Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey hey hey,

Today’s work was pretty interesting, mainly because I was pulled in last minute to help facilitate an interview session with a very popular instructor from Fitness First. Whoohooo! Got to miss half of the WIP (work in progress) meeting in the morning just to follow my colleague go to Fitness First, The Curve.

It was fun! Guess doing stuff outside of the office was really a breath of fresh air-lah for me. I found the photography session interesting as I learnt about branding in pics. It’s always best to position the person in an angle where the brand name can be seen. So in this photoshoot, you can see a lot of left-angles from the fitness instructor since the word “Fitness First” is labeled on the left hand side of her sleeve.

Too bad we didn’t get a FF goodie bag, sad, only the journalist and photographer gets it. The media people can be so spoilt man. Lucky ppl. I wanna be a journalist! Hehehehe.

One thing I found out was that Marion Caunter was at our office last Thursday. Hmm, interesting, the 1st thing I asked when Loshini told me was “What was I doing on that day?” coz I don’t remember seeing her at all! LOL Audrey had the same question too. Then I recalled that day, no wonder when the door bell rang, they rushed to greet the ppl in. Couldn’t get to see them since they went straight into the conference room/meeting room.

Oh well, seeing well-known people in the office will certainly clear away the mundane-ness of it all.

Maybe next time Will Quah will come over? Hehehe, who knows, since we’ve got him to be part of the Friends of Fitness First together with radio DJ JJ, Serena C.

I can only dream…

Jacobs World of Health

More pics of the Jacobs World of Health


Aishah and Jason Chin

Overall crowd
Jason and Danny Ooi

Monday, November 26, 2007


*written on Sunday, 25 Nov, 4:10pm

YEAY! Finally I have the time to blog! Blogging on a lazy Sunday is the way to go man.

Been pretty busy these past few days, and too tired at night to go online. Besides, I look at the comp screen for far too long during the daytime to wanna have the interest to go online at night.

Well, this will be one damn long post. I’m actually typing this out in Mic. Word since my sis has finally decided to reformat the other computer. *whoppie*. Just incase if you’re wondering why, it was due to it being infested with viruses ever since the beginning of the year. Got it from Denise when I was chatting with her on msn. =(. ANYWAYS, it’s all gonna be good after reformatting, since I’ll be able to use MSN, finally.

I think I’ll start with the things that happened last Thursday.

Morning. Work. Busy making media calls (craziness), researching for future trade shows in textiles, electric and electronics, fashion, and manufacturing, drafting out a letter of congratulations for the winners of the Jacob’s puzzle making challenge, and editing a bloody speech AGAIN since the Dato’ Azalina won’t be attending the opening of the new Fitness First in Klang, so the Minister of Health will be taking her place (but thankfully, I only have to tweak it ABIT to make it more relevant to what the Minister of Health would most probably say, hahaha, my original speech was edited quite A LOT, but was proud that a few last paragraphs to the ending of the speech was kept. I guess I couldn’t wait to finish off the speech that I wrote a pretty damn good conclusion, LOL). Anyways, suddenly right in the middle of it all, a BOMB was suddenly dropped out of nowhere!

And it came from Audrey’s mouth…

*Why Lord, Why!?!? Why can’t it literally be a bomb from Japan (preferably) or something*

She told me and Denise that we would be involved in organizing a Christmas Dinner Party with them (Aud and Kerry). I reacted quickly with a short, sweet and shocking “WHAT?!?!?”, moreover I was making media calls, and so it added the frustration.
Initially it was supposed to be the events team (consisting of 4 people including Aud and Kerr) who’s incharge of this. All of a sudden, the 2 ppl from events team dumped the responsibility on us. Smart ass people bullying us interns. But in a way I guess it’s a good thing since we’ll get to learn more and what not.

So Xmas party is in the hands of 4 interns from now on. *sighs*
(hehe, when we were having a discussion for this dinner, I wanted to write a short form for ‘Christmas’ which was ‘Xmas’, but instead I wrote an ‘E’ on my notebook, then I was like, “Eh? Why did I write an ‘E’ for?” Then I realized, when I was thinking of the Xmas, I unconsciously wanted to spell the ‘X’ as ‘EX’. LOL. Gila babi. Dunno why my mind is so complicated at times. Making a one alphabet sound become 2. Anyways, I thought it was a cool name for a Chirstmas party. Hehehe, EX-MAS partyyyyy!!!!! Best celebrated after Xmas day *grins*)

Ohyeah, btw, did I tell you that we had to do a presentation the NEXT day!?!? Yeah, gila right? Right after the bomb, another bomb struck! Double whammy. Well, the presentation went really well, thankfully. Gotta hand it to Aud and Kerr who prepared the slides, since they started on this project in the first place. So calls were done for the venue earlier on itself. Venue still deciding though.

Ok, enough of the stress from work. Now, the fun part of last Thursday was hanging out with JACQKIE again!!!!!! We (Kerry, Aud, Shafiq, Jeremy, and Dinesh) hung out at The Curve that night. OMG, it was so damn kau fun weih!! Miss Jacq dearly, too bad Karen, Denise, and Shaneil couldn’t make it. Next time then!

We walked around Cineleisure, ate at Thai Express, walked around in The Curve, checked out a music store and listened to some really nice jazz songs, and then chilled out at Mystery (ladies night, so free drinks for the ladies *winks*)

Took come pics while we were there, hehe, couldn’t resist. Btw, a lot of yall haven’t seen me with my short hair now. Hahaha, you guys will be shocked since you guys aren’t used to me with short hair YET. I plan to keep it short. Not too sure yet.

Here’s to good memories…


Trio again, wahhaha..

awww, such a pretty picture *grins* I know kerry would love this!

High on coffee...

Jacq's vision, that's why she needs glasses. Or this is the aftereffects of coffee...=_="

HAhahaa, this girl can't take a still photo

They kept laughing at this pic coz they said it looks like my head is detached...=S

Group pic, no guys..hahaha

Hahaha, this is funny...

In Mystery

Since my sis was at the Curve that night as well, so I thought I could go home with her, didn’t want to bother Aud to send me back home. So all went back home at 10 while I stayed back. She and a couple of her mates were there for the Crossborders party held at Laundry Bar. While hanging out in the crowd, Alvey was very nearby doing a recording for Channel V. He only did a couple of takes, not bad. If only he could do more takes so I can see him longer. Wahahaha, anyways, JP was there too! Like 3 steps away from me, kept sneaking glances at him. *sighs* Damn hot.

Crossborders...Rina Omar is the host

The party was boring, veryyyy boring. Well, it’s not my kind of music anyways. So this is just in my opinion.

While me, sis, Jane, and Patrick sat down. As the night progressed, I was pretty tired, wanted to go home badly since I’ve got to wake up early for work the next day. But had to stay back till the party was officially over, since my sis had to send one of the girl back home, she was in the crowd thoroughly enjoying herself. Gila girl. Patrick clearly noticed my boredom since I was pretty quiet the whole time. I saw Ean and Azura walk past by Laundry Bar. Looked like they were in a hurry. Hehe. Zandria was there too, she looked great! Wanted to take a pic with JP. But I refrain myself. Hahaha, I’m not that desperate.

...But this is an exception. *grins*

I so regretted following my sis back, we only left Laundry at 1 something in the morning. Sent 2 of her mates back. We only reached home at 2 something. I was dead beat tired by then.

The next day I was dreading the presentation (but like I said before, it went well *grins*) and basically was dreading the whole day coz I have to stay back till night instead of my usual 5:30pm. Damn sad while my mates get to go home at early, I had to stay back to help out, because I’m involved in the Jacob’s World of Health event the next day. Actually, I’m pretty happy for being part of this event, just not so happy about staying back till late.

Anyways, the event is about Jacob’s being in the Malaysian Book of Records for having the LARGEST biscuit sculpture in Malaysia. Hmph, seems like Malaysia’s ONLY biscuit sculpture. You would expect it to be extravagant, but looks abit puny. Whahahaa. But it was a creative feat either way, not badlah. It’s made out of 25,000 Jacob’s Biscuits. Oh btw, these biscuits sculptures were sculpted after the world’s most famous architecture which was the Sydney Opera House, Giza pyramids, Great Wall of China, the Eifel tower of Paris, London Bridge, Taj Mahal, and last but not least, out very own Petronas Twin Towers.

At this event, The Malaysian Book of Records guy Datuk Danny Ooi (omg, I can remember his name) is there to present to the guy leading Jacobs Malaysia, Jason Chin (omg, I can remember his name too! =S) a mock presentation of a cert saying that Jacobs have the record for having the largest biscuit sculpture in Msia.

Basically I was incharge of media registration. I reached 1 Utama at 11:25am. Siew Pheng introduced me to some top people from Jacobs, then I went to a quiet place to make media calls again to have confirmation of attendance, Loshini joined me later on and made calls too, after that, I went back to the scene of the event.

At 12pm, Aishah Sinclair arrived, looking as radiant as ever, the make up made her really fair, but in a good waylah. After shaking hands, me, Siew Pheng and Aishah went to the Gelato Fruity to hand over the MC script and just for a chat since it was still early. It was a nice conversation, while Siew Pheng was ordering drinks, we were talking about PR. Hahaha, sad but true. Anyways, when she came back, she asked how was Ashraf, and stuff like “Do you get stares alot when you go out?”. Haha, goodness. Apparently Ashraf is in the UK now holidaying. Lucky dude. Then we moved onto talking about Bali and Thailand. Overall, it was refreshing to just sit down and chat instead of the boring scene of biscuits.

The event was set to take place at 2 pm. With speeches by both Jason and Danny, media taking pics of them with the mock certificate, then a very informal Q&A session. By then, I’ve met with some very nice media people and a hard-core-straight-forward-I-want-things-my-way reporter from *ahem* a certain publication. Don’t want to say the name. Hahaha.

Here are the pics of the biscuit sculptures…

After a successful event, I walked around and came across an NTV7 event. Guess what, JP was there part as part of the event!! Hahaha, lucky me, saw twice in 3 days. Amazing. Anyways, I’ve captured some recordings of the things that happened. Might post it up in the next blog. Who knows. Well, maybe not.

These were the hosts for the NTV7 event. Damn funny.

Hottie JP, why my cam suck so bad?!?!

I checked out the Fly Fm party as well at about 6 something. Pretty boring, I guess it’s cause it hasn’t started yet? But the emcees were there talking stuff, not much of a crowd tho. Booths were everywhere, but I didn’t bother to check. The worst part was that people were smoking like there’s no tomorrow! Well, I guess that’s what mainly discouraged me to check it out further.

While I was at 1 U, I got myself 3 formal tops and one long white pants. Can’t wait to wear it. Whahaha.

God this is 3 and half pages long, and I’m tired…

Till next time!


Work. Work. Work.
Busy Sweei.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, well, well...

Internship. Started it last week at Essence Communications. Ok. Had alot of confusion about it in terms of making the right choice of doing my internship there, doubts, doubts, doubts, and MORE doubts till I couldn't sleep well at night. I would wake up occasionally and toss and turn till I can feel my brain heating/burning up from too much of thinking and weighing out the pros and cons between Sirius Comm and Essence Comm (i got accepted in both, but chose to go to Essence)

Then, when I started on my 1st day at Essence, it came on to a point where I REALLY REALLY wanted to change and go to Sirius, but considering that I've already started my internship. I decided, I've already started on this, why give up? I made this choice, why the sudden backing out? Actually, earlier on i've already had hesitations, but now, i wanna screw it!

Learn something new, learn from your mistakes, be responsible, don't choose things based on the amount of food stalls and next time, DON'T BE TOO FICKLE ! (this is a big weakness of mine)

I've come to mind, that Essence is a very good company, very efficient, nice interior, and a hot Group Managing Director (lol, he's some french german?!?! 4 kids!!). I'm beginning to enjoy it, i guess because i'm beginning to get to know my collegues better, super nice bunch. But then again, i don't think i would want to work in a PR dept in future. It's SO BORING! Well, the experience that i had for the past one week is abit dull. What can i say, it's just a week! There's like alot of media clippings involved every single day.

What I did throughout the whole week:
#1. Calculating PR value (the dumbest thing I've EVER done! wtf?!?!)
#2. Writing a speech for Dato' Azalina (the hardest thing to do, i'll slot in a few vulgar words so she'll get introuble, whahahaa, actually I would get in trouble)
#3. Writing a press release and media invitation for Fitness First's new opening at Bukit Tinggi
#4. Sticking media clippings into the supplementary report
#5. Summarize and descriptions of what the article says
#6. Completing a supplementary report for Isomil and Pediasure

I'll go into events next time! More happeninglarh, this is too dull for me, sit infront of the comp all day is...B-O-R-I-N-G

Me and my collegue next to me are getting along fine, thankfully. Her name's Loshini. She's one damn soft spoken girl and tall too!

I hope things will look better next week. But i think it'll be the same. I wanna experience the perks of being in PR, maybe not yet... Ohwell, so far so good. Just that I HATE the jam to and from Phileo Damansara. Gila Babi.

I've decided to do a blog about MUSIC and relate them to FRIENDS!
Have you ever listened to a certain song(s) that reminds you of your friend? or Enemy? But let's not touch enemies here, just friends.

I'm sure you do! Who doesn't in fact?

In my context, it doesn't really have to be the meaning of the lyrics that reminds me of them, it just reminds me thats all! Maybe I shall put the reasons together. Make my blog longerlarh. Tee-hee-hee

To my mates whose names arent in here, don't fret, it's just that i havent identified you with a song YET. JOYCE! I don't know which song to connect you with!!! Wish i knew.

Benny: Mims - "This is Why I'm Hot"
She likes this song, told it to me in the car and sang her fav part to me summore, from then on, I'm reminded of her when I hear this song. Hahhaa, i'm hot coz i'm fly, you aint coz you're not, this is why, this is way, this is why i'm hot hot!

Jacqkie: Jason Mraz - "Geek in the Pink"
This girl loves Jason Mraz, this song reminds me of her coz it's a the title song of his album. =)

Karen: Augustana - "Boston"
Hahaha,this one i had no trouble with, automatically this song popped in my head when i think of karen. This is a no brainer for me. She introduced us all to this song and kept playing it in the comp labs. Ahh, the good ol days. Gosh, how i miss my coll mates right now. Can't wait for next year, ish, but got 6 subs this time! Die die die, got moral and msian studies. What a waste of money. =S

Jay: Click 5 - "Catch Your Wave"
Got the shock of my life when he told us he likes the Click 5, well now he doens't ever since they recruited a new guy. So yeah, when he told us that he liked Click 5, that time this "Catch Your Wave" song was very popular, probably still is, not too sure.

Behonce: Pussycat Dolls - "Duncha"
Dunchaa! Beh gave a lap dance to this guy at Cheryn's Costume Party with this song. SO how can I NOT get reminded of Beh whenever I hear this song?! It was a nice lap dance tho. *grins*

Prassan: Rihanna - "Shut Up and Drive"
Sher Mayne told Prassan who was driving to shut up and drive coz he was talking too much to us passengers behind and coincidenlty this song was on at that time! LOL

Kish: James Morrison - "You Give Me Something"
Kish gave me a James Morrison CD before he left for NZ. So yeah! Everytime whenever I hear a James Morrison song on the radio, totally reminded me of him! Without fail summore!

Eu-Gene: Kylie Minogue - "Love at First Sight"
It was the time where ICQ was the craze. I would always play this song when I was chatting. So Gene and I would chat alot online and this song would keep playing. So it's embedded in my brain adylarh. It'll always bring back memories of me chatting with gene.

Daniel: Neyo - "Because of You"
On the way back home, it was early in the morning, so it was damn quiet on the road, he would always play a cd in his car, and I can clearly remember him singing to this song. Moreover, I love this song! So I would enjoy it while he was singing to it softly. Such a beautiful song, love the beat.

Kerry: Daft Punk - "Stronger"
This girl from the hood right here performes with this song alot of times. I can imagine her crunking - hope the spelling's right...

Audrey: Lion King OST - "I've got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts"
GAHHH!! THis girl sings this song almost everyday at one point!. Gila babi. Hahaha, i would even sing it unconsciously, damn her. Annoyinglarh that song!! She'll purposely do it to irritate the heck outta me. Smart.

Thats all I can remember basically, i'm sure to have more in future!!!

Any songs you guys have that reminds you of me? I'd like to know, wahahaha *grins*

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hospis Malaysia

We went to Hospis Malaysia located in Cheras about a couple of weeks ago to hand in our mock cheque.

The amount given was RM13,ooo. *yeay*
Overall it was a very enlightening visit. We got to see some of the artcrafts that were made by the patients there. Very nice. It's very homey. Everything looks so damn pretty, neat and tidy!
But it was at one point where I got the shock of my life! Right OPPOSITE the building was a massive cemetary! SERIOUSLY. How conveni--- i mean how beautiful the cemetary is! Tons of crosses and nicely cut green grass covered every nook and cranny there was.

not ready...

not ready either...

Well you know what i mean...

now here's the perfect shot

Costume Party Pics

Well, i'm really lazy to put captions in each of the pics. But to sum it all up, most of the poses that each of us had to do with the Birthday Girl Cheryn were instucted by our very own Ms. Jay (ANTM)...



All of these pics were taken by Caroline Chia.