's license already made, ic is in the process of completion, and whateverlah.

Urgh, so stressed about it. Everyday i keep thinking about it. It just irritates me to know that this loser is having my wallet! or maybe not, who knows it might already be in the trash when i never replied back.

*sigh sigh sigh* I'm so broke, no atm card yet and i'm having a huge piece of blue paper which is my temporary ic till my real one is done (probably in a month?).

My luck is running out...

I'm not so happy anymore =(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My new dog

Breaking News!!!

My baby Russell has turned from...




Hehe, took him to the groomers to shave it all off due to his badly matted fur coat *ahem* (i was too lazy to groom him everyday, thus to make life easier, shave it ALL OFF)

Pricey but worth it =)

He looks like a pug now. Puggy Puggy. hehe

It's feels like I got a new dog =P


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Just updating so that the first words i see on my blog aren't "Stupid Fatherfuckers" anymore. Hahaha, a rather rude introduction.

I'm awake on a saturday morning now when i clearly should be sleeping away in my bed. Somehow due to work, i always seem to wake up at 8 something instictively. *dammit* happening on a weekend is terrible. But it's also good to start the day fresh and early. But then again, i shall be hitting the sack soon after updating my social life on the net since i didn't get to do so due to hectic schedule.

Last night i had a gathering with my colleagues and bosses and they were major fun! Totally enjoyed myself last night. Lazy to wanna dish out more details at the moment, so yeah, gist of the story was that it was the bomb!

I can't wait to go to Sher Mayne's house tonight for her Birthday Party!

That's all for now...


Monday, September 1, 2008

Disaster strikes

Two words to describe this:

Stupid Fatherfuckers!

Items stolen: Coin box(don't think there's many coin in there at all) and the green top cover for the car's air purifier (wtf?!?!). Not worth busting the car window OK! Just take the car window will ya, its worth more than what you stole loser...

Left my mp4 behind and sis's mp3 player cassette adapter (Thank god). I'll give you props for stupidity.


Bad day today, got a small cut from the broken glass, stubbed my toe (twice), one of my fav t-shirt is ruined, spilt some sweet and sour juice on the sofa and the day feels gloomy due to the heavy rain.

On the bright side, two good things came out from today, mum made an awesome spicy fried yellow mee and Sher Mayne is having a party this coming Saturday! *yeay*

But i'm still pissed over the car. Hate it when my dad has to deal with it being sent to the mechanics. =( Troublesome stuff.

No cheers for today...