Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tagged by Grace

Real Name: Lai Swee Wei (wow, that's something new...)
Nickname: Sweei, Sway, Sawi-wei, sweeeeee
Married: Nope, and not looking forward to it either =)
Male/Female: Female
High school: SMK SS17
College: Taylor's College PJ
Are You A Healthy Freak?: Sort of...YES!
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: i do i do i do i do ooooo
Do You Like Yourself: *grins*

Surgery: Never
Person You See In The Morning: Mummy!
Award: Won 2nd place in the tallest buidling built with straws in Standard 3 (team effort)
Sport You Join: Badminton
Vacation: I don't know!!! It all happened when I was a baby...*dammit* can't remember shyt
Concert: The Corrs...AWESOME!
Drink: IF you mean by alcoholic ones, then I guess it's some funky beer, Carlsberg? If non-alcoholic, then it should be mum's susulah

Your future..
Want Kids: Yeap, if only guys give birth *dammit*
Want To Get Married: Like I said before, not looking forward to it
Careers In Mind: Advertising

Which is better?
Lips Or Eyes?: Eyes because I want to see the things around me
Hugs Or Kisses?: Hugs! Keeps me warm, lovely feeling
Shorter Or Taller?: Taller! no kidding..
Romantic Or Spontaneous?: Spontaneous (more fun)
Sensitive Or Loud?: Sensitive
Troublemaker Or Hesitant?: heh?

Have you ever..
Kissed A Stranger?: No, but it would be interesting
Drank Bubbles: 0_o, why of all things you want to ask whether I've drank bubbles?!?! hahaha, should try asking if i've tried laughing gas or sth, I'd try it if it weren't so bloody expensive for a can... what a rip off
Lost Glasses / Contacts: Nope
Ran Away From Home: Nope
Liked Someone Younger: Yeup, no doubt about it
Broke someone's heart: Yeah...
Been arrested: Good question....NO
Cried when someone died: OMG, definitely.

Do you believe in..
Yourself: Yes
Miracles: Very little
Magic: Nope
Angels: Yes

Answer truthfully..
Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?: Honestly, right now I feel like spending time with myself =)

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I tag YOU!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cock & Bull

Dinner out at King Crab...

Dad trying to be funny again this time...

Dad: *looks at the guy with the long pony tail and short beard coming through the door*
Look at that his long hair with his beard, later when I retire I also go and do like that. I cannot now because i'm still meeting clients. Don't want to scare them away.
Me: *stoned* *imagines dad with long hair in a pony tail, beard, and a freakishly gay earring*
Mum: *keeps quiet*
Sis: Serious arh? *laughs* But only artists can pull it off.

blah blah blah, can't remember the cock and bull after that. Why would i need to remember it anyways. No point...

Next topic of conversation: Sis wants to go travelling to Europe.

Sis: Wei, I teman you go to Japan, and you teman me go to Europe.
Me: Keep on dreaminglaaa you. How long you've been talking about this already.
Dad: It's good to have dreams ... because dreams can't come true. At least you can fantasize about it, that's good, that's good.

=_= The valuable words of encouragement I tell you. Enough to kill bigfoot.

A Series of Fortunate Events

Ok, see here's the thing... We have to take our clothes offf! (so sexy) We have to party all night...We have to take our clothes offfff, to have a good time...OHYEAAAAAAA....hehe

Just pure randomness that conjured up...

Anyways, last Thursday we had our company's official launch!

Way to go proPassion! Whoohoo!

Our Vip guests were Joel Neoh (Winner of Malaysian reality TV series, The Firm and founder of Youth Malaysia) and Ng Khai Lee (HSBC Young Entrepreneurs Award "Best of the Best" 2006). Interesting fact, these 2 were both ex-taylorian students.

Actually our event got delayed for about 30 mins or more due to Khai Lee who got lost trying to find where's Bali building. hehe. Anyways, when he arrived, I got so excited when I first set my eyes on him, mainly because he's so bloody good looking with his specks and big bushy hair. Hahah, lovely charisma to match as well. Suddenly in his speech Spiderman came about. Lol. Kerry and I were like, "wtf, why is he talking about Spiderman?!?!". Until he said...."With great powers, comes great responsibility"....Ohhh, baru kita faham. heh.

In the end, our officiation was the BOMB! Almost literally. More like 4 bangs. We used 4 confetti canons. AWESOME can or not??!?! People even yelped due to the sudden bang at the sides. Lol. Wished somone had recorded it. Oh well.

Least I have a picture with Khai Lee =)

Me, Khai Lee, and Amir.

These pictures and videos were taken from Grace Onn's facebook album! So credit goes to her coz it's from her camera.

Bookmarks that I made, hehe, proud of it too =)

a lil something we presented to Miss Adeline.

Grace and Miss Adeline (teacher advisor, she's the BEST!)

Me, Grace, and Audrey

My homies

Khai Lee's Speech

Joel Neoh's Speech

Ng Khai Lee, Joanne, and Joel Neoh.

Officiation time!

And these 2 pictures were taken from Alvin's blog...

Formal group picture...

proPassion in its true colours =)

OK! Moving on to what I did last Saturday! I suggested that Lee and I head on down to KL because I really wanted to checkout Pavilion. Most of my mates have been there already, and I feel quite a sad person not setting my foot and arse there.

For some funky reason from farlaa, when I saw the buidling I didn't know for sure it was Pavilion. I know, slap me please... the sign was HUGE!

PAVILION... you blind dingdong

But it wasn't the first thing I saw. I had to scan the building to see whether it was Pavilion or not. Sheesh, when i saw the label advertisement on the window on the left side of the building then only i was "Hey it isssssss Pavilion!".... Aiyamaaa, then when I looked in front approaching the entrance, the huge ass sign "PAVILION" in silvery gray.

I blame the colour and thin font. =_=

When I stepped in it was like breathing fresh air man! Felt like there was so much air that I could breathe in deep till I die. Hhahaahah, nice feeling.

hehe =)

I totally enjoyed my day out with him, we walked around everywherelah, Bukit Bintang, Sungai Wang, Pavilion and Berjaya Times Square. My ideal day out!

Moving swiftly along, on Sunday we had a surprise BBQ Birthday party for Shaneil. We told him we we're celebrating Ron's Birthday (Audrey's neighbour, close friend of her bro Eric) when in fact, we're throwing it for HIM! This took place at Audrey's house.

The surprised boy.

BBQ section. I love mine with extra honey!

Ron (birthday bate) and Shafiq

Shaneil and Kerry

Denise and Shaneil. This party was Denise's idea. =) so sweet

Audrey, Behonce and Caroline.

Thiam Sin (neighbour), Eric (Audrey's lil bro) and Ron (neighbour)

That's ALL!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Online Dance Challenge

My sis showed me something very interesting on Youtube just now, so i thought of just posting it up for entertainment purposes. This is for all hip hop dance lovers out there. I know i love it =)

Adam Sevani and Jon M.Chu Challenge Miley and Mandy

M&M Cru with a U BATTLES Step Up 2

Monday, April 14, 2008

Santa's Baby

Here's a lil video I found on Will Quah's website to entertain you guys who are bored and just plain bored. Hehe, it's funny for the first 2 minutes, but then it got slightly draggy. Owh well, but it's funny!

Santa's Baby

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attended our junior's Dance Quake event on the 5th of April. It was fun! I enjoyed the performances, out of all 13 teams, Mustang Crew ruled all. They won both Audience Favourite and 1st prize overall.

I was really glad Lee could make it for the event *grins*, didn't want to him to oblige to it but then he said he really wanted to go... Hope he's not saying that to make me feel better =S

Anyways, here's the video of my mates performing, The Harlems.
Sorry that it's all shaky and suddenly dropping low. Hehe, it was really tiring holding up the camera way above my head coz there's this guy's head blocking my view. Anyways, my eyes we're kept on the stage than the camera. Hence the camera's position dropping slowly...

Dance Quake competition

Kerry was so funny releasing frust over Mustang Crew's domination during the competition. Hahaha, it was hillarious.


Rain - Any Dream

Rain (Bi) has a brand new Samsung Anycall music video, which is about working hard to achieve one's dream -- Any Dream. The MV will be edited into a 15-second commercial clip to be aired in conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

This song has 2 versions to it, one in Mandarin and the other in Korean.

I personally like the Korean version better. It just sounds much nicer as compared to Mandarin, though in both language also I can't understand a thing.


You can listen to the song here... (Mandarin)

Currently, there are two versions of the MV at YouTube - the full version (8:26) and short version (4:24). Personally, when I first watched the video, it was definitely cliche for one thing and it was abit similar to the Pantech video. I found the full version too long and so-solah, the song is alright... but somehow it wasn't up to my expectations. Moreover, I couldn't even see the dance moves properly... cam keeps going in all different positions.

Rain - Any Dream (Full version)

Moving on, we have random pictures taken during our 3 hour break!

We're just chilling out in the Auditorium...

Alot of activity going on behind me, but i was too tired to join in... Wasn't sleeping btw, just coicidently turned to the right.

Haha, Daren made me take this shot.

Close-up of sleepy Jacqkie.

*grins* A happy boy


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a really lame random convo...

I'm just posting this up because i'm bored... don't kill me. =P

I say:
whats that place you study?

=RenEgaDE roNin= says:
utm kl

=RenEgaDE roNin= says:

I say:
university tanah melayu?

I say:

=RenEgaDE roNin= says:

universiti teknologi malaysia la

=RenEgaDE roNin= says:

I say:
hehe, dun terasa k...coz i was thinking of ktm...and tm stand for tanah melayu...*giggles*

=RenEgaDE roNin= says:

Lame rate: 99.9% lameness, 0.1% is excluded because I got the "University" right,lol.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alvin's Birthday

We celebrated Alvin's Birthday early last Saturday. It was FUN! Had a fantastic time with of course fantastic food. Hhehehe. I'll let the pic do the talking...

My favourite place *grins*

Beh's attempt to break out....there was a cctv cam on his right...*yikes*

Carmen, me and Kerry

Mean me trying to block their faces... ;P

The new Charlie's Angels pose... There's no need for guns in this one, just gas.

(l-r) Beh, Mei Yan, Yinly, and Jia Yih

Birthday boy in the "I swear it's this big" t-shirt. hehe

Jacqkie stoning... either that of she's upset she still didn't get her beer from Prom last last year...

Let's reflect back on that picture shall we?...

There we see Jacqkie on the right looking pretty pissed...hehe, the beer addict. lol, JUST KIDDING!!!


Muahahahaha, lame I know... =_="

Anyways, moving on...

Chee Hang ruining the pic again with his Tandoori Chicken

Sweet sweet Jay addict, Vivien and I

Tandoori Chicken again...

and again... This time, Jacqkie seems pretty happy with the chicken as the substitute for beer. *grins*

I never meant for my facial expression to be like that... It just happened when Jacqkie and Audrey both squished their faces against mine...hehe, turns out interesting.

Vivien and Carmen. Two chun people to hangout with!