Monday, February 23, 2009

That happy feeling going down under =P

I'm leaving to Australia for a 10-day holiday trip!

The excitement begins this 6 March 2009 (Friday night)! o.O sounds like a promo..=_="

Oh well, it's a good thing this holiday trip is coming up soon within less than 2 weeks. Sis booked tickets in May last year while i was in Sabah with my mates for a 5 day trip. Suddenly a got random call from my sis asking if i wanted to go or not...I was like "Sure!" =)

I'm going with sis and dad. I'm glad this trip is coming up. After all the shit load i've been through for almost 2 months of stress due to 2 boys (fuckiest time of my life I tell you), I'm gonna have a hell of a good time in Aussie and forget everything! Will be landing in Gold Coast, chill there, then depart to Sydney, chill there, then get back to Gold Coast and leave for Malaysia (awwhh, that'll be the most depressing time, back to hell).

The thing i'm gonna have a rough time is packing!!! I need to make a list of the things i need from now on.

Recently, i've been saying the word "fuck" alot and even created a new word - fucktardic. That's just really sad...

Oh oh! What do you get when you mix the words "find" and "parking" together?


Hehe, I tersaid it in the car while Alex (driving), Zach and I were in the car trying to find parking to makan lunch.

Me: Omg, so hard to farking (supposed to be "find parking") *pauses* lololololol. Omg! Did you guys just heard what i just said???
Guys: huh? nooo..
Me: *potong steam* KK, let me ask you guys this.. What do you get when you mix the words "find" and "parking" together?
Alex: Finking??
Me: Finking?? you gotta be kidding me...think again
Alex: Finking lah
Me: =_= That's not funny.. It's farking!!
Guys: *silence*
Zach: Did you take your medication today?
Me: dumbass...

I just watched "Hip Korea" today on Discovery Channel. It was a segment fully dedicated to my korean hottie Rain. *sighs* Once the one hour show started at 8pm, all my troubles just flew out of the window immediately at the sight of him. It's the best feeling ever! I'm listening to his "Rainism" album now and I'm feeling good about myself after all the emoness today and every other day once 2009 set in.

I'm going to smile more from now on =)

*this post is dedicated to Syahida because she wanted me to post something up =P