Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is a little thing that I found on Facebook. It's just one of those forwarded chain messages that is just read for your amusement.

Anyway, here's my Horoscope...

LIBRA - The Lame One (WTF?!?! Straight kena bang)

Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind (Oklaa, sort of a good save after that huge ass blow of being called "The Lame One"). Silly, fun and sweet (Aww, so true so true *grins*). Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet (Got that right baybeh! HELL YEAH!) ! However, not the kind of person you want to mess with...(yeah, quite true, it depends on the seriousness of the situation) you might end up crying...(ppffttt, not till THAT extent my friend). Libras can cause as much havoc as they can prevent (yepz, we're very balanced people. Body, mind, and soul =p). Faithful friends to the end (bingo!). Can hold a grudge for years (not too sure about it, could be). Libras are someone you want on your side (take me with you!!!). Usually great at sports and are extreme sports fanatics (WoW, well, i have been known for ping pong and badminton, guess you could count that as extreme to the max *bluek*. I'm good at sports, but not great. I've always wanted to try bungee jumping and also the one where you sit at it plunges you up into the air). Kinda dumb at times (=_=", owhh, don't start with me again...Once enuff with being called "the lame one". Now dumb?!?! Gosh, oklaaa, maybe not dumb, just blur, or i havent learnt or been exposed to it yet). 9 years of bad luck if you do not forward (kiss my flat asslah).

Explain to me, why am I lame again?


Thursday, December 27, 2007

8 RANDOM THINGS about me

#1 *BANG! BANG! BANG!* Now, most people when they hear gun shots or whatever, they would run away for their lives. I on the other hand would laugh at the face of danger.

*cricket sound*

*more insect mating sound*


Nah, I wouldn’t really laugh in the face of danger, but I’d definitely be EXTREMELY excited about it and wishing I was there like what happened in the Subang Parade robbery shooting at Poh Kong. Audrey and I were at Parade a day before the incident, and when I received an sms from Eu-gene on that night of the day of the shooting, warning to not go to Parade as he got news about the shooting. I was like “Wow”, because it isn’t everyday I get to know shooting stories that is happening NEARBY. The next day, everyone was talking about it. Quite exciting. Benita was there at the time of the shooting eating at Sakae Sushi. Lucky. *grins* Think of me as a nutcase or having a loose screw in my head, but I can’t help it. I find such excitement in dangerous moments that could kill.

#2 I don’t like soft drinks and beer. Basically, I’m not fond of gassy drinks. It’s just too GASSY! I do drink it sometimes like if I order those McD meals, but it’s just not my cup of tea.

#3 I would love love LOVE to have a stroll on the beach at night with the person whom I adore. Only time will tell who that person is. But this is definitely what I want to do when I find that person. It’s just something that usually every girl would enjoy or dream of doing. How can you not like it? Taking in the cool night breeze, admiring the bright full moon (if you’re lucky), looking up at the many stars that are up in the sky twinkling beautifully down at you, walking hand-in-hand, talking about almost anything that is on your mind, pouring your heart and soul…etc.

What’s not to like/love?

#4 Hip Hop and Rhythm and Beat is at the top of my music list right now. Apart from Korean love songs and my beloved Rain. Hehehe.

Currently the awesome songs that I can never get bored of in my mp4 are:

Petey Pablo – Show Me the Money
Chamillionaire ft Slick Rick - Hiphop Police
Joe – If I was Your Man
Fat Joe and Terror Squad – Lean Back
Ne-yo – Because of You

#5 I absolutely enjoy driving alone. Just me and the car baybeh! I so would love to own a Honda Jazz someday or even a Suzuki Swift. That would be lovelyyyyy…

#6 What irks me the most is body odor. *sighs* Well, I’m sure it irks everyone. Hmm, ok, scratch that out. I wanna put something that is more ME! Well, I bathe with the toilet door open. But of course that is as long as my room door is locked. Reason being is because I always listen to the radio when I’m in my room, so I leave the door open so I’m able to listen to the music. Does anyone reading this blog do the same thing??

#7 I hate doing media calls! And when I mean hate, I really mean it. Totally 99.9% dislike it. It doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but to me it is. It’s something you have got to experience to really feel it. *sighs*

#8 *drum rolls* This is what everyone should take note about me. I don’t like people asking me why don’t I have a boyfriend… I mean, well, why do you ask? I never once ask a person that. EVER! Really, it annoys the heck outta me… I know you’re curious, but it just means that the feelings aren’t mutual, thus, I am single and always ready to mingle. Hehehe, so don’t ask me that piss-full questionlaaa. Very the annoying you know?

There ya have it, 8 random things about melah, me likes *grins* and dislikes *frowns*.


*takes a bow*

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Last Saturday, in the afternoon I went with my sis to Pyramid to watch National Treasure 2, The Book of Secrets. I was really psyched for it, was in a good mood the whole time. Damn cun. As usual it was very creative of the producer of the movie. However, I felt that there weren’t much clues incorporated into the movie as compared to the previous one. But still it was a really good effort. The ending was cliché and touching laa. But what can you expect out of a Walt Disney film??!?! D-U-H

OHYEAH! OMG, in the movie Nicholas Cage sang Aud’s song. “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts”. Nuts!!! Hahahahah, haiyoh, kenot escape that songlahhh. Crazy nutcase.

Then later in the night at 10:30pm, Lee and Siree came over my place and we discussed on the location where to have our drinking partylah. I suggested to invite more girls since I’ll be the only one then. So we called Melissa Lee, it was great that she could come out with us! So Lee, Siree, and I went in one car while Kah Kiat and Munboon went in another to Melissa’s house. Then we had another discussion outside her house, lol. We’re very “spontaneous” people. Last minute planners. Discussing on where to eat since she hasn’t taken her dinner yet. So after much delay with yapping around and countless “ANYTHINGLAH”, we were set on Asia café. If only that café was called ANYTHINGLAH Cafe, it would solve all our problems, save a lot of time too!

Hey, let’s go to AC!

Asia Café?

What Asia Café? Nonsense, bullshit, poppycock, choke on a coconut

and die, outdated-larh you.

It’s now called the ANYTHINGLAH CAFÉ! doink


We chilled at AC and guess who we saw? Syafiq! God, he’s everywhere man! Like I said, the bunny that never stops banging…

After Syafiq left us to gather with his mates at the pool place upstairs, we left AC.

In the end we all went to Lee’s house like the last time. Good ol’ reliable place to go to.

The same thing happened as usual, red, hot, dizzy, dying, hehehe.

God where am I going with this post? Pointless, guess I’m really bored outta my mind, blogging about every single activity that came into my agenda.

Guess I’ll end here…hehehe

Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm just bored...

Last last Saturday I went to over to 1 Utama at 4 something, Syafiq and Giresh picked me up from my place and we made our way to go meet up with Kerry who’s doing her World Contraceptive Day Roadshow there. Hehee, the mascot damn funny looking, a guy dressed up as a baby. Scaryyyyy… Giresh and Syafiq were both wearing leather jackets, so they said that they looked like they were my bodyguards. So I was like walking in the center while both were on my side trying to look macho. LOL. Said they were protecting Lim Goh Tong’s daughter. Pffftt, my arselah.

Kerry like so semangat giving out flyers and booklets to passersby. Such a good girl.

Well, soon after we had to leave Kerry to do her thang coz Giresh had to go for a family function. Sad, we stayed there at 1 U for like what, 1 hour?!?!

*sighs* When they sent me back, I had to wait for Audrey to come pick me up to go to her place in Klang to celebrate her brother’s Birthday, Eric.

It was cool! We played this game called Suck N’ Blow using a RM1 note. Passing it by sucking it then blowing it to someone else’s mouth. Rule is, must have the opposite sex on either side of you. Makes it interesting that way.

I had a great time that night. Didn’t sleep AT ALL, was talking to Eric and Thiam Sin (neighbour) the whole time while everyone was sleeping. I have this theory that if I stay up the whole night or let’s say early morning, I can make my weekends last longer. Interesting eh?


Last Tuesday, our company had a Christmas party at LaBodega, Bangsar. Kerry and Audrey were both the organizers of the party. GREAT JOB GUYS! So proud of yall *sobz*

The head of PR dept Andora is soooo funny that night. Super hilarious. We thought she was drunk, but apparently that’s how she is outside the office. WAHAHAHHAHA!

Omg, laugh till can die!

Here’s the pictures to show you how it was…

LaBodega Bar

LaBodega Lounge

LaBodega Lounge

Magician David Lai doing his spoon trick...

Card tricks...

the food was ok...nothing to shout about, nor jump for joy...

Meet the ORGANIZERS!! *applause*

This is where we played games like Sharades and Taboo. Killer fun.

We were bored of the sweet proper poses, so this is what happenedlah... *swt*

"Drunk" Andora in in the center with the bright red V neck blouse.

Here comes the many depressed moments of Shenli... like!

"Life hurts" *sighs* It cuts through like a bag of peanuts....0_o

"Oh God, why lah, WHY my life suck so bad...?"



I’m so missing my internet at home…*sighs* So I’ve been going out more nowadays.

Kerry, Audrey, KAREN, Jacqkie, Carol, Shafiq, Giresh, Chako, and I went to Maison to have a good time last Thursday.

Awesome good time! Bloody good time!

Too bad I didn’t have time to put on any make up bloody hell…Was in parade walking around on my own then at 6 something Kerry smsed “we’re leaving now”. Aiyohh, I was like shocked then rushed home quickly to get ready. So in the pictures I was pretty colourless. *grins*

It was so good that we all gathered together to once again like old time sake.
I also met Syafiq (secondary school mate) there at Maison. Hahaha, the feller damn high. Drank too much Dewars. But it was fun partying with him. He’s like a bunny that never stops banging. LOL. Gawd, what the hell am I sayin???


Sex on a Beach, Illusion, and Baileys... Interesting name, the first one.

The effects of Sex on a Beach. lol, just kidding =P


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fun Fun Fun!

Well so far my week has been quite hectic, both in a fun and not-so-fun way. I had 3 events in 2 days. So tiring.

Last Thursday morning I went for the opening of Fitness First Bukit Tinggi Klang. It was quite nice, I met with a lot of friendly people. Made some friends and stuff. Chermaine Poo was the MC for that event. Surprisingly when I first met her, she’s like shorter than me! I was thinking, wasn’t she Miss something something?? But she’s damn pretty with her super long hair and mesmerizing eyes.

The program kicked off with a lion dance performance, and that I love to bits! Cute gila babi lions. Basically I was there taking care of the media registration table the whole time. Boring, but least there’s some good company beside me. Occasionally I would chat with her so I won’t feel so damn outta my mind.

At every event, there’s always that part where I would totally look forward to.



God, the fudge cakes tasted so damn good. Everything else was good too. But the chocolate fudge was the highlight for me-lah. I also got to have a goodie bag of my own. *yeay* awesome. Free Stuff babeh! Was so envious that the media got to have all of the good stuff, but then to find out that we got to have one for ourselves too made it all worth it. The Fitness First backpack bag is quite nice, same goes with the shoe bag and bottle.

Overall, it was a good event.

Then the next day I had to go to The Gardens in the afternoon for the opening of Borders. GAWD! Bloody cold larh!!! Sheesh, I tell you, luckily I wore a long sleeve shirt. If not I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. LOL. Our media registration and refreshments were at Starbucks inside Borders. *grins* I got to have free food and drinks there too. Been a long time since I’ve had Starbucks coffee.

Somehow wished I had name cards, coz I feel damn bad not being able to give them a name card when they give me theirs. But it’s kinda fun collecting name cards. =P

While I was at the table, the head of my PR dept casually talked to me about my internship and even said that I was doing a great job and if I ever want to work at Essence, I should look her up. I was quite happy after that. However, in the back of mind, Essence would be like my last resort. I want to work for another company that is not a hassle to go to. Besides, she pisses me off at times with her contradicting attitude. But least I can rest easy when it comes to looking for a job.

After the event, Loshini and I rushed off to find a cab to go to Park Royal for a Wincor Nixdorf dinner function. OMG, it’s like super super extra fun! I enjoyed myself so much to the bone! We got to have a hotel room all to ourselves to do whatever dressing up we need to do. When we reached there, Kerry was already inside getting ready. Loshini was busy taking a bath while I was like resting on the bed for a while, it was so comfy.

After we all got dressed, we packed up and the concierge guys came to collect our stuff to be brought down to the lobby. I was quite excited to see the function and the performances as well. We reached there sat down and got our registration thang going on. Kerry, Esther, Loshini, Nadiah, Denise and I were manning the table.

Nadiah and I volunteered to go into the hall to usher some guests who were still standing to sit down as it was going to commence. Stephanie Chai was the MC that night, as usual she looked elegant and beautiful. A group of women from Wincor was performing to the Pussycat Dolls “Buttons” song. So darn tak berkaitan with the theme for that night which was Arabian Night, A Middle Eastern Experience. After that was a belly dancing, hehe, Nadiah and I were lucky enough to watch the performance since we were inside. However, it wasn’t that great though. It wasn’t much of the REAL kind that really made their belly’s look like water. Hehhee, they’re just shaking!! WOW, like anyone can do thatlaaa. Sheesh. Even I can do that, just pay me and I’d go up there and shake it like a belly dancer. =P

We got bored of the belly dancers, so we went back out to the registration table. We got hungry so Kerry and I took some desserts that were ready at the buffet table. Damn tasty *drools*. There was A LOT of food! It was prepared for about 400 people, however, roughly 300 people attended. So more food for us!!

I was really excited and so hyped up for the ULTIMATE performance of the night, PHUA CHU KANG!!!!!! *grins like there’s no tomorrow*

Bloody hell, I’ve always seen him on TV for so many years, and to actually see Gurmit Singh perform that night right infront of my eyes is such a WOW moment for me. Call me lame or so, but that’s how I felt. *squeals like a lil girl*

Soon after what felt like ages, the moment came, we all had to usher people who were outside the hall mingling and some taking food to go inside as Mr. PCK would be performing anytime soon. Gurmit was coming down from his hotel room, so we had to try and get everyone in as soon as possible, but got some stubborn asses on the way, so screw them. Wheeeeeee, then when I turned around I saw the very comical look of PCK with his huge yellow rubber boots, curly bushy hair, untuck white shirt and that oversized mole walking towards me.

It was quite a chun entrance he made. As I was inside the hall near the entrance, with the doors closed, PCK was outside talking on the microphone for a while then opened the door, walked in energetically and interacted with the audience, saying things like “Hallo hallo, eh, you look like Rosie!”, “You also look like Rosie!!”. He was very spontaneous and so bloody funny!!! I laughed till my cheeks were sore. He did a lot of fun games with the crowd, loved it. This will definitely be one of the moments which I will ever forget. He also sang a few songs. He can sing very very well. Amazing. I got tired of standing and since he was singing, I went out to meet up with some Kerry, Denise and Loshini eating. I ate some salmon on a stick and brought one into the hall to continue watching the performance.

After which was definitely more than an hour of great laughter, it was time for him to go. He got down from the stage and interacted with the audience, shaking hands and walking to the entrance of the hall from where we came in from. I followed him like a little doggie from behind. Hehehe, then some Wincor people and Essence team went inside a room with him for a little photo taking session and thanking him and stuff. He’s super nice!!! Gosh, I was so excited and jumpy, literally. I took a photo with him and that made my daylah.

OMG, i look damn lame lah...But still loving it *grins*

(left to right) Shenli, Manpreet, Gurmit, and Kerry

Stephanie the Emcee

Shenli and PCK

Group picture with our Boss, Felix

Felix and Manpreet

Group pic with the rock band called "Crush" or was it "Crash"?

The so called Hot drummer. hahaha, Kerry gilakan him

All in all, I loved the night. Great food, great company, and great performances!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007



Guess who’s back in Malaysia????

*sings* Guess who’s back, back again, kish is back, tell a friend *sings*

Lol. Was that lame to turn it into a song? Thought so… =_=”

Gosh, the dude gave me a shock at Bangsar last Thursday. Moreover, my mates knew about it except me. Damn sad, I’m always the last to know.


If you guys didn’t know, he’ll be here up till February. So hurry and make reservations with him! If not, then prepare to regret kao kao. Wahahaha, bak kut tehhhhhhh!!! I need to make set a day for that. Soon soon.

GAHHH!! I so don’t like blogging in Microsoft word. One good thing about it is that I can see my grammar and spelling mistakes. So I won’t come across to you guys as an idiot in English. =P

Well, let me carry on with the objective of my blog…Bragging about the awesome happenings in my life. Lol.

My Saturday was a BLAST!!!

Just what the doctor ordered. Totally what I needed after a week of work/slavery in the office. =S

Kinda cool really, Ben picked me up from my place at 11:55pm and we both met up with Sher Mayne, Lee, Siree, and Mun Boon at Asia Café.

Then after that we all went on over to Lee’s house for a….



Prassan, Syafiq, and Samuytha soon came over to Lee’s place to party on.

It was the BOMB. Haha, well, we had Bacardi and coke in the first place. After 2/3 glasses my face went all flush red, but creepily enough, some parts of my body were in huge red patches while some are still fair (like unaffected). This also happened the last time at Caroline’s house, and I freaked out so bad. We all thought I had an allergic reaction to the Kahlua or something, so they massaged some Aloe Vera cream on me to help lessen the redness.

Well apparently, it’s not an allergic reaction. Thank God. It’s just the way my body reacts to alcohol-lah. Can’t help it. I’m used to it by now. Eventhough it looks scary, it’s definitely interesting. For me at least.

Sher Mayne was the first who got all red. SO ADORABLE! Hahaha, then soon both me and Lee. It was Lee’s first time I believe. Well that’s what I heardlah.

We played normal card games like Chor Dai Dee, Black Jack, Seven, and the Name Game.

I lost so bad in the Seven Game. Gila babi involved Maths. Don’t get me wrong, I love Maths, it’s just that I’m not as fast in solving equations as fast as I used to. Guess I should buy those books and practice like old times sake.

Ben was supposed to be home at like 1am, but then thankfully her dad didn’t call, he usually would though. SO, that only meant one thing. He’s SLEEPING! And when one thing leads to another, Ben becomes A BAD GURLL, by overdoing her curfew. Hahaha. Yeay for all of us!

Ben was like a drinking machine! After the Bacardi was gone, some went out to buy Beer. By then, I didn’t want anymore. Didn’t want to get that awful feeling.

However, she wasn’t tipsy…YET

So she drank a couple small glasses of beer, then the alcohol slowly KICKED IN. Abit slow lah. OMG, she’s so adorable when she’s drunk! It was till a point where she couldn’t even say the name of her car properly (it’s a MYVI). She was trying hard to pronounce it, but it came out I all sorts like “Maever”, “Mivi”, “Mayer”… Gosh, she had to pronounce it a couple of times to actually get it right. Damn cute.

Here’s some of the pics…

Ben and I

Ben took this pic, hahaha

Ben and Siree, who the heck took this photo?!?!

Ben's pic taking skills while tipsy

Another showcase of her skills...

....and another

Shafiq made me take this shot...didn't want to, but dipaksa

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4 (shafiq says he looks gay in this picture, according to him, i couldn't agree more, lol)...
Gawd, I wanna be in the photo, bad luck having to be the photographer. hehe

Well, till it got to a point where it wasn’t cute anymore, she felt really uncomfortable. That expected feeling of puking, barfing, vomiting, regurgitating,..etc… Well you get the point. She was weak, dizzy…

Syafiq suggested we all go to mamak so she can drink some warm lime drink to take that vomit feeling away. After must persuasion, she agreed. Eventhough she really wanted to go back home, since she’s afraid of puking at the mamak place.

OK, but then, there was actually his whole bullshit thing going outside of Lee’s house. A group of 3 dudes came to meet up with Samyutha. Sam as usual was all high and talking nonstop about everything she could possibly talk about. From a speak of dust to asking as to why is the bloody moon round.

Me and Lee was outside with them for a while to “jaga” or keep on a eye out for her just incase. Because they were not really her close mates, but she layaning them coz they were her Ex’s and also more like mates, just not very close ones. They came across as nice fellers when I chatted with them for a while. But when it came to sending Ben home, departing those guys from Samyutha was the hardest thing EVER!!!

It took so LONG! Bloody hell, I was friggin pissed because seeing Ben in that condition and having to prolong it just waiting for Sam to be safely out of trouble was killing me! Due to it, going to the mamak for warm lime drink was totally out of the question because Ben seriously didn’t want to go.

I tell you,those guys meant trouble seriously. We had a feeling they wanted to do something to her somehow. Shafiq was trying to get her safely away, however, they told him off, back off and stuff. Basically, they were trying to act like bigshots. They said they will send her back home. Yea right, my ass lah. Sam was also trying to depart from them in the nicest way possible.

However, it took a turn when things happened, but by then, I had already left. It was around 4 in the morning, close to 5am. I drove Ben’s car while Ben was beside me back to her place while Lee was driving behind. We left the whole group behind to deal with the buggers. The last I saw was a whole bunch of them (my mates and those “bigshots”) gathered closely beside Mayne’s Waja. I was quite nervous to see that kind of situation, but my mind was so focused on getting Ben back home.

Anyways, she was already slightly sober after all that waiting. Good thing, didn’t want her to feel sick too long. So after I sent her back, I went into Lee’s car. Then we went on over to McDs to wait for Sam, Prassan, Mayne and Shafiq to gather.

Gosh, it was quite a serious gathering in the first 45 minutes or so. All was upset with what happened back at Lee’s house. Apparently, one of those Idiots scratched Mayne’s Waja. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! They suck BIGtime weih! Finding trouble in everyway possible. But I’m really thankful that nothing bad happened to my mates, no guys got beaten up and stuff.


I reached home at like 6:45 in the morning on a Sunday. Damn tired.

I so regret not hugging Prassan that morning (leaving for Dubai on Monday, 5am). Since I was too tired to go out with them that Sunday night to mamak. It was really a last minute outing. They rang me up at 10:50pm to go out. Hahaha, I was dead tired that time, needed to sleep due to early work the next day. Haih, couldn’t believe I had to pass that last outing with Prass and they all just because I have work. I sent Prass a farewell message, he didn’t reply, but I hope he got it though.

Gotta wait till next year in Feb to see him again! Can’t wait!

Still wishing my internet can be fixed fast…
Sis procrastinating…
As for me, I leave it all to her…
So kill me…