Saturday, January 24, 2009


A lot of problems have been flooding my mind for the past week. But all is good now =)

I have such great friends around me. Thanks a bunch guys! I'll be there for yall when you need me too *grins*

Here's my happy picture with Bizkit!

*rawr* ...the little guy biting the branch, so cute ^_^

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My puppy shall be called LIMP BIZKIT!

Hehehe, but in a cuter version, just "Biscuit".


Saturday, January 10, 2009


One day (yesterday), i reached home from work. I saw that the doggie cage outside was covered with a big piece of cloth and at the corner of the cage where the cloth didn't cover, i saw a small dark silhouette. I looked closer...thought it was a squirrel my dad picked up from the road like last time (dying), but then i shrieked - "PUPPY!"

Yes, another one more addition to the family in which my dad can't keep his hands off. He always seems to add on more lil critters into our lives eventhough he keeps saying, "no more dogs". Everytime he says that, without fail we'll get another one. He can't help it.

Anyway, this is cutie is so small. I think maybe about 2 months. Male. Sis wanted to name him "Fonzie" from the movie Grease or "Mr. Buttons" just because it sounds cute. Mum says "Tommy" (WTF?!?). I say "Travis". Bryan says "Milo" (awww). Wonder what my dad thinks.

Normally we give our dogs their names after seeing their personality. Russell my shih tzu is named that way because it sounds like a rascal, which is still is. Dodger my retriever is becoz when he was a lil puppy, he would always dodge at the lil black ants, kacauing them. Hehe. Well, as for Chloe my mix breed girl, just coz we felt like she is a Chloe. Haha, no explanation needed.

Well, here are some of the pics of the lil tyke. =)

So small.

Playing in my room after washing his feet and arse up from the poop. This is the first night i met him. =)

He loves jumping around on my comforter *grins*

I still love my other three babies at home. No worries. They're not neglected of my love. Chewah.

p/s: Any suggestions on what to name him?


Thursday, January 8, 2009

To have... and to hold...

I saw this in Facebook and thought this was pretty funny =P

"This is why men aren't allowed to order wedding cakes"

*kua kua kuaaaa*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

KM31 & SS19 man

It has been a fun Friday today, left work at 2:30 pm with my colleague to each watch a crappy horror movie at 1 Utama for review purposes. I watched the Spanish horror "KM 31" while he watched "Dark Floors".

The movie I watched was horrible. Stupidest shit ever! Gee, what a movie to kick off my 2009...

Don't watch's so badddd... Listen to meeeeee...

Hehe. Well, i just got home from my weekly mamak session and the guys (two of them) was making fun of my dad saying he should be SS19 man, our friendly neighbourhood hero. WTF!? His tat would be the spotlight emergency call for SS19 man and he wears a cape, a big black cape to each and everyone of his recuse missions. Ohyeah, his hero mobile shall be his trusty old bmw. Sheesh, how "imaginative" or syiok sendiri these guys can be. Needless to say, i was laughing my arse off at whatever bullcock they were spewing out.

Can't seem to be interested to write a long blogspot.

Btw, i'm really glad to have more time to spend with my friends *grins* and our usual hanging out sessions.

So chioz!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eve of 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I had a fantastic time hanging out at Sait Yie's Barbeque party last night to celebrate the coming of 2009. No fireworks going on but we could hear it coming from Sunway Lagoon.

Time flies and somehow i don't want it to be the 1st of Jan anymore. I just want to it maintain in the month of sweet sweet December, where holidays are aplenty. Hehe. Not looking forward to Chinese New Year. Not much of a fun thing for me really to go back hometown. Can't really click well with my relatives. But ah, what the heck, don't be a bitch about it and just go!

If only i had some pics with me of last night so at least this blog spot won't look so dull. Heck, even i wouldn't want to read this post if i were you. =P

All the best and make cranberry juice out of 2009 people!