Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey Hey You You!

Update on a lazy Sunday afternoon... (doesn't get any better than this folks!)

Bryan and I both created a joke on Merdeka day! (todaylah basically)

MERDEKA (ma-dick-aaa).. Say it fast enough and i swear it it sounds like "Merdeka"

The example of how to use the joke is like this:

Guy: Hows ma-dick-aaa? or What did you think of ma-dick-aaa?
Victim: Oh, it was great! I thought it was explosiv
e with the mega fireworks!
Guy: *grins like hell* glad you thought that way... (lol)

Okay, lame but fun, we found it amusing anyways. Couldn't stop laughing. I can now imagine Tunku Abdul Rahman chanting that 3 times, he must have loved to boast about his tool.

MADICKAAA *shouts and screams of triumph from the crowd*

hehe, well, i didn't do much for Medeka. Didn't go anywhere to witness the spectacular fireworks display at any location, though i wanted to. Jut lazy to drive out. So Bryan and I went to have dinner at this Italian place in SS15. Lovely. Simple and no jam! But it would still be awesome to see some fireworks.

On another note, i went to Avril Lavigne's concert last Friday night. It was drizzling abit, so they provided us with thin plastic raincoats to protect ourselves. God, it felt so hot being in that thing. THANK GOD, the drizzle stopped for after half an hour i believe (from the time we got there lah). Phew, could take that dreaded thing off me coz my skin couldn't breathe.

Honestly, the concert wasn't impressive at all. It didn't have a big bang to it. And there was alot of space in the red zone, too much space at the back dividing the red from the yellow zone. Guess they expected alot of people to fill the Red Zone. God, pathetic. The stage should be built higher and nearer towards the audience. The performance seemed quite short! Like about an hour and a half... or was it an hour and three-quarters. Somewhere along that line. I could sense the dissappointment in the crowd. THERE SHOULD BE FIREWORKS TO END IT. OMG, what a waste. On budget lah i feel. Felt like a low class to average concert. Like those you get at Sunway Lagoon. Lol, don't mean to di Lagoon's concert performances but yeah. This is an international artist, should be a better.

The big space that didn't change even when the concert started.

The worst part was the beginning. Sheesh, what a let down. Totally potong steam. Know why? Coz the curtain was stuck! bloody hell. Like not enough practise. They should at least invest in heavier curtains, like velvet ones. Ahhh, gosh, the curtain looked like those ciplak curtains u use for student's events. In other word's "on budget". The image is still left in my head of that dreaded curtain which felt like forever to fully let down. Tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug tug ..abit come down....tug again tug again tug again tug agian... Voila? Cut my steam...

I found that the people in the Red zone aren't much of fans. Felt abit dead at some point when a majority didn't wave their hands and sing out loud. Pitiful it wasn't a very happening crowd in my section.

Avril's performance was good, her voice was pretty impressive. Very nice. Plus, she's HAWT. Love the drum set. Nicely customized in pick and the trademark skull logo.

I pity those who paid Rm 300 plus and Rm200 plus for the concert. Money not worth. I shall never go to concerts held in Stadium Merdeka. Sucky place to hold a concert i feel. Should've been in Stadium Bukit Jalil like my Baby Rain. *sighs* I wished he'd come here again fast. I'd so love to go.

Oh yea! Benita left on friday night. Sad that i couldn't send her off fact that she's one of my closes bud. But yeah, i wish her well. Can't wait to see her in December! We had a farewell party for her on Thurday night, small gang. Benita, Sireesak, Arthur, Ah long, Bryan and ME! Chivas, shisha, dried sotong (omg, the bomb), peanuts, rice cakes. Ahh, i want the sotong now. damn tasty.

*scroll down for a funny parody of "My Boo" for Beni

Syiok Sendiri =P

Btw, i need to get balsamic vinegar sometime. Because balsamic vinegar in salad taste AWESOME!!! Simple shit ever! It's so good that i couldn't stop talking about it to Bryan, coz it really is and coz i like to irritate ppl.

I'm signing off now...


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Graduation and Avril


Well, we've finally gotten the news about our graduation ceremony! About time too coz it was taking too long till I couldn't care less about it. Interestingly enough, it's on the eve of my birthday (you people reading to should know when, hehe) and at the place where I've never been to in years and years and years, KLCC. It would be so awesome to see college mates again. A one mega huge reunion. Can't wait!

On another fun fun note, I shall be going with my sis to the Avril Lavigne concert this Friday. Not much of a fan really, but i'm still psyched about going there and partying with the Canadian rocker chick. "Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend". My sis's friend gave us 2 Red Zone tickets (behind VIP) so i really can't wait to experience this.

Thank god the concert is back on, geez, how pathetic of PAS to wanna ban it in the first place. *sigh*. Hold a protest for all we care, sheesh, it's your life, you time and energy wasted, not ours. Imagine the pain these sponsors would have to go through with the huge loss of cost and of course to much of the fans disappointment if it were to be canceled. Maybe fans would rebel against attending anything Merdeka-ish to get back or something. Who knows?

Come to think of it, Independence day seems to be on the down low. Can't seem to see much decorations here and there anymore, sad. I honestly forgot that Merdeka was around the corner without cars and houses draped with flags. Don't even know whether i'll be out there in the wild celebrating it. Hope so, coz i wanna see fireworks! Gawd, i loved the Beijing Opening Ceremony.


Lovely and cantik.

Gosh, i need to be more dedicated to my blog, i'm losing readers!!! *swts*


Saturday, August 9, 2008

I cut my hair

I've cut my hair! (a week ago actually, tee-hee-hee)

At first I thought it looked damn "lala"-ish / boyish due to it's many layering (I did wanted it more layered to give add more volume to my hair). But then again, I've gotten used to it by now and am loving it. *yeay*

I malas to take pictures of my new hairstyle so you guys know how it looks like, but my hairdresser did! haha, he was taking pics of my hair with his phone for future reference for his customers. Chun chun.

I'm lazy to do a lengthy blog like how I did last time, so I shall be off!

I shall be reviewing "4bia" on Monday... I'm so afraid to watch it by myself... omg, Thai horror film... =S


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Wall-E, the cutest robot ever is coming soon!

...and i'm entering this contest to get my grimy hands on them tickets! Visit the link here

I want to watch Wall-E because I think it's just interesting to see what he does in his life, the adventures he encounters, the awesome CG-assisted graphics in this animation, the futuristic look of the surrounding environment, and of course to see two robots in love with one another. How would that turn out? Would love to know what happens then.

Moreover, i'm a Pixar fan! I love every movie from them. So personally, this makes Wall-E a must watch!

Robots in loveeeeeee....<3

The cute bug-eyed Wall-E *grins*

I so want to watch this movie!
Can't wait!