Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boy oh boy

Haha, I had a very interesting day today. Basically what made my day was an adorable performance by a very energetic small boy.

Today they the A:S.A.P 4 Children had their official launch of their project at 3pm. So they had a performance at the end where a small boy with sunglasses danced energetically to... wait it comes........ RAIN's "I'm Coming"!!!!

Bloody cute weih!! Imitating his moves and all. Omg, I couldn't stop grinning watching him shake this thang. Friggin entertaining. Audrey recorded it all on her phone. Looking forward to watching it again tomorrow!


Shucks, even small kids are dancing to Rain now. I feel so proud that even the younger generation is embracing his dancing skills. lol

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make it work


I've got nothing much to write, so i'll gladly paste a really nice song lyric by Ne-yo entitled

"Make it Work"

Love this song, especially verse 2. So meaningful and so true, so true.
If you want, you can take a listen to it on the left side of my blog while reading the lyrics...

[Verse 1]
Ooh uh ooh, ooh uh ooh, yeaah yeah
You understand me
At least you say you do
Lately thats enough for me
Looking for perfect
Surrounded by artifical
You're the cloest thing to real I've seen

Sure everyone has their problems
Thats a given
Yours are the easiest to tolerate
This wasn't what we was wanting
How we're living
Well lets take this good enough and turn it to great
Baby understand...

This can only be as good as we both make it
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt(yes sometimes its gonna hurt)
We can be as happy as we want to be girl
But we gotta make it work
We gotta make it work...
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I love you
More than you'll ever know
Other times you get on my nerves (hey)
Thats just reality
No it can't always be
Kisses, hugs, and beautiful words
You was looking for you prince
What you found (what you found)
[Make It Work lyrics on]

Was a pauper with potential
And no, I'm no where near perfect
But I'm around (but I'm around)
Girl time and patience is essential
Baby realize...

This can only be as good as we both make it
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt(yes sometimes its gonna hurt)
We can be as happy as we want to be girl
But we gotta make it work
We gotta make it work...
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh

Thick and thin
The bad outweighs the good sometimes
That doesn't mean we're suppose to give it up
My problems are yours, and yours are mine oh yeaahh

This can only be as good as we both make it
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt(yes sometimes its gonna hurt)
We can be as happy as we want to be girl
But we gotta make it work
We gotta make it work...
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh
We gotta make it work
Aye oh aye oh oh

On a depressing note, the left side of my nose hurts for some funky reason .... ouch, sore as hell.

Am I sweei or am I sweei?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Arghhh....last 2 weeks and this week is considered to be "Piss Me Off" week..... Know why? Well all you happy people out there with perfect little lives and reading this blog entry to laugh, criticize, or even bitch about am i getting to here? i'm so confused...anyways, scratch that last sentence ya...

It's because I'm PISSED as PISSED can be!

Fate somehow decided, "Let's piss Sweei off! Since we've nothing else better to do in the world"

Well, HA HA, kiss my ass .... suckers...

I'm such in a bad mood right now, but thankfully I have chocolates beside me, minty ones too. So it helps a little...Without it, i'd be fuming right now and I think the keyboard will melt.

Shitlah, i'm scarred for life... Let me tell you what happened, that fate so conveniently decided / desired.

Last last week, i got lots of scratches from Chloe (refer to entry entitled "Ouch motherrrr..."). Out of what was like more than 10 scratch marks, only 2 are permanent scars. Urgh. Disfiguring my thighs.

Last week, we had our proPassion Fund Raising Bazaar. And my arm terkena a blob of bloody hot oil. Damn sakit! and now there's a round mark that looks like a mole. A rather fugly looking mole. Urgh.

Yesterday, I tripped over Kerry's shoes and the end of my right heel scratched my left leg. Talk about unlucky... Urgh.

Proof of my clumsiness...

Today, to start things off, my knee got scratched by the very sharp plastiky corner of Denise's big ass file... It hurt. Urgh.

Files can hurt a person...

Next, when I went home, as usual my dogs greeted me. This time I had a close eye on Chloe, I was trying to teach her not to jump by praising her when she's on all fours. BUT DAMN!!!! I'm really pissed! When she jumped again, I stepped back but couldn't avoid in time, so she managed to leave a longgggggggggggggggggggggg mark on me all the way down. FUCK! Longest one ever!

My "lovely" collection..

Close of up "Chloe 1". My scar for life...

Note to everyone: When I curse with the "F" word, that means i'm really pissed. Sorry ya, if this totally contradicts my sweet and innocent lil girl image. I'm in the heat of the moment here. So leave me to syiok sendiri k. I know i might regret after this, but like i said, i'm in the heat of the moment. =S

But no, the fun doesn't stop there... After dinner from a Seafood Restaurant that me and my family went to just now. On the way out, there were some people on the way towards the staircase, so I decided not to block their way (being the polite girl that I am) and used the ramp instead.

OH MY LORD! I slipped big time! Moreover, i said "....Fuckkkerrrr" and did some funky Kung Fu shyt pose just to balance myself out. Apparently, being nice and polite still won't get you on fate's good side. Urgh.

Damn memalukan weih I swear... In front of an old uncle with a walking stick summore....

Anyways, when I went home, same thing happened, dogs got excited , but this wasn't Chloe... It's was my own baby RUSSELL! He left 2 scratch marks on me! *wtf* I'm so going to give all my meat to Dodger now since he's the only one that never hurt me in any physical way.

HaH! In your face Russ and Chloe! In your face! Who's the owner now huh *pffftttt*


Each week, I'm scarred... with a hint of embarrassment. Urgh.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

...the continuation

...the continuation of how Minotaur sucked balls

Warning: This blog contains stoopid and idiotic spoilers that could leave you laughing or just make you go "what the...?"

I went to watch the movie with Lee, Siree, and Ju lyirn in Cineleisure at about 12:10 am. Mannn, no words can describe how idiotic that movie was. I mean, seriously... WHAT THE HELL?!?! I really don't know what goes on in the director's head man. Whats his deal? He made the brother want to have his "seeds" in his sister or have his sister bear his seeds...what the motherrrrr....cmon, thats gross man, sicko. I knowlah, your sister damn hot to the bones, but don't go wanting to make love to her.

Oh and btw, this is shockingly rated "U"...there was this part (more like a couple) where *tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut* (seducing stuff) happened, and I went to ask Lee, "Are you sure this is rated U?"



Anyways, I found this part funny, when the group of them who was trapped down in the Minotaur's lair of figgin dumb doom found one of the girls unconscious, when they woke her up. She automatically told them her dream, which is When you wake up trapped somewhere where the stoopid Horny Minotaur could come anytime and kill ya, you tell them your "awesomeness" dream. Wooooooow, how fascinating... Wished the horny god would kill her first instead...damn.

Honest to goodness, I don't know which was it that made me doze of to sleep countless times in the cinema. Either it was due to it being late at night or rather super early in the morning, or it was due to the lameness that the movie has to offer. *doink*

To be fair, it's bothlah...Hmm, but still i'd like to say that it's the movie's fault! *nenenebubu*

Oh yeah, and what is it with that CUN GAS they've been sniffing from an animal's skull? It's damn weird weih. It's like, gas that makes them go all horny or something. LOL. I'm serious, you should see the guy's face after breathing it deep, like having orgasm. *sigh sigh sigh*. Then when the hot sister breathed it deep, she went to the 2 virgin girls (who will be fed/sacrificed to the Minotaur), she breathed out the gas from her mouth, and suddenly all 3 girls got horny. It was censored in the cinema tho, but they did show abit (part where she licked one of the girl's nose, ewww, for Chirst sake man, kononnya to unpurify them)

...pfftt, horny director who's obsessed with lesbianism.

There was occasional laughter from the audience, need i say more? Even the annoying part of the "imaginary" girl whom the lead actor Theo loved, kept calling out his name, "Theoooo....Theoooo...Theoooo......." Good lord, so many times!!!! Till some chinese dudes in the cinema mimicked out loud, "Thiiiieuuuuu....Thiiieeeuuuu.....Thiiiieeuuuu..." Funny.

And last but not least, the funny subtitles. But this is not the director's fault. Won't bang him this time. Hehe, it's the cun skills of the translator! *applause*
For me, I don't pay attention to subtitles until I need it lah. So at one point, it was towards the end of the show (oh thank god), and the hot sister told everyone else to take off their masks since the Minotaur is killed. She said "Take off your masks!..... Take away your shame!". They were looking at the people around them, hesitant at the command, looking pretty funny with their confused expressions. Anyways, the audience started laughing for some reason. I didn't understand, so I laughed anyways, since the people looked funny while taking off their masks. Then suddenly I realized that they weren't laughing at the people, but laughing at the subtitles! It was written, "Tanggalkan topeng anda!.... Menanggalkan kemaluan anda!"


I'm sure there were actually more funny subtitleslah (never really paid attention), but that one probably takes the cakelah since thats when everyone started laughing alot.

Ok, I think i'm done with his movie. GOOD RIDDANCE.
Please let the next movie be Horton Meets Hears a Who.

On another note, Dad told us few months ago that he wants to get his ear pierced...

*ackward silence*

Anyways, today I just randomly brought up the topic during dinner time when we were in a Chinese restaurant in PJ.

Me: Di, are you seriously thinking of piercing your ear? Why not pierce your nose or something..
Daddy: *grins* huh, not cannot, still working, after when I retire. Now if i do, then people will be like "what the..."
Me: hehe, where you want to pierce? Up or down?
Daddy: Down, on my left ear... *places finger on left ear*
Me: Eee, so gaylah. Want kind of earring you want anyways?
Daddy: I want the long ones, not those big ones like diamonds, not nice. Not man enough. The longer ones more manly.
Me: *widens eyes* *BURST OF LAUGHTER* Are you sure? I thought it was opposite, I prefer the diamond ones. *imagines dad with a long dangling earring*
Daddy: Are you wearing earrings?
Me: not at the moment.
Daddy: You should wear if not the hole gets smaller.
Me: yeah I know, I wore it yesterday anyways, I malas to wear today.
Daddy: Those guys that wears those big ones that makes a hole in their ear not nice. Like those aborigines.
Me: yeah, not nice *thanks god at least he agrees with me that it's not nice, imagine him having a hole in his ear lobe, wtffff*

Hmm, I guess he wants to get the whole jing bang to match his tattoo. Either that or he's having some sort of mid-life crisis going on. Hmm, I wonder what's next... nipple piercing???

Ok, I think i'm done, till next time kids... Sniff gas and get high!



Minotaur sucks balls

to be continued...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Step Up 2 : The Streets

Today my mates and I went to catch Step Up 2: The Streets movie at Summit.

Gosh, ... it ... was ...the ...BOMB!

No words can explain the chuntedness of the choreography and dance moves that is in this movie.

I can honestly say that this is by far THE best dance movie i've ever watch.

There was even one time I was thissssssssssss *measures index finger and thumb to form a very very small opening of about 0.5cm* close to clapping when a dance performance ended. Fuuhhhh, so close to doing so, but thankfully, my senses came flooding to me.

Here's just a video clip to get you excited to watch it in the cinemas or wherever.

The main girl in this movie I feel did not fair herself as a great dancer with much energy as compared to the others. Sometimes feels like she's got not much skills than just shaking that booty of hers aggressively.

I'm like, is that it???...

BUT, she did this really awesome dance when she was with the guy at the ending, during the competition. Gotta give her props for that, that was dope man..! hehe

I've also noticed in this movie is that that they're trying to say that you should not judge someone's dancing skills by just their outer appearances. DANG, so true so true.

Another one, DANCERS GET THE HOT CHICKS no matter what! Even if it means if they're a lil or quite geeky looking. WAHAHAHAHA, take note to all those dudes out there. IF you can dance, got the skills and energy to move, you can make it far man (with a girl that is).

Alright, i don't want to talk so much about the movie and end up giving away spoilers and what not, so...

Conclusion: I'm so going to get the OST of this! By hook or by crook I shall get it! Everyone should watch this movie. You won't regret it.

Now, next up on my list of movies to watch is...



Should be nice...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

OUCH! Motherrrrr...


Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck...


I'm so friggin pissed and in stinging pain right now. Ish

Chloe scratched me SO HARD on my thighs, I practically screamed in pain. Bloody hell. Sakit gila babi.

The reason why she did that was because the lightning was so bright, so quickly jumped on the chair where I was sitting on (eating dinner thank you very much) and DUG her nails DEEP into my thighs for a good grip (for my good suffering) so she could climb up the chair and lay on my lap.

SHIT shitty shit shit shit...

Now i've got so so so many scratch marks. More than 10 and they're not short ones I tell you, but rather longggggg and painful ones. Now it's all in a bump. Looks like a road bump. *speechless*

I'm not going to be wearing short pants out anymore for now I think. I'm too discouraged to do so.

Hope this won't lead to scarring. If not, then more to add to my collection of scars on me legs. *whoppie...................*

*sakit sakit sakit*

*sigh sigh sigh*

No cheers from me this time...
Go away...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rock Climb, 2nd & 3rd time

Rock climbing once again... AMAZING

Yesterday was the mark of our, or more specifically, MY 3rd time rock climbing at Summit USJ in exactly a week!

However, the second and third time I didn't pay as I didn't really plan to rock climb at all, just wanted to tag along. But in the end, I rock climbed the one that didn't need the harnest. Hehe, so basically I climbed rocks for freeeeeeeeeeee together with some of the others who didn't pay as well.

Here's the 2nd day of panjat batu...

Karen, Daren, Jacqkie and I were watching Denise, Shaneil, Ryan and Audrey rock climb

Shaneil and Denise gearing up.

Karen and I got bored, so we decided to climb the one without the harnest.

Hehe, damn cute weih.

Here's a video Audrey recorded (didn't know)...haha, damn funny.

Moving on to our 3rd day of our rock climbing adventure...

Daren finally managed to climb all the way to the top! Big contrast from my last video of him in the previous rock climbing post where he got stuck halfway and gave up.

Whoohoooo, his victory pose with Jacqkie. So proud of him =P

Here's a hilarious video of Daren's pain...omfg

Guys can suffer by rock climbing, be afraid, be very afraid...

Shaneil trying out the hard ones. Yikes, almost there... good effort though, damn hard!!

Hehehe, here's some pic I took with kerry with and without her acknowledgment. *cheeky grin*
Apparently she was too distracted to Shaneil's skills that she didn't notice I was nicely snapping away like nobody's business. lol

Btw, she looks like she looked into the camera. BUT NO! She's still oblivious to it! Wahahaha

Here's Daren wanting me to record his ability to rock climb. Hahaha, showing off abitlaa after conquering it with ease as compared to it last time.

Climbs like a true Donkey Kong...*grins*