Monday, May 4, 2009

Australia - Day 1

My great australian holiday diary

Each night for 10 days, I would reflect on the day and write down the stuff I/we did during the day and the funny/interesting things that happened. So here's where i whip the diary out (my sis's diary btw, i don't have my own, hehe) and recall back the memories during my trip and write it out in here. It's much shorter in point form in there, so i've elaborated it more in here.

So behold...

Day 1
7 March 2009, Saturday
Weather report: Sunny and hot during the day, cooling during the night

- Reached Gold Coast airport at 7.30am (Way beyond excited at this point)
- Got a cab to Santana, Surfers Paradise. Reached at 10 am. Costed $AUS 47.50. The family who owns the resort is so funny, friendly bunch of people really. The dad takes care of the counter, their daughter and son hangs around, mum is away in Sydney for a couple of weeks (their dad kid around by saying she left him for someone else*sobz*). haha. He can even crack jokes about getting his 16 year old son hooked up with me. Wtf. Australians are naturally funny i think. Or it's just him.

- Bought tickets to Movie World and Sea World from him at $AUS 115 (slightly cheaper if you buy two at a time, maybe like $AUD 20 cheaper like that)

No lock on the doorknob. Weird.

The not-so-pretty-but-can-do-laa view

- After chillin about in our crib and unpacking our stuff, we walked to this nearby beach (name unknown) which is SO beautiful and not that many people too. White soft sand and the heat from the sun made it damn hot to walk on barefoot. But canlaa.

The view of the unknown beach as 3 pics combine.

- Then walked to Broadbeach. Lots of eateries, clothing shops, a small mall, a park and a beach. Once dad went into Woolworths (equivalent to Cold Storage), he fell in love with that place. It's like a boy who has found his playground, damn hard for him not to go in there. He bought alot of groceries to cook instead of eating out. Mainly items to cook spagehetti.

There's alot of these Ibis birds around

- Anyway, by then it was already 5 something. Closing time for most places, unless you're talking about those shops by the sidewalk in town. Those will be open till 10pm.

A view of the outside of Santana Holiday Resort Apartments.

- Went home, cooked, makan, watched some tv. There's alot of nice channels in Aussie and i've found a love for watching morning talk shows and the news! For everything, there's always humour. Friggin even the news had funny comments from the news anchor and public. They're quite open what with TV-ads telling the public not to vote for this dudela and that. Amazing. We can't have that here, if not ISA will come running down the mountain, there they comeeeeee. *just had to break into song guys* =)

- The weather was so cooling, so after dinner we took a stroll out to Surfers Paradise town. Mind you, our place at Surfers Paradise is pretty strategic. We can walk to almost everywhere! Well, except for theme parks. Bought some souvenirs like coasters there. And tasted the Copenhagen ice cream. Ahh, that's some good shit right there. Sis and I got a double scoop ice cream, our flavours were midnight cookie and cookies and cream. Beautiful combo. So creamy and huge with choc and peanut toppings. Costed $AUD 6.50.

Dad syiok sendiri with the props, while sis (and also dad) is obsessed with the chilled coffee in a bottle.

- I loved walking around town. But while walking, from up above at the hotel or something, guys were yelling out chinesy/japanesy words. Kind of like mockin asians. But who cares, sis and i laughed it off coz it sounded really funny.

Pssst.. btw, you know what? After 11pm, phone sex ads start to appear on tv! *kinky grin*

*in a horny seducing voice*
"Hi, i'm Olga. Would you like to see my sauerkraut?"

O.O <--- Me

Anyway, stay tuned to read on what i did on day 2... Here's a sneak peek =)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's a Sunday night - tired yet blogging

It's a Sunday night.

I'm tired yet i feel like blogging. Might as well harnest this rare feeling and update something. The weather today has been pretty good, surprisingly. A FAR CRY from yesterday's killer heat. Fuck, waste of water, after bathing, few minutes later felt all sticky again. Quick shower again to wash that uncomfy feeling. It's hard to save water when the weather is baking my house like an oven. Friggin air-con rosak. Dad procrastinating on calling to fix stuff as usual.

Anyway, it's been a pretty hectic week for me at work. So i was so glad Labour Day was there to help me relax. Last Thursday night I had a fun time with Limz, Dan, Azu, and Siree at Quattro club. My first time there. Freezed my ass off in the Winter bar. Sweat at the Summer club. And the other two seasons, we didn't bother to go. Heck, it was super crowded that night. It was, well, coz the next day would be Labour day. So it's party time! Moreover, end of the month..ka-chinggg! Hehe, i did the throw-the-fishing-reel-and-reel-in-someone dance bit to limz and he played along. Haha, so cute. Then Azu tried to teach me to dirty dance. wtf. Weird moment for me. I'm sorry guys, i don't dirty dance with dudes unless he's my bf. I'm boring - i know. Hehe.

To sum it up - i still think M.O.S is still the best place to club (hotter DJ too *winks*)

Next day (Labour day), i stayed at home pretty much for the whole daytime. But thankfully at night, Kerry called me out to go to Mist in Bangsar. Went out with Kerry and Syafiq with a huge group of dudes. The dance floor was kinda small. But the highlight for me was when this chick in an awesome plain black dress danced on stage. Damn! She was so fine! I'd tap that ass anytime.. hahahahaha, anyway, i super love her dress, it's sexy but doesn't come off as slutty. Fuckin awesome shit right there. Ohyea, then the weird part was this chick in a green top went up to dance with her, and friggin meraba her all over! They don't know each other mind you. She was ALL OVER HER BODY. Molesting her boobs. Touched her front from top to bottom. Hmm, wonder what the lady in black was thinking about her. She'd be like "Holy fuck, this chick is one horny bitch".. or "Mommy likeeeee"...hehe, don't know. Poor thing. Molested on stage in public. Guys were oogling at them. And i'm sure girls too. Heck, i know i was! Couldnt take my eyes off em.

It was a nice week. Weekends could be better spent though. Didn't do much. I did however hit the gym with dad at True Fitness today. Free 2 week trial thing. Man, i swear i live on free gym trials. Haha. Been at it for many times now at different gyms. Hope to sign up at Celeb fitness soon. Love the classes there. But i'm feeling broke. =( Guess it's coz of the laptop and other things like hair saloon (just trimmed and dyed my hair for RM225, almost had a heart attack *sobz*), new car radio (my original RAIN CD got stuck in the player, so instead, dad got a new radio, costed RM400, sis and i divided the cost *sigh* WHY MUST REPLACE WHOLE RADIOOOOO???), etc. I'm stressed. It's going to be another fucking busy week at work. I'm not prepared. I want my holiday. I don't even have annual leaves until a year later. It's weird. Somehow this is against some labour akta law shit, right? *sigh* Whatever.

I feel damn lifeless now. I'm in love with sunflowers now. It's such a big and bright flower. I think instead of a sun tattoo, i shall replace it with a sunflower. Haha, i'm all talk right now. Do layan me ok?


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ball Painters

I took part at this year's Taylor's MassColympics. It was a fun experience playing paintball for the first time! Loved it, even those two shots I got at my legs. Haha, honestly I was hoping to get shot so i can have awesome bruises and show off =P. I'm retarded I know. Maybe ppl would think i was abused or something and they'll take pity on me and give me discounts when i buy stuff! Oh well, a girl can dream...right?

Btw, my team consists of Jenhan, Amanda, Carmen, Adeline and me. And with all of our powers combined, we're BALL PAINTERS! hehe, love our team name. Genius. We won the first two rounds *beams in pride*.. We kicked ass for the first two teams (LET'S PAINT BALLS, POWERPUFF BOYS), unfortunately, 3rd round, our opponents were in it with one mission - to kill. Carmen got shot at her ass, while i got two shots to my legs. Haha, poor carmen. Her ass cheek kena sacrificed for the flag =P

Ball-to-the-butt Carmen and I

Ball Painters

Observing other teams =)
Hhehe, on another note. While stuck at a traffic light, what do you do? Take pictures of your legs! haha

Uh-uh, what's this? a beautiful bruise...

*at home* Oh wait, two beautiful brusies!

Biggest bubu really, coz that area at the side of my knee aint filled with fats like my thighs..

Bruise lovin Swee

Little Genting

Few weeks ago Lee, Siree, Joyce and I went to have dinner at "Little Genting" this lookout point from a hill. The view from up there is gorgeous! Worth the starvation journeying our way to KL. God, felt like a super long journey, my stomach was filled to the brim with food disolving juices..o.O

Didn't know we're going there, so didn't bring a proper camera. Instead, used my phone cam =)

Miss Sweewius