Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fun, confusing, exciting, happy day!

Today, i had a mighty fine day!

Well to start it all off, I went to Subang Parade at 10 something in the morning and met up with Karen. We chilled at MPH, as there's nowhere else to golah. Pretty boring with most of the shops not opened yet. Owh well, we only like chilled there for a few mins when Audrey called to say that she and Kerry were approaching Subang Station already. SO yeah, we went and met up with them at the station to head on to our destination, MEGAMALL!

My Objectives:
- Watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3
- Cure my boredom doing nothing at home
- Hangout with mates that I miss so much during these past 2 weeks

On the way there, when we reached KL central, i got a call from an anonymous office number, it turned out to be Jay. So yeah, he said that he's working at EMI and that since i've already got my tix and was registered to the UV Nation, he's offering me 2 free tix from his company (only selected ppl gets it)! Cool! AHAHA, but this feller damn cunning he was hoping that I would give him one tix for free and the other i give it out to someone else. He's one smart asslah. Well, i didn't take long to say "sure", coz i thought it was alright since if it wasn't for him to pick me, i wouldn't even have these TIX! So since these 3 girls of mine were beside me, they got all excited, ehehhehe, so i gave them 1 free one while they would have to share money to buy another 2. Good bargain i must say! Shitlarrrr, i had to pay RM45 for it. *grumpy face*......But not sure whether my mates will be able to go or not. Who knows? i might even have a bargain of my own with them. *grins* Well, pretty darn good to know that MORE of my mates will be going to the rave party. CAN'T WAIT!
Benny, Sireesak, Lee Winn, Alvin, maybe Kerry, Karen, Audrey, and Behonce (the REAL party animal, hope ya go beh!)

OK, thats over with, well, first when the four of us reached there, we hung out at Pets Wonderland having a fun time watching those CUTE LIL puppies playing with each other. Actually the Australian Silky Terrier was more of being bullied. HAHAHA, the Jack Russell did it! Notty lil puppy. Then we head on to Little Taiwan for lunch where i ordered the Spicy sumthing noodle with Jasmine bubble tea. Interesting actually the Jasmine bubble tea, not bad, i kinda liked it. But the noodle soup was alright, i think i found the corn bits in the soup the best part! Ehehhehe. Right in the middle of our lunch, then only Shafiq and Giresh came to join us. Damn late larr these fellers. Us girls waiting for guys, whats with the world today!?!?! So lebih! Aren't guys supposed to wait on girls?? Hmmm, ok, I guess guys are being the true DIVA nowadays. *thinks*

Aud and I reserved tix previously for Pirates and when we paid, CRAP, forgot to show our student ID. So had to pay RM12 when we could have half price off. Need to use my student ID to it's fullest potential-laaaa. *damn it* Owh well, next timelah when i have better memory. *grins*. Kerry, Karen, Shafiq, and Giresh wanted to catch Shrek 3 in the 1st place, BUTTTTTT, all of the afternoon ones are sold OUT ! And since Karen had to go home early, terpakslah choose another movie. So they chose The Last Mimzy!

Pirates! ARRRRRRR!

The funny, idiotic movie my friends have ever seen!

Both of our movie started at 1:30pm, and obviously Pirates was the longest, so after the movie, I called up Karen to meet up with them. Geeez, Karen gave me the WRONG directions to where they were and we ended up in The Oasis food court! Like what the hell, supposed to take the RIGHT turning, but she told us the LEFT .....=_=" *sweat*.....from what i learn by now is that Karen has no good sense of informing people the RIGHT (as in correct) directions. SERIOUSLY! If you had to depend on her being your navigator in the car, you'd better get lost yourself! *laughs* It'd be better that way. *grins*

So yeah, we met up with them at this really high end place called The Thai restaurant ( i think). But all i know is that it IS definitely a Thai restaurant. Ehehe. Gosh, when we met them, they were like WTF with their movie The Last Mimzy. AHHAHAHAHa, Kerry was like the story teller on behalf of them. Gosh, seriously man! They made it sound like some really retarded show which made them bust their kidneys or something. They were laughing at how idiotic it is. BUT the funny thing is that Kerry said it's not supposed to be a comedy, it's supposed to be serious. But by the way she told the story, i tell you, you feel like watching it and also not watching it. Watching it because you can laugh at all the nonsensical crappy weird stuff that happens throughout the movie and on the other hand not watch it because I got confused with the storyline, mainly coz i couldn't concentrate on the confusing things she said. EHHEHEH, why dun you guys try watching it and tell me YOUR reviews on it. Would love to hear about it. Owhya, fergot to say that the Pirate 3 movie was a tad confusing really, don't wanna divulge to you guys any further to prevent myself from further guilt. (sorry giresh! Tho i know you're not reading this =P).

***BTW, if you haven't watched it, stay for the credits, coz there is MORE. Better what it, it completes the movie. =) ***

So yeah, soon Kerry, Karen, Giresh and Shafiq had to go after our reasonably long chit chat (wished it was longer!! I hate their curfews!)...By the time they left it was about 5 something, but Aud and I stayed on a little while longer as we both had no curfew and also because we wanted to stay longer and just chill like how we used to.

O......M........G, ahaha, ya know that 8TV reality TV show "What Women Want"? Well, if you do watch it you would know what i will be talking next.

I saw Charles!! I saw Charles!!! I saw CHARLES!!!

Gosh, he's one fineeeee specimen, ehehhe, but the thing at made the scene abit dull was that he has his GF right beside him! Geee, abit potong steam-lah, but i still stared on down one level from where i was standing. Can't remember what he wore, but he still wore his glasses. cute. His gf is this tall Chinese lady with long black hair. Thats all i can remember, couldn't care less really as I was more of focused on Charles just to confirm that it's really him. WOW, what a day! Too bad Aud didn't watch that reality TV show, so i was getting all excited by myself (so not fun!), wish Jacqkie was there to drool and ogle over him with me. Ahahhaha, we're both lovin the show coz of the guys and the things that they had to do as their tasks (farneeee).

OK, now what am i gonna do tomorrow??!??

Monday, May 28, 2007

Warning: Vulgar words involved!!! *sirens*

Well! Finally, I feel that I have something interesting to blog about! Ehhehehe

Yesterday i had quite a fun time driving around to the Pasar Raya Ria (near my section) and to the McDs drive thru at night. AHHHH, damn syiok, there were hardly any cars around. It was like cruising around baby, just plain cruising.....

I think i'm beginning to be more comfortable driving now ever since my dad left for China on a business trip *grins*. So the car is all left in the hands of my sis and I. But of course, since my sis is working, she would be hogging up the car *dammit* *sulks*. Anyway, Dad will be coming home soon tomorrow i guess. So yeah! Hope he brings something back, like he always does. Mostly end up being chocolates, tea stuff, and errrr, more chocos. Wait a minute here?!? is he trying to fatten us up? or he knows that we're DEPRESSED lil kids at home and need chocos to soothe our sad sad soul? Well, whichever works for ME! As long as there's food involved!

Yesterday night I did some chatting with radhz before he leaves for Amsterdam tonight (11pm), we were talking about Family Guy and South Park. So yeah, i've never actually watched Family and South Park till yesterday on youtube. I heard from friends that Family Guy was banned in Msia and blah blah blah. Actually when i watched it, i didn't really feel attracted to it for some reason. I guess for me the Simpsons are like one of the BEST out there already. So FG didn't really leave an impression on me excpet for tht creepy horny old dude. *yeeeeeshhhh* GROSSSS! Grandpa whatever.

So then i had enough of FG and moved on to South Park! AHAHHAA, HOLY MOLY! Well, i didn't really watch south park the REAL cartoon, I more of watched the Harry Potter dubbed in SP style. OMG, i loved it!! i couldn't stop laughing my ass of on the 1st one tht i laid my eyes on. Seriously man, i even spread the link out to Radhz, Kish, Sireesak and Jay (but he watched it and gave me another link to check out which was equally shit ass funny yet sad at the ending, it's called Charlie the Unicorn, the video is posted right below the South PArk & HP vid, HAHAHA, i think i'll get annoyed with the name Charlie if i ever do watch it again *laughs* ). So yeah, i got GOOD feedbacks from them about the vid. So go checkout the video aightz. It's the same one that these dude had to watch coz i made them to. *EVIL GRIN*

WARNING: Lots of F*** and S*** my b**** being used here. But NO WORRIES! They are all used in a funny FUNNY way possible for your entertainment! But if you don't wanna watch it, then i'd suggest that you RUNAWAY and CLOSE YOUR EARS you ********************** coz this video is gonna AUTO PLAY it for YA! muahahahah. *phew* glad that worked out jusssssst fine.....well, yeah, i'd suggest that you don't watch it if it is against your moral ******* values.



Quote Hermione, "Holy shyte duuude..". Well here's the moral of the story, *thinks* owhya! DON'T YOU EVER DARE swear to your parents, friends, relatives (maybe) ahahaha, but you can definitely swear in a blog. That would be fine with me. =). Happy swearing...!


Credits to Jay for showing me this video, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i did....candy mountain charlieeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

brog out of blogdom

Since i'm being a lil inactive in blogging right now, i feel it's time to do something about it!
Right now i'm doing nothing! Abosolutely nothing except eating, sleeping, reading Terry Pratchet, chatting, surfing the web, and occasionally going out. Though i should get a joblah, ya know, but still i kinda enjoy doing nothing but also feel that i should be doing something eventhough nothing is nice (but it gets boring as time progresses). Ya know what i mean? Hope you guys can relate to this. This aint easy on me. If my friend Kerry gets the job at Tumble Tots (TT) next week, then i might as well join her. Siew Ting, the friendly TT accountant is the BEST! I Love her so much, she's like a mother to me when i'm working there. She even asked me whether i want to work there again, but i dumbly said that i wanna spend my time sleeping at home. Like i so wanna slap my self there and then already. And btw, did you know what they have like changed the pay rate to RM5 per hour! Like what the hell! I was working there before for like RM4 per hour, and RM5 when i lead a class. So yeah, i was pretty shocked to hear that. Suddenly felt the urge to work there again. But i really dun like my boss there, Ms Gwen. GAH, she's a nightmare, she puts on a REALLY fake smile and backstabbs people, no seriously i aint kidding you. During lunch together, she would talk bad about the mothers, like ok, no need to saylah. She's short tempered and she is one heck of a perfectionist. I'm not against perfectionist people, but in her case, it's up to the roof! *sigh* But i feel that i should be forgetting about the past and not let her get to me.
At any rate, we're all still human, just gotta learn to forgive and
There! Lesson learnt *i hope*. Well, it's easier said than done. Dun wanna talk bad about people, sooo not good for me.

Now moving on to another topic, UV Nation this time. Well, this Cree is the one that started all this party party thing. I have to admit it, i was really EXCITED at first, but when it came down to the KAching-KAching $$$, i got second thoughts about it. I mean, look at it this way, is it worth going to just dance and drink a lil alcohol for that much when i can go to clubs on a Thurday night for free? Ben has been saying that it's BENNY BENASSI, but i'm like, ok, am i such a big fan? Well, at any rate, i'm still going, i know i'll be having fun, that, i have no doubts about. *grins* Just gotta let loose, and party on down. Here's this saying that got me inspired! Is was taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the part where the grandfather was telling Charlie this:

Grandpa George: There's plenty of money out there. They print more of it every day. But that ticket? There are only five of them in the world, and that's all there's ever going to be. Only a dummy would give this up for something as common as money. Are you a dummy?

So yeah, i'm relating that ticket as the UV Nation tix. So thx Grandpa George! You're da BEST!

Well, thats all i can think of right now...Whoa, i actually think! *raises eyebrows*


Monday, May 21, 2007

F-U-N night out

Hello all you people out there!
I had a great time last Sunday night with Benny, Joyce, Lee winn and Sireesak (C-ree) altogether. Ehehehe, guess where we went??

We went to a really happening place to start off our fun filled night......

A place where the crowd is huge till you have to walk sideways occasionally,
a place where a variety of music genres are being played,
a place where the atmoshphere just makes you wanna eat, drink & possibly dance (if you want),
a place where you CAN just buy, buy, buy.....

Where is this place you ask?...Why, it's the ever so popular PASAR MALAM! A place where all the "ah sam" go there to buy veggies home to cook for their husbands (quote some guy). Anyway, it was Lee Winn's idea to begin with, so yeah, credit goes to this guy who apparently says he "thinks out of the box"! It wasn't so badlahh, it was fun either way...OWH HECK! When you've got friends alongside ya, anyplace can be a great place to chill! Just gotta drop the negatives and have fun.

The guys dropped by my place in the evening at about 6:50pm like that. Bloody hell, i thought they were kidding about dropping by, so i just shuggred it off and went to take my bath. Grrrr, and well, ya knowlah, they did turn up at my doorstep, my dogs were barking wildly as usual, guys, disturbers of the peace. Go figure. *laughs*. So yeah, i hurriedly took my bath and went down to layan these fellers. Sireesak wanna see my dogs, kononnya. ISHH, ahhaa, i brought my smallest dog Russell (shih tzu) out so that he could play with him, C-ree gave up so fast when Russell backed away from him. Chicken butt. Somemore i thought he really wanna play with lil Russ. Anyway, soon benny came over and then the four of us were discussing about which pasar malam to go, we went to the ss13, as initially planned.

OFF we went, C-ree drove his SLK (smart looking kelisa, pffft, according to himlaaa) to the night market. Blah blah blahm, do stuff like what ppl normally do at markets, eat, drink, laugh,talk, trip over the metal base of the huge umbrella, and laugh somemore. Soon, we had enough and drove over to the AC for a lil chat while waiting for Joyce to come so we could head on to the so called "chinatown" in ss15. Gosh, damn lame wheyyy the place. Not many stalls also! So dissappointing. But anyways, like i said earlier on, it's the company that matters, not the location. So yeah, we made the best out of it. Took pics on the way and stuff. Here are the pics...

Yes kids, listen up! Don't do drugs!

EHEHEHE, farneeee...remember, anytime, anywhere!

A group of us in the car

Well, there ya have it, our fun fun outing at pasar malam, AC, and SJ Uptown (formerly known as Chinatown).


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pool and Pizza...GOOD combination!

Well! i'm pretty excited to blog about this one amily because it's not gonna be a bring post like the previous one *snores* it was about *snores* *snort* errr, the Library of course...=) If you hadn't read it yet, no need. That was just purely done out of boredom and also i've got nothing better to blog about. *grins*

Anyways, yesterday i had a pretty long day, and a GREAT one at that! Not to mentioned jam packed with F-U-N! I started of my day at the Taylor's Subang Jaya library *ahem*, (yea, i know, the library again) at 10 in the morning. Missed the place to fast...ahaha, but the computers there kinda suck really. I had to change computers 6 times at one GO!

Like what the heck!! Slow computers i tell you! Got virus somemore!*sighs*

*grooving to Bebot (by Black Eyed Peas)* love this song.

I was basically spending my time there at the library chatting and playing really cute games from the Orisinal website (thx KISH). LOVE the games there, i could've played ALL of the games i tell you and there is alot!! gahh, i had tolah, since i've only got the computers there to rely on as my source of anti-boredom and entertainment. What can i say? You do what you gotta do! LOL, well, the reason WHY i was in the library so early was NOT because i MISSED it so, it was because i was waiting for the time to strike 11:30am so i can meet up with my mates joyce, kae yi, and sireesak there at pool in AC. EHEEH, i love pool...*GRINS*

Well, i ended up leaving at 11:50 am since i was having a nice chat with my mates and also because i was afraid of being the only one there at the pool place. So i decided to be fashionably LATE. AHHAHA, owh well, no regretslah. When i reached there, got 2 macha's which i didn't expect to show up, one was eugenie (Eu-gene) and the other was kanta mata (kantha rao). *sigh* Had a nice short chat with eugenie even if it was for a brief moment since he had to leave like 5 minutes later from when i JUST came due to his class at 12pm. HAHAHA, kantha was pretty jovial as usual. Love the feller, always cheerful! Wished he had played pool though, i doesn't seem interested really, but that's all GONNA CHANGE!
*evil grins & rubs hands together*
So yeah, when Gene left, we played pool until almost 1pm then we stopped and chat while waiting for the OTHERS to come. BTW, ahaha, i had a blast playing pool with Joyce, ehehe, one-on-one. The funny thing was, when i didn't aim for any pocket for the ball to go in, i ended up shooting it IN a pocket anyways!! Had a couple of nice shots, i very bangga now. *beams* WAHH, felt good, eventhough it wasn't done intentionally. *laughs*

I had a couple of candid and non-candid shots while chatting and waiting for the others to arrive from their classes.

ME and pretty Joyce at the pool place =)

Guys chatting (kian chee, kantha, sireesak, kae yi)

Future models, candid shot and they still look good!

Soon, at about 1 pm like that Yoke Han, Gavin, and Priya came! AHAHA, finally! Coz we got bored at the pool place and we were kinda hungry too! Owhya, Kae Yi belanja us Pizza for lunch!! He was basically the organizer of this gatheringlah, memang we all know he gonna belanja us since he said so in the beginning. =P

I didn't take much pics at Pizza Hut tho. I guess we're too hungry to care about that. AHHAHA, but here's some while waiting for a nice table to fit ALL of us, can't remember how many already coz eventually got summore people at came a lil later, like su yi, yin fei, henry, amreeta, and mayne. *grins* quite a number of ppl were there. Let me count *one, two, tree...etc...fourteen!* Yeah, about 14 ppl were there including MUAH! We had Pepperoni, Island Supreme, Hawaiian, and Masala.....Mmmmm Mmmmmm Goooood!

PRETTY mayne!

The atmosthpere there was quite noisylaaaa, coz ya knowlah, what to expect when you've got a gif group of noisy college kids there. Anyways, there was surpisingly alot of SriKl students which hogged up MOST of the tables there. Ahahaha Gavin and Kae Yi were like giving cock stares at them when they weren't looking. Ehehehe, coz there were these 3 Sri KL kids who were like occupying the 2 tables beside us in which we needed to join with ours to make one NICE long table. When in the end, we finally got an extra table to join with ours, then only those 3 kids moved...AHHAA, damn funny! Frust alsolah we all susah payah trying to hint to them that we needed those tables. *grins* but tak baik tu....

Joyce had to leave earlier after her meal, thus leaving us all behind, me also *sobz*. So after a little chat and inside jokes in which i have no clue what the heck is it all about, since i don't usually hangout with them, and it's been ages since i've done so, we headed on to the AC pool AGAIN. Ehehee, college people just can't get their minds off of POOL.

We eat......breathe......and LIVE pool! Hey, if you add an "R" there, looks like liveRpool! *grins*, thought you ought to know =P


Owhya, there was alot of camwhoring involved when the guys were playing pool. Gosh, mostly taken by Su Yi's camera. She'll send me the pics soon, got alot! Will post them up in my Multiply webby as soon as i've got it, won't be showing it on blogspot though, so here's the link

I love showing people pictures as "A PICTURE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS", as the saying goes anyway.

Well, after the camwhoring business and the pool stuff, we chatted for a while, then we departed at about 5 something. Ehehee, everybody went back home, but guess what?!?! NOT ME! i went to the *yes, you've guessed it*......THE TUCSJ LIBRARY! wahhhh, how can this girl love the library soo much that it is considered her second home you ask??
...the Will to not wanna go home baby, it's the will.

Face it, i don't wanna be stuck at home! I'd rather be stuck at the library for some reason. I guess caused when i'm out, i'd like to STAY OUT. And plus, since i'm nicely all dressed up, might as well show the world! ahahaa *winks*

So back to the library i go, was chatting with my mates again, namely, Joyce, Kish, Kae Yi and Lee Winn. So then this is how roughly my conversation with Kae Yi was at like 6 sumthing...

KY :wahhh, so kesian one you're still at the library

ME : Kesian?..where got kesian, it's not that bad
KY : sure ah...
ME : yeah
KY : What time you going back?
ME : errr, about 8 sumthing, i plan on staying here till my fam fetches me when its time to go out for dinner
KY : Wahhh, so late! I'm going to FTZ with Henry and his fren at 8 sumthing. I can teman you before that since i see you so kesian have to wait until 8 something.
ME : HEY, not a bad plan! Lets play NFS!! i love racing!
KY : owh, you want to go to cc? can also i come meet up with you at 7 sumthing so we can play before your parents come.
ME : OK! set!

Yepz....i was pretty excited that i won't be stuck at the library for too long and also coz it's gonna be my FIRST time at the TFZ, owh heck my first time at ANY cyber cafe place! So yeah, i was chatting away until KY gave me a ring at 7:10 pm to say tht he's here at the college already. *wheeee* Off i GO!

Ya know what i learnt? i learnt that the top and bottom CC is different in terms of price, equipment and atmostphere. Here is for those noobs put there reading this who has never been to the FTZ at AC before.

Price : Top (RM2 per hour)

Bottom (RM2.20 per hour)

Equipment: Top (the monitor size is smaller than the bottom, ahaha, dunno exactly
the resolution but you get what i mean)
Bottom (vice versa)

Atmostphere: Top (noisier as there are no headphones)
Bottom (not so noisy as ppl use these headphones, i think they're made to use it)

So yeah, thats roughly what i learnt, so correct me if i'm wrong or add something to my knowledge! Continuing where i left off, KY and I tried to play NFS Carbon together, but unfortunately we couldn't really sign up to play together and stuff, so we gave up, and KY suggested CS to me. I'm like "SURE!, why not? I haven't played that in my life!". AHAHA, gosh, damn funny wheyyyy me trying to figure out how to play CS. Gahhh, but it was kinda fun in a way, Ky was teaching me all kinds of strategies. GEeee, there was this one time we versus each other, he killed me quite fastlah...then i was like, EHH, you never teach me how to duck! Cheater, ahaha, i was standing right there out in the open, like a sitting duck waiting to be killed. Dunno how to duck and all. (=_=) And there was another time when we were challenging with the computer, i accidently shot one of my own teammates! Oklah, sorry, since i was a new player and all, i basically wanna live so i shot down everyone i set my lil beady eyes on. *grins* Then when we started all over again, right at the beginning, as i was walking, suddenly i died! As fast a lightning i tell you!! Then KY told me that my own teammates shot ME! And i'm like "What the hell for?!?!" Then he was like, "Cause you shot him down in the first place". And i'm like "WHAT?!?!...i didn't know computers can do THAT! geeee, they really hold grudges man. Stupid computer *sulks*". *sigh* so after a couple of times dying, ehehe, KY suggested we play another game. So i DESPERATELY said "YES, pls do!"

OK, so we didn't know what other games to play since he's not really familiar with the others except NFS carbon and for me, don't even ask! So yeah, in the end we played NFS Carbon eventhough we couldn't really challenge each other but it was still fun. I somehow was a lil sad as they ONLY had Carbon. I'm more of Underground or Most Wanted. Anyways, soon my dad called at about 8:20pm to meet up for DINNER. So overall we played for 55 minutes! Just nicelah. I payed for the time spent there for the both of us, since KY treated us for lunch. That was the least i could dolah for the time being. Ky was nice enuff to accompany me to the place where my parents were waiting in the car.
HOLY MOLY! on the way, i slipped!! ISH, so memalukan, but thx god it wasn't the kind of slip where i would fall on my arse, it was the kinda fast slip, but that balance could be regained fast as well. I hope it makes sense. EHEHE, or maybe it's just that my sense of balance is TOO outstanding! *beams* ahahahah.

Anyways, i saw the "TIT BITS" sign on the way and told KY about it. He was like, "Really? but it thought that's how it was supposed to be spelled??". Like WTF?!?! i just gave him a stare and said "It's supposed to be spelled as 'tid' not 'tit'". Then he said tht he'll look it up in the dictionary. *sigh*

BUT ya know what, i just looked it up in the internet and I found out that the spelling was indeed *drum rolls pls*
So yeah, i admit that i was wrong. EHEHE, but still, i wanna make sure the right spelling...if you guys wanna help do research about it, pls do yeah! Would greatly appreaciate it. I JUST had to tell you guys out there too! Cause as we all know....
Sharing is caring!

SO spread the knowledge that you've gained! K, i'm tired of blogging, gotta get ready to go out with my fren, manggalaa now!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Library...

Well, this is for all you people out there, and you know who you are, no need to drop names here, ehehe, on why i love going to the library, but more specifically the library in Holiday Villa. It's actually called the OXFORD LIBRARY. Sounds awesome dunt it? Hey, i see you rolling those eyes of yours. *GRINS* This is the place where i would ALWAYS head on to during the weekends when my exams are creeping up on me. So yeah, you can call this as my "CUN" hangout spot. So since i love you guys so much, i'd like to show you my pride, my passion and my sleeping spot. =)

This is the overall look of the library that i would usually go to, very office like...=)

Thats how the side would look like, 3 cubicles on one side, and nother on the other.

The place where the precioussss books are kept and locked away from the likes of ME

There are alot of Japanese books for some reason ..!?!?!?!?!

This is where i would always "study", always the same old spot. Do take notice of how i nicely decorated the place to make it seem as though i am hard at work. =P

This painting is what i stare at ALL the TIME....*stares*

My beloved Garfield, within it is my beloved MP4...can't live without it.

And here is a lil something which i decided to show you guys. These lil insects decided to make a home out of the wind chime located at the porch of my house. Smart lil buggers.....Looks nice tho...VEry artistic

Do ya love my library now??? Comment only if you love me...*smiles*


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scaryyy Night

Gah, i can't post up any pics at the moment but what the heck, i'll keep blogging stil-lah. EHEHE, aint nothing gonna STOP me now. Except food that is. Mmmmm, keropok lekor *drools*.

Well, a few weeks ago at night at about say 10pm?, before my finals, i was upstairs studying as usual. When suddenly i heard my dad's voice booming. I thought he was scolding my sis or something, so all these images of a wrecked up car went flashing by my head. OHNO, sis is gonna get into alot of trouble if she crashed the car (she did it twice i think). But NO, it wasn't the case for that night *THX GOD*.

EHEHE, as i was sooo concerned for what was goin on downstairs (actually i couldn't concentrate at all reading my notes, ehehe, we're humans anyway, caring souls =P), i stopped what i was doing and lay down on the floor so i could hear what was the ruckess was all about. From what i heard was, my sis telling my dad about what had happened a few minutes ago. GOSH, this was getting interesting.

Ok, my sis had to park the Wira at the empty lot near the playground, as my dad's Hyundai was parked infront of the house. So while she was almost approaching our house, she saw this guy (he's a guard for a corner house wayy down from our lane) standing below the streelight looking at our car (Hyundai). So then he suddenly approached my sis and confronted her about something. Obviously my sis was abit freaked outlaaaa, this total stranger staring at out car and under the street light! So the light was like focusing on the dude.

Like something from out of a detective story book!

Anyway, he was actually a really nice guy! HAHAHA, phew! *sweats* He was actually informing my sis that recently there was this guy in a Kancil car eyeing our Hyundai. So obviously he was saying these things so that we would be more cautious of where we put our carlah. GOSH, imagine that! Our car would have been stolen if my dad continuously left his car parked outside at night. Then dad would be SOOOOOO freaking PISSEDD, you dun wanna see him get pissed i tell youuuu. TRUST ME!And that car of his is like his PRIDE and JOY. So don't mess with it. ehehehe. So now my Gollum errr i mean my dad parks his preciousssssss in the porch to protect it fromwho ever that fellar is. =P

So the moral of the story is to make sure you park your car inside! Don't think that it's safe to leave it out, then one fine day you wake up to fine it GONE..... So i hope tht this blog has advised you and your parents to be more aware of where they park their preciousssssss...*grins*

~cheers guys~

Hard workk!!

Well! I've finally settled with my blog design. Not much really, but i'm darn happy about it FOR NOW. AHAHA, susah payah i tell you editing the design to see what works and what doesn't. Me and Kish were like spending alot of time and effort into personalising our blogs, ehehe, Kish on the other hand, ended up sticking to the templates after all those time choosing a nice customized blog design but to his despair, it had to be a classic setting. So terpaksalah, use the templates set by blogspot. NOW Kish, Ben and I are using the black design template!!! Woohoo!

The BLACK TRIO as i call it. Sweeeeeeeeet!

I'm really excited to finnaly put up a blogpost after being bugged by benny gal all this while. Ehehe, good thing too. I felt that my blog has been deprived of NEW, worth-reading blogs. I don't feel like looking at my old blogs tht i brought forth from friendster, but i just brought it over to make my blogs complete. Like all of my hardwork joined into one. Besides, i still LOVE my Rain blog!!! Will Cherish it forever!! I will post up more LONG blogs like how i used to in friendster.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Alice in Wonderland

Recently, just a few days ago, I watched Alice in Wonderland (the classic cartoon) on the Disney Channel. I was really excited to finally watch it again after all these years! Though I can’t remember when was the last time I watched it, but it felt like ages ago anyway. Love it Love it Love it to the maxxxxxx!!!
Gosh, how I missed watching that cartoon. Missed the creative imagination of it all, the way lessons can be learnt through all that madness of the characters, the way she eats one piece of shit then shrinks and then eats another piece of shit then grows larger. AHAHA, *sigh* brings back good old memories.

My favourite part would be the part whereby Tweedledee and Tweedledum tells
Alice about the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter. Ehehe, no idea why, but I JUST LOVE THAT PART! I guess the oysters were really cute, their lil feet were cute, the hut that was made in an instant by the Carpenter was really cute, and not to mention the tears coming out from the walrus that ate all those little oysters were cute too! Basically, it’s a very cute story….ehehe.
I also loved the part where the caterpillar was singing “A, E, I ,O ,U”. Ehehehe, pretty funny that one. Then soon memories of myself when I was younger wanting to smoke came upon me just because the way the caterpillar smoked was really F-U-N! Gosh, what a bad influence on us lil kids.

OOOOOO, almost forgetting the Mad-Hatter. LOVE that part too! “Clean cup , clean cup, clean cuuuuuuupppp!”. They’re just so MAD I could just eat them up. Annoying little buggers.

Anyways, here’s the script of the Walrus and the Carpenter….
*sings* “of cabbagesss, and kinggsssss!” *sings*


The Walrus and The Carpenter
Lewis Carroll (from Through the Looking-Glass and What AliceFound There, 1872)

The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright- And this was odd, because it was The middle of the night.
The moon was shining sulkily, Because she thought the sun Had got no business to be there After the day was done--"It's very rude of him," she said,"To come and spoil the fun!"
The sea was wet as wet could be, The sands were dry as dry. You could not see a cloud, because No cloud was in the sky: No birds were flying overhead-- There were no birds to fly.
The Walrus and the Carpenter Were walking close at hand; They wept like anything to see Such quantities of sand:"If this were only cleared away," They said, "it would be grand!"
"If seven maids with seven mops Swept it for half a year. Do you suppose," the Walrus said, "That they could get it clear?""I doubt it," said the Carpenter, And shed a bitter tear.
"O Oysters, come and walk with us!" The Walrus did beseech."A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk, Along the briny beach: We cannot do with more than four, To give a hand to each."
The eldest Oyster looked at him, But never a word he said: The eldest Oyster winked his eye, And shook his heavy head-- Meaning to say he did not choose To leave the oyster-bed.
But four young Oysters hurried up, All eager for the treat: Their coats were brushed, their faces washed, Their shoes were clean and neat-- And this was odd, because, you know, They hadn't any feet.
Four other Oysters followed them, And yet another four; And thick and fast they came at last, And more, and more, and more-- All hopping through the frothy waves, And scrambling to the shore.
The Walrus and the Carpenter Walked on a mile or so, And then they rested on a rock Conveniently low: And all the little Oysters stood And waited in a row.
"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things: Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax-- Of cabbages--and kings-- And why the sea is boiling hot-- And whether pigs have wings."
"But wait a bit," the Oysters cried, "Before we have our chat; For some of us are out of breath, And all of us are fat!""No hurry!" said the Carpenter. They thanked him much for that.
"A loaf of bread," the Walrus said,"Is what we chiefly need: Pepper and vinegar besides Are very good indeed-- Now if you're ready, Oysters dear, We can begin to feed."
"But not on us!" the Oysters cried, Turning a little blue."After such kindness, that would be A dismal thing to do!""The night is fine," the Walrus said. "Do you admire the view?
"It was so kind of you to come! And you are very nice!" The Carpenter said nothing but"Cut us another slice: I wish you were not quite so deaf-- I've had to ask you twice!"
"It seems a shame," the Walrus said,"To play them such a trick, After we've brought them out so far, And made them trot so quick!" The Carpenter said nothing but"The butter's spread too thick!"
"I weep for you," the Walrus said:"I deeply sympathize." With sobs and tears he sorted out Those of the largest size, Holding his pocket-handkerchief Before his streaming eyes.
"O Oysters," said the Carpenter, "You've had a pleasant run! Shall we be trotting home again?' But answer came there none-- And this was scarcely odd, because They'd eaten every one.


Be sure to watch
Alicein Wonderland when you get the chance!
You’ll not regret it!

Friday, May 11, 2007

A bloody damn GOOD time!

Hey again!
I had a pretty DAMN GOOD day last Friday and Saturday.
I think this will be one PRETTY DAMN LONG BLOG! Last Friday if you didn’t know was the Intercollege dance competition which was held at the Taylor’s Subang. We had class on Friday which was from 8 to 10am, then after that my friends and I chilled out at the Chinese shop downstairs. Soon Audrey and I left for the Asia CafĂ© to meet up with Benita, Mike, Joyce, Kae Yi, and Henry for a game of pool. I was really excited to hangout with them all again! Ahahah, and also pool is really fun! I think I’m improving (hope so). Anyways, Audrey blended in well with my friends, especially Joyce since both of them LOVE watching ANIME. Hahaha, I’m no anime fan actually, dunno why I’ve lost the interest in it. I guess the work load from college prevented me from watching too much TV. So after the CUN time playing pool with them (minus Henry, he left early), everyone went back home by 2:45pm except Audrey and Joyce. So we chilled out at the AC for a late lunch. Soon after, Joyce had to go as it looked like it was going to rain, as she had to walk to Sait Yie’s house.

OK, so then there were Audrey and I along chatting at our lovely table at the Open space there right beside the FTZ. I felt tempted to go play something. But then we decided to call Jennifer (a former classmate of ours that had to drop the communication course and go to A-levels due to her parent’s disapproval of her to go into the communication field, we’re all sad to know that she had to leave, as she was one damn perky girl!). So luckily she had time to spare to chill with us at the AC! *yay* I finally saw her again after like a year later! Ehehe, she looked really good! So after a few mins talking to her and taking a few pics, she had to leave for her dance practice as their performance was the 1st UP! Gotta practice more to get it right! there we were again, alone, ahahaha, so I decided to call Jay up to chill with us poor lil sad case bored out of our ASSes gurls cause we remembered that he would want to meet up with us if we were at the AC on Friday eve. *grins* .So he said he would meet up with us at 4:30pm, hehe, and guess what time he came…4:31pm! The nerve of HIM to come 1 minute LATE! THE NERVE I TELL YOU! Bwhahahahaha, nolah, he was pretty darn punctual, something I really admire about him. Gawd, when he and Audrey talked about computer games, I was like silent, coz I really can’t relate! I was so blur. The only game that I really love is RACING! Gotta love it! I’m no strategy person. Hehe. Soon at 5:15pm, my dad called to come fetch Audrey and I back to my place so we could get ready for the night. So I asked Jay playfully to come over at my place too. And he gave me one look of surprise! Ahaha, then said, “Did you just asked me out to go over to your place? What ever happened to protocol?!!”. HAHAHA, geez, boys….what to dolah, weird species. SCREW the steps that’s what I’d say!

Audrey and I had a blast playing with Russell in my room. HHAHAHAA, lots of laughs here and there. CUTE RUSSELLL!!! Kept playing on and on and on. K, so we left my crib at 6:45pm to the Intercollege Dance Comp. The atmosphere there was not bad. SWEEEETTT. I got the last goodie bad, talk about lucky!

Jennifer was the vice president of their dance club!! Miss her loads! Really glad that their event was a success. Dear Alvey from Channel V was there to be the charming host for the night. Eeheheh, was so excited to see him.

The performance by this group with sooooo many people (15 people I think) was AWESOME!!!!! I tell you! Or maybe Rain’s song was chosen and his dance moves were imitated by them. Hmmmm, ahaha, lack of creativity is what I would give them for copying Rain’s HAWT moves. BUT BUT BUT, they do have different styles of dances there. Pretty cun! Good use with the glow sticks. But they won 3rd place, not bad, but with RM500, what can you do?!?! Ahaha, when Alvey asked one of the guys what are they gonna do with the money, he said “errr, supper??” ehehehe, good answer.

Our college’s performance was awesome! It was a joy to watch them dance! I got goose bumps watching them. SERIOUSLY! But honestly I felt it abit messy, but I could feel their passion for dance through their facial expression, which made it really nice to watch. Glad I was there to support them all.

Hehhe, when the results were announced, I was pretty darn satisfied with the winners really. The grand prize winners especially! *grins* hotties I tell you! Breakdancers and B-boyz they were.

OK, here comes the cun part! Open floor for ALL to strut their stuff and do their thing! Hehehe, got abit of conflict between 2 of my frens that but I won’t divulge into that to yall. So Benita, Audrey and I danced like nuts. Then Audrey had to go, so Ben and I went to the AC to yam cha b4 we head on home. The day was really worth every bit of my time and money, enjoyed it to the maximum! I’ve come to realize that college life is one of the best times to chill, hang and to go for lots and lots of events. I wouldn’t want to regret when I’m older missing out on these cool stuff by being a good girl, saving money and staying at home “studying”.
I’m gonna enjoy my college life to the MAX, NO REGRETS!


ALrights! Now for my lovely cun and aching Saturday! It was the BOMB! It was a GOOD CHARLOTE day for me. Ehehe, no pun intended. Erm, tho I’m not really a fan of Good Charlote, Karen scored 4 tix to their night concert. Audrey on the other hand, got 2 VIP tix. So Audrey and Karen went for the VIP while Karen gave Kerry and I 2 of her tix. *grins* Really nice of her!
My day started of with meeting up with them at Parade at 3pm as there was an autograph session with Good Charlote at 3:30pm. AHAHA, I was really shocked to know that they were going to have an autograph session there of all places! I found this out through an email I got from If they didn’t send me that email, my friends and I would be like so missing out on the action! So were there at parade, I came the latest, ehehe, can’t help it. 3 of my mates were already in line. The crowd was big, not huge but big.

Being TRUE celebrities they were, they came at like 4:40pm? Somewhere around there-lah. Well all I know is that they definitely were LATE, as expected. Anyways, there were many false alarms, ahahaha, really funny tho! When the people screamed, I looked around to find that there were a few Malay boys in the lift going up to the top floor and waving down at the people. Ahaha, what a bunch of suckers man these fans. Basically they got excited when someone was in the lift! Geez. Anywho, Kerry and I took lots of pics at the top 1st floor for the fun of it while Karen and Audrey waited for their turn to meet ang greet with them. Unfortunately, Karen couldn’t get her chance as only their latest CD album was allowed to be autographed by them, but I was this one girl who asked them to sign her guitar…ISH, UNFAIR! Audrey got her wish though *grins*..good for her! Benita came later on…as you can see a pic of me and her…

Ahahaha, there was this fun part where Paul was looking up at our direction, Ben and I got excited we grinned and waved enthusiastically! He smiled back and waved at us and continued signing. HAHAHA, Paul and Dean were really funny and playing around there while the other 3 guys were pretty much serious with signing and greeting the fans. Soon we had to leave to go to Bukit Jalil, so we said our goodbyes to Benny, wished she could come with us though. We took the KTM and Starline there. It was fun on the way, people getting lost, same goes for US! OK, skip the boring part!

Karen and Audrey separated from us as they were in the VIP section so there was left Kerry and her friends and ME! K, while we were in the concert, there were a lot of HOTTIES I tell you! Like soooooo hawt…ehehe, I even secretly took a picture of this tall rocker looking westerner beside us. *sigh*, what to do when you have a camera, might as well use it to its full use. The MTV VJs were there, Colby, Utt, Denise, and Fazura. Colby was really funny! The concert started at 8:40pm, One Buck Short started off first, honestly, to me their music wasn’t my cup of tea, so it was a pretty boring start for me. Then soon, Estranged performed, WOW, they were really good! Then soon Jason Lo performed! I really enjoyed both Estranged and JLO’s music especially "Old Newspaper". Those 3 local performers performed like 4 song each like that.

Ahahahaa, Gosh, my feet ached like HELL from standing for SO LONG! ISHH, my poor feet. Good Charlote only got on at like 10pm. FINALLY! And about time too! By the time they got on, most of my energy left me already from screaming and jumping for the 1st 3 group of performers. So I was abit tired. Honestly, I was waiting for the concert to end. Everytime, I would think that the song that they’re singing would be the last. But I stand corrected countless times. *sigh*…but they’re performance was really good! Not great but GOOD! The lighting effect was pretty awesome, props to the people who invested a lot of hardwork into making this event a huge success! Keep it UP! It was a FUN and entertaining night.
HEre we are waiting for AUdrey's mom to come pick us up. REally nice of EM!

*sigh* I’m pretty tired of writing this blog. Need to get my ass of the chair and get a life! ~ZZZZZ~ ....
BTW, for more pics and videos, pls visit my multiply account

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Well, it's been a long time since i've updated my blog...bwahahaha, lazy arse me...>_<....This will be a short blog just to update you on hows russell doing....He's doing very well!...THANKS ALL for your concerns and prayers! Special thanks to Khen for being a major sweetheart by being a vegetarain for a month..bwhahaha, still don't think you should be doing tht...btw, if you're reading this, tell me when's the BIG day!!....okay back to russell, he's still abit cock eyed but nontheless it wayy better than his condition me!!... my dad told me tht the vet said that his vision is alright...but somehow i feel it isn't, coz there is not much reaction when i put my hand fast towards his right eye hoping thth there would be a fast reaction by closing his eyelids...but tht didn't happen...maybe, it's really blurry?...slow??..not sure...owh well nothing muchi can do really...he still has to wear his dog cone thing for a few more days,haahaha dunno what the hell to call it....other than tht, he's happy, eats well, plays hard...ahaha, he definitely loves his mini football which i got from the cruisers which appeared at our Mass Colympics event...and might i say it went really really well!..
Ahaha, saw alot of bruises on peeps and lecturers from their paintball match!..ahaha, one of our lecturer was like soo bergaya by not wearing his he was sleaveless and ready to die...bwhahahaha, nolah, the lecturers was really awesome! they won 3 matches out of, props to all of them, they can really KICK ASS!...just a lil msg to yall to NOT mess with your lecturers!
Well, tht the latest update tht i can think of....and btw, this will be my last blog on friendster...will be registering for blogspot later on...bwahahhaa, blogspot if a much nicer place to blog....and i've also got a multiply account which is yet to be pimped by yours truly..*grins*....go check it out, still in progress tho...
till then...will put up my blogspot webby soon!..~toodles~ and thx so much for reading!


Hey yall!!owh gosh, it's been ages since i've blogged on friendster...ehehe, i'm not an avid blogger like some of my friends...hmmm, i wish i were tho =P...anyways, yesterday (saturday) our college had this event done by the communication students at The Loft...and it sounded pretty cool and all, but somehow i didn't feel like going, i guess coz of assignments that have been bugging my mind lately and also coz we have to pay RM25 (but it goes to charity, no should be okay, hehe). I felt really guilty of not going coz ya knowlaaa, best to support them and all. But my guilt was added even more when Alvin called me in the afternoon asking me whether i was going or not, but when i told him tht i wasn't, he passed the phone to Shafiq, and danggggg, guilt set in really deep when he kept telling me to go and all and told me to give him one good reason why i didn't want to go....ayooo, summore i was at the vet that time (you will see why in just a few minutes later, so keep on reading..tee-hee)....guys, as much as i love you all, i will have to stand by my decisionlaaaa....Owh darn, i just found out that William Quah was at Maison's tht same time of The Loft event hosting this animation convention there ...geez, i only i had to Maisons there...aahaha,tho i heard he's gay...bwhahaha, don't matter tho, he's still hot and suave.
So lets start of my saturday shall we?...okay here goes, when i habis siap everything tht i needed to do before i got downstairs, i would always greet my doggies and pet them....OMG!! i tell youu!!! when i greeted russell, i got really freaked out as his right eye was much bigger than the other!! and damn red too!!! The right eye was not straight and was basically he looked like a cock eyed dog...I was like, wht the HELL did he do?!?! so then when we took him to the Subang Animal Medical Center at ss18 in the afternoon at say about 3 o'clock. When the lady there checked him out, we were told that his right eye is a lil bit out from its orbit....tht was why it looked like it could pop out any minute....urrgghhh, eeewww, ewww....neways, she then told us to go to seek an eye specialist can can help Russell with his condition. We were transfered to their other branch in we went there straight, can't afford to delay his condition....his, eye got even redder mostly at the top looked really scary i tell you tht....will post up some pics soon just to give you an idea of how it looks like....*you are warned, the image tht you're about to see in the days to come is very graphic*....hehehe, anyways, it's not really a laughing matter now....=(...
When we saw the doctor in KL, he told us that he has internal bleeding in his retina, and that was why is was soo bloody red...he also said that there is a muscle tear behind his eyes and tht was what caused his eye to jutt out slightly and not hold in place securely...he really scared us with the fact that if he shook too vigorously or whatever, there is a possibility that his eyeball might POP OUT!...gotta take good care of my baby then we were informed that he would need to undergo surgery this coming Tuesday to sew his eyelids together to keep his eyeball in place for 10 in the meantime, we're giving him eye drops to try and stop his internal bleeding 1st as tht would be our 1st priority. There is a possibility that he might lose his vision in his right eye....Honestly, right now, the doc said tht his right eye is not functioning properly as when he shined the light into his eye, the iris didn't respond to the light, so thts not a very good sign...=(....i really hope an pray tht he doesn't lose his vision at all, he's soooo young, gonna be 3 years old this December 16th.... so basically he's 2 years old nowlah...*sigh*...i pray that all goes well, as even with the eye drops that we're giving doesn't seem to be stopping the bleeding, it seems as if his eye looked even bloody redder!!...i wonder if he's in pain or sumthing right now....we suspect tht he might've played too hard with my other 2 dogs and knocked his eye onto sumthing hard which caused him to be like this....
For now, all i can do is to pray for his internal eye bleeding to fully stop and for his surgery to be a success....i don't want my baby to see with just one eye.....your prayers are most encouraged for my baby...=)....
Danggg! the surgery costs a bomb (P&C) !

Rain's I'm Coming Concert!

*grins* Yesterday's Rain concert was abosolutely FANTASTIC! It was money well spent! The visual graphics, stage layout, sound effects, lighting and all was really superb...100% international standard, I can tell you that...To start of my journey, i left the house at 5:25pm with Benny. When i reached at the stadium about 5:50 like that...the crowd was huge! lots of booths were put up, meaning lots of stuff and freebies!..gosh, the souvenirs were soo tempting yet so expensive!!! whylarrrr...i only brought RM60 and the good stuff that i wanted with was a cap (RM100) and a dog tag necklace (exact replica of Rain's necklace, RM120)...*sobz* Anywhoooo, i got lots of stuff to make noise with, RAin postcards, posters, Rain handfan(i think thats what its called), clear shampoo samples, free magazine, and more fliers!...eehehe, gosh, i tell you, the security guards are the best! They just flash a light into your bag and ask whther do you have any camera...ahaha, my goodness, obviously i said "NO" with an innocent look on my face whilst carrying my binoculars...ehehe, then voila, I was in! I can just give those guards a big bear hug...bwahahah, great guys, hope god will bless
Okay, lets cut the crap, so when me and ben entered at 7pm, we were very surprised by how close the stage was! we both thought the stage would be very far from us since we were at the RM132 seating area....gosh, how wrong we was clear, the stage was big, and we were in the center!! ehehe, i just wanna thank the MJJH (My Jeong JiHun) crew for organizing this whole pre-order tix for the public...eventho my dad was abit skeptical about the fact that i had not met them b4, then had to order it through on9 and haveto transfer money to their account...but i still went ahead with it...if it wasn't for them, i don't think our seats would be good, might be at the side or sumthin....okay, enuff thanking, back to the waiting part, all the while we took pics, recorded the atmostphere(i did it), and chatted sumore...then from out of the blue there was a screen from the back of the black curtain was on!! Everybody was screaming! but then ehehe, i think it's just a teaser or sumthin, to get da crowd pumped up or maybe they were just testing it soon stopped a few mins me and ben continued our conversation till the black curtains came DOWN!!!...and this was no false alarm i can tell you that!...Lights were flashing, the sound system and the visual effects soon took place...brilliant i must say! Approximately about 8:40pm the performance started!! It started off with visuals of water, water and more water (the visual quality was SO clear)...then showed a submarine cruising in the ocean...soon the big screen soon was lifted up to show a huge submarine was green, quite nice looking...ehehe, then there was an explosion and the submarine blew up into two to reveal RAIN in the center!!! screams immediately filled the stadium...even mine =)....The first song was "It's Raining", accompanied by amazing fireworks that came from the side of the stage...nice touch to every move he word to describe it all...BRILLIANT! ahhhh, sooo nice...there was a time when he talked to the audience and called us all as "his babies"...omg, it was sooo cute! i could melt there and then...i managed to record a video clip of him saying "Don't worry baby" in a deep sexy voice....ahaha,soon you can hear my voice say "what the hellll" to Ben beside me...ehehe...darn funny...There was one performance called "Nan" (Difficulty), whereby artificial rain would fall from the top down onto him...he would always wear white for that song, coz ya knowlah, can see his toned torso....and always he would take off his clothes..ALWAYS! but unfortunately, msia didn't allow these kind of i was really dissappointed that he didn't take it off, awww man...GROW UP MALAYSIA! It's not like we're all going to be aroused sexually and would want to become rapist/sex maniac and attack the person beside us or whatever...pretty idioticlaaa, i mean he's done that in every concert, but he couldn't do it's tradition! Msia shouldn't break tradition...breaking it is bad and can carry many negative consequences...*sigh* owh well, it was a great performance regardless whether or not he took his shirt off...ehehe...
There was a couple of times where he threw towels with his sweat and one bouquet of roses to the audience near him...freaking lucky man to those who caught was a really beautifully designed white towel with the Rain's World Logo on it (it's on the cover of Rain's World album, incase you didn't know how it looks like)...Well, soon the the last performance ended with a song entitled "Ahn Nyong Ee Lan Mal Dae Shin" (Instaad of saying goodbye)..the concert ended at 10:40pm..ngam ngam 2 hours as promised!...Couldn't stop thinking about him after the concert...*sigh*...i really miss him now...he'll be leaving Msia at 12:05 am on the 29th Jan...darn, i feel like going to KLIA tonight to send him off...but i dun want to trouble my considerate of me...cheh cheh...*grinz*...
Well, i wish him all the BEST in his career...and a save flight back to Korea tonight too...Come back again yah when your next album comes out! wheeehheee...Lotsa love to you guys reading this long blog *hugs* *muaks*...till next time...RAIN ROCKS!!

Petition to the Prime Minister...

Well my holidays has officially begun since last friday at 5pm!...Wow, i really count it to the very 1st minute...*grins*...couldn't wait to DESTRESS man...Well, just wanted to share with yall about stuff, like i always do.
Last Sunday (19/11/06), dad, sis and I went to the Pet-and-U event for that time again where we socialise our dog Dodger and sometimes Russell...Mind you, it's a dog event held every year at the park near 1 Utama. I didn't want to bring lil Russell coz i didn't feel like it....sad case i know...sometimes he can get a lil touchy when other dogs come and sniffs his butt....heheh, he doesn't like it all tht much, wouldn't blame him tho if some total stranger comes up to you and takes a whiff of your ass...bwhahahaha! Yeah i know for dogs it's a different case, but i'm just trying to put things into perspective here, so don't mind me. *grins*
As I was there, I saw alot of dogs as usual. All varying in shapes, sizes, and colour, all oh-so-adorably cute! It all has become so routine to me whenever i'm at a event such as this, my dad and I would always come to this dog gathering, look at the dogs, talk with some of the owners about their dogs, fill in a form for some freebies, drink some free coffee provided by dunno-what-brand, watch those athletic or non-athletic dogs go swimming in the nearby pond and fetch empty bottles or tennis balls, and then watch some ongoing competitions. I saw soooo many shih tzu puppies!!...
All looked beautifully groomed, while i sadly thought of russell's (shih tzu as well,fyi) furcoat....i hadn't been able to really groom his fur during my study days...but since i'm free now, i've spent most of my time grooming the lil fellar and enjoy seeing him trying to avoid me whenever he sees me holding the scissor and approaching him. Ehehe, the cheeky lil guy. Btw, he has finally understood the meaning of "left"!....I was soo excited as he lifted his lil paw for me to shake. My dad and i taught him to lift up his left paw to us for us to hold...awww, so proud of my baby....Eventhough, it took us quite a while for him to master the command, but it was well worth it!
Okies, back to the event. As i walked around somemore just looking at the booths provided, i came across the SPCA and PAWS. There were many things they were selling, but the ones tht i was interested in was their T-shirts, but i'd thought i'd get it another day. I saw a cute lil brown dog in a cage at the SPCA booth up for adoption. I felt like adopting some dogs from them or sumthin. My whole family loves dogs, i could tell coz my parents took in many strays into our home when i was in primary and secondary school. Chloe being the last dog my dad took in from the playground. The really sad case was that she was tied up to a tree and was left there abandoned for 3 days. And for 3 days my dad saw her there alone, deprived from food and water. So he took her in, which i'm so glad he did! So proud to have a dad like him *grins*. Ok, back to the SPCA and PAWS, i'm suddenly reminded of the SPCA Pettition to the Prime Minister. So for those of you reading this blog and have not signed up for the Petition yet and would like to help out, pls do by going to this webby
To those of you who really know me, you knowlah, i would've bugged you guys to sign up and make this petition a success. Ehehe, sorry yah, but it's for your own good, ehehe. The really sad case now which i've just found out is that they are still 33,000 signatures short of their 100,000 goal with just 1.5 months to go! The petition will end on the 31st of DECEMBER 2006. So pls don't hesitate to sign up so that Malaysian animals will be better protected from cruelty and neglect!!! I truly believe, tht with your help of spreading the word about this petition and encouraging them to sign up, together we can make a difference! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this to be a GREAT SUCCESS!
Thanks yall for your time! Here are some insightful quote's for you to ponder over.
Life is life -- whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage...Sir Aurobondi (poet and philosopher)
Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself. - James Anthony Froude

Friday the 13th...

*Grins* Well yesterday was my birthday, the very OPPOSITE of Friday the 13th as most ppl would perceive it as a day of bad luck or something like that, nonsense basically. But yesterday I had a BLAST (it better be, if not i'll be a sad case lil girl, wait a minute, i've just turned 18! NOT LiL anymore!!!) ! I can definitly do SOME things legally now...ehehe
Well the day (12mn) started off with my big sis wishing me. That was the start of everything both fun and stress. Why stress? you'll see later on, so keep reading...ehehe... then soon the smses started coming in, i didn't want to sleep till i replyed each and everyone of them thanking them and all that. I just wouldn't sleep well till i've done what i did. Soon there after...*snore* zZzZzZ
*Ring* *Ring* there goes my alarm in the morning to go to school! To school i say to school! Pls note that my friday's are in fact holidays, meaning no classes, but the reason being was that there was two replacement classes for Basic Comp Studies, all becoz my lecturer was sick the last last week. Owh well, off to school i went.
Friends started to wish me, i became really happy, glad, cheerful *grins*....then *creep* *creep* went the thing called STRESS. That was when the stress all started getting to me due to the 2 assignments due on tht day, one group and one individual. Me and my friends went to the library rushing to complete our grp assignment. So we've missed the first 1 hr of lecture...ahaha, then i told them i wanted to go to class , they were like "what?! you still want to go to class??"...ehehe, gosh that was funny....anywayz, i wanted to keep a good clean record...i want my absent record to be Zip, zero, nothing, empty, cleannn...*sigh* i cant help it...=P
Ahh, with all my assignments passed up and dumped at the lecturer's feet....It's CHILLIN TIME! Me, Karen, Kerry, Audrey, Jacqkie, and dear Denise went to pyramid to celebrate my birthday. We went to watch John Tucker Must Die. That movie was just sooo gosh darn funny! I would seriously recommend this to ppl to destress yourself and laugh yourself silly....i know i did...=) The funny thing before i watched the movie, just when we were about to hand the tickets to the guy who jaga the entrance, i asked Denise, is this rated U or 18 wtever?...ahaha, then i was like wait a minute, i'm already 18 so it DOESN'T MATTER! *Laughs* I guess realizing that i'm already 18 takes time to settle...We then started to chill at Coffee Bean, oh man oh man, that was really fun to the max...i laughed to the max till i couldn't breathe and i almost thought i had chest pains from laughing like i did...*grins madly* All of the stories we shared we so funny, i think if we compiled all those funny crap together, we can create the most Best Selling Book in the WORLD!...muahahaa...we can then dominate the world into laughing non stop...ehehe, too much since we had some time to kill, we went to window shop for some dresses to wear for the prom that was coming up really soon on the 27th of Oct...wished it was after finals though...*sigh*...Can't wait either way!'s gonna be held at the Park Royal Hotel, wherever that it...We then made audrey tried on some dresses, dang, she looked so bootylicious in that cute black dress...ehehe, hope you're reading this audrey dear...
Then we started to get tired, well i know i did, dunno abt the was a long day so we headed back the time i went back it was 6 sumthin, dad asked if i wanted any cake....i said no...weird right?...i dunno, i just didn't feel it nessesary to get one...So we went out to makan dinner, the chinese restaurant we went was surprisingly crowded! either way we still went in then found out that they were celebrating someones bday as well...ahaha, coincidence yes? So after dinner, dad took the long way back home, just to take us for a cruise...ahaha, i was so tired i slept in the car..zZzZzz
As we reached back and i was in my room, then *knock* *knock* went my door. i opened and my sis was there, she said this "Ya know what, i thought it was really dumb of you to refused to get a cake but anyways, here...."....she handed me an original RAIN's Eternal Rain CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!I squealed with delight and hugged S-W-E-E-T of her...*sigh*...i'm in fact listening to it now, so nice....klah i think i wrote too much. Just to summon things up, it was awesome!
Thanks ALL (ppl who sent me smses, testi's, college mates, friends, family, dogs ehehe) for making yesterday an enjoyable experience i'll never forget.


Whee! I had the most fantastic time last Friday with ma old schools mates, best mates, college mates, ex-mates, current mates, ahahaha and the list goes on... Well firstly i met up with Joyce at the TCSJ library (don't give me that look audrey and jacqkie)...sooo goood to see her agn! its been ages since we last met so i was ginning excitedly the whole way. We then head on to Asia Cafe where i bumped into Prassan and Ju Lyirn...whahaha, Joyce then said sumthin really funny about Ju. It was like germaine tersilap see Ju as an actor or sumthing from far...*giggles* i was breaking out in tears man when i heard that, sumthin about Ju's hair was flicked by the wind like one of those hair shampoo ads....*sigh* ok,i think i'm getting a laughing headache...hehe...then after that i hung out with joyce in her classroom 15 mins b4 her class started at 12pm....whilst talking, more and more of me mates came in!...namely sher lynn, sait yie, kae yi, su yi... gosh, missed seeing them so...sait yie changed her hairstyle! so different i must say...soon the lecturer came in and when i stood up to go out from their class, then kea yi said (i think) "teacher, we got a new student in class!" and most of da peeps was asking me to stay...*i'd love to stay guys but i didn't want to distract yall* then i hungout in the library till audrey called saying tht she was in parade then i walked to parade (the weather was really nice and windy, quite suitable to saunter but i had to walk fast, ya knowlah, it's not safe anywhere nowadays)...So then we like chill and stuff, then walked back to asia cafe for a chat at 6pm while waiting for Jacqkie to come by at 6:30pm...Owh ya, on the way to asia cafe right, Andrew (my ICPU friend) recognized me and we had a short chat. Shockingly he still remembered me after all these was great seeing him agn..aaha, he still maintained his charming characteristics, Audrey also terpikat, bwhaha!Then after makan dinner, when all 3 of us girls were about to leave for the Mousetrap play in TCSJ, it rained HARD!!! how lucky eh? we ran like mad and got really wet!...we were like a bunch of wet lil pups in the was sooo all damp and droopy...*sigh*...when we reached the lecture theater 1...WHoa,it was really beautiful i must say...i give props to Taylors for making good use of the money...i tot it will look like some dingy classroom or sumthin, eheeh...then we had fun taking pics and scouting for cuties with encouragement from Jackqkie dear. The play was sooo GOOD! and NO we weren't put up by anyone to watch the play Andrew!...Jonathan was the best actor there man! he really did an excellent job! so many lines he had to say but he still managed to act out fluently....when the play ended, i met dear Elizabeth, if it weren't for her calling out ma name, i wouldn't have noticed!...great seeing her as well!...sweet girl...ahhh, the day was AWESOME! i wanna experience it agn...only in memorylah...toodles yall!

Buzy buzy BEE

Buzy buzy BEE
Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Night! Ahhh, today was the last day for my mid-term exam! whee,it's really nice to experience a TEMPORARY feeling of FREEDOM! BEHOLD-blakh...fergot what i wanted to say ady...neverm. GOsh, something freaky has happened to my hp! i can't seem to sms ppl now. Everytime it will fail when i'm trying to send an sms! Is there such thing as a hp VIRUS??? Coz if there is, then mine has got it. *sniff* poor baby...p/s i've still got lots of credit and the expiry date is on the 18th of Sept, so don't think i didn't check whey and so fast think my phone got VIRUS without checking the essentials. Ahaha,just though i'd point that out, so you don't get any ideas on me. =P
Ahh, missing all of my high school friends and Tumble Tot friends as well. Since my one week hols is next week, i'm gonna VISIT Joyce they all next week Friday! wooohooo! can't wait...even if it's only for 1 hour, it'll still be fun!So on that Friday i like plan to spend the whole day out! so here's my master plan:
11am: Reunite with the gang!
12pm: Depart with the gang..Come onlah guys, skip those classes of your and spend time with ME!
12pm-7pm: Lepak somewhere with Audrey(hopefully)...if not i just chill with myself at Parade and get my last months pay! ehehehe)
7pm onwards: Meet up with Audrey, Jacqkie, Calyn and other college mates to watch a play called Mouse Trap at the Taylor's Subang.
So tht my so-called "master" plan...ahahah,short and simple...Ahh, gonna get a lil hole in ma pocket as well, need to shop for prezzies during next week...sooo many ppls bday coming soon man...Gosh, who created the idea of giving prezzies on ppls bday anyway?? I for one would like to know, and imagine giving him/her a black eye...*giggles* just kidding...not that i don't enjoy receiving giftslaaa...I DO!...
Gonna be buzy buzy next week...

Starlight Cinema!

Starlight Cinema!
Hey ya'll! Yesterday (sat) was one of those awesome days which i'd like to share. Ok, if you didn't know, yesterday they were showing Too Fast Too Furious and Tokyko Drift at the Starlight Cinema which was held in Sentul Park (at first sight, i thought Bukit Kiara was nicer,but then again, Sentul Park is alright and cozy, bit small though). I went there with my dad,sis and good old Manggalaa! Man it was the BOMB dude! We departed from my house at 7pm then picked up manggi (manggalaa) on the way. By the time we reached there, it was probably about 7:40. The music was pumping yo! They were playing disco music, felt like dancing already. *blush*Whoa, the scene was darn packed as compared to the day when they were showing the movie RV. RV was so-solah,nuthin much,but the part where robbin williams was given tips by nice "smart" people to help dispose of the waste from the RV, was really hillarious! Trust me, you'll laugh all of your troubles away...Ok,back to yesterday. Thanks to dad, we managed to find a really nice spot which was located just infront of the VIP area when the other side was packed with loads of people. We then lay down our sleeping bag for all four of us to sit on. I brought ma pillow! Ahhh,so soft and comfy *hug and snuggles*....So since the movie started at 8pm,me and manggi decided to do some walking around doing what we do best...guy stalking! bwahahaa. Lucky us, we saw this really tall caucasian guy who looked similar to a model called Mario who was one of the Andrews Models. To me he looked alright, but manggi was all excited about him. Basically, we were so bored, we just looked at him trying our best not to make is so obvious (manggi was a pro at this, me,nah,i really sucked, i somehow made it really obvious,hehe).
*yay* Finally, let the Movie Marathon BEGIN! 2 fast 2 furious was soooooo awesome!! The guy who played Brian was just too hotlaaa, loved the part where the was staring at Eva Mendez whilst driving really fast all the way was just too sweet to pass! Lucky her. *sigh* As predicted, my butt and legs were gettting darn uncomfortable,next time must buy a huge mat, so i can just chill and lay down. Gosh, lucky for those VIP peeps, they got to lay down on inflatable beds, so NICE!When the movie was over, we were given a 20 min break before the next movie. Haih, here we go again, guy watching. We bumped into tht model look alike fellar again, whylaaaaaa??? i swear man, it's like so fated! Thank goodness, manggi's obsession with him is slowly dieing down. So we sauntered everywhere our feet bring us to. The evening breeze was sa-weeet!
*yay* Let Tokyo Drift BEGIN! This is like so exciting, the moment i've been waiting for! OWh fergot to mention that they played the soundtrack for the tokyo dirft countless times, in which i LOVED! *i wander if you know, how to live in tokyo, if you seen it then you mean it, then you know you have to go, faster poyooooo!* AHAHAHA,that's what i heard lah, pretty infectious doncha think?* Was pretty disappointed to know tht the guy who played Brian in the last two movies was not there.*frowns* The main character here in tokyo drift is not bad really, nice bod, just puh-leaaasseee ditch the country, cowboy accent. It's really bugging me. Lil bow wow isn't a bad actor really, funny guy!Somehow i prefer the 2 fast 2 furious, but i loved the atmosphere in this one. Dark, cool, sleek and all that. I WANNA GO TO TOKYO!
Alright, i don't want to talk too much on this. So by the time the movie was over, it was 12:15am like that. But at 12am, i typed out an sms to my friend Shukhrat (an Uzbekistan co-worker of mine) wishing him a Happy Birthday! hehe,i'm kinda obsessed with sending bday smses to friends at 12 am, just so i can be the first to wish them! He was shocked that i remembered, thanked me and said i was the first. *smiles* Mission accomplished! So then we went to go and makan in KL. *mmm,i'm kinda thirsty now*. I was soo sleepy, summore the ride back home was smoooth. Thx goodness dad didn't try to be a racer tht time, everytime when he did, i would be like "I love my liiffeeee....!" By the time we reach home, it was 1:35 in the morning. Today in fact! oklah,i'm been spending to long on this blog. I gotta go and take a bath. Take Care Ya'll!