Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Backstreet Boys

Today, at 5 something... was raining cats & friggin obese dogs!!!

Gosh darn heavy rain I tell you...It's like the heavens above has a water pipe burst or something that even God couldn't fix it in time for me to catch my bus.

Dad picked me up at 6pm from college due to me missing my 5:15 bus (class ended 15 mins late, supposed to end at 5pm, *dammit* or rather *no dammit*) and also since he was nearby stuck in a jam. So thought he'd pick me up instead of the usual me waiting for the 6:15 bus and waiting for him at either Subang Parade or Taylor's main campus.

Still raining, but this time, not obese cats and dogs, but rather, the nice and normal pitter patter of God finally getting the hang of fixing burst pipes. Wonder if rain can be considered heavens piss if since alchohol is considered to be the devil's piss...Hmmm, ponder ponder....

Anyways, on the way back, the song "As long as you love me" by the Backstreet Boys back when they had better songs (=P) was being played on the radio. Then I was suddenly reminded...

Me: Eh, Di, of all the days, Backstreet Boys will be performing tonight...
Dad: Is it? Oh yeah, today's the 27th, but then they'll be having it in Sunway Lagoon.
Me: yea, rain won't die wanlah, it's all wet there anyways.
Dad: But then the rain will stop by then, they'll only start at 9pm around that time.
Me: true true...


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rock Climbing

*currently loving Hi-Five - "She's Playing Hard to Get"

Last Thursday I tried something new, FUN, tiring, FUN, and FUN!


I think it's a great sport to tone up those relaxed muscles.

We headed to Summit USJ at 1 something after our classes. Those who went was Kerry, Audrey, Jacqkie, Daren, Denise, Shaneil, Amir, Ryan, Lee and ME! We wouldn't do this awesome activity if it hadn't been for Denise and Shaneil. *grins*

We're now certified belayers! We had to take a course, so overall the cost was about RM28.50. And that's for student price. Not badlah, cheaper than the one in 1 Utama that's for sure.

Amir bumped into us, so we invited him to come along with us to Summit to rock climb (direct translation into BM, panjat batu, sounds sooo lame, ehehe)

Shaneil & Denise

Shaneil belaying

Instructor in the striking green shirt, that's ME coming down from the wall! Jacqkie looks like she's having a hard time...=S

My trademark pose by now, me grinning while my mates in the background doing their thang!

The picture that started the whole ass-booty frenzy. lol

Shaneil jumped down from the wall, damn! Look at him go *whoooooooosh*

Rock climbing rocks! hahaha, sounds funny, get it?

WTF Jacqkieeee, whatcha doingggg...?

Kerry and Jacqkie racing with one another.

Hahaha, perfect shot. Ryan scratching his arse and Kerry looking oh-so-adorable =)

Situation: Daren belaying Jacqkie
Daren said "Faster baby, FASTERRR, ahhhhh" Due to the harnest hurting him so. Ouch.
Nice ass man

Kerry's attempt to take a picture of his manhood. Hahahaha, kesian him.

I called Lee along to rock climb, as well as to meet up and get to know my mates. Sweet of him for coming eventhough rock climbing isn't his thing. According to himlah, but apparently he rock climbs quite well. Wheeee, glad he likes my mates, said that they're damn fun. Should come out more with us next time around then, ya?

Daren's STUCK!

Here's a funny clip of how Daren couldn't continue rock climbing and the funny comments that were said by others watching from down below. Lol, memalukan Donkey Kongs around the world.

Overall, THEY concluded to go for rock climbing every once in a week. I don't know about that. LOL, see first.


Yesterday I brought my camera to college so that the rest can see the pics of the rock climbing session. In the end, Calyn got excited with my cam and took pics during Malaysian Studies. Boring boring class. Hahaha, here are the random pics she tooklah.

Hehe, Caroline and Vivien

Malaysian Constitution...boringgg

Syireen and her lovely French braid that Denise did for her

After college, I took the 4:15pm bus to Asia Cafe and met up with Joyce, Benita and Lee just to chillout.

Nonstop fiddling with my phone on the table...guess he can't help it. It's like how you can't help but to pull out some grass when you're sitting down on the ground.

Benita and Joyce, love them to bits... =)

We left AC at 6:30 and ate at Little Taiwan. All ate Beef Ramen while I was the only out one to chose Spicy Hot Ramen instead. It was frigging spicy weih!!! My eyes were sweating like nobody's business. Damn hot.

Anyways, while we were there, we called Ju Lyirn and Sher Mayne to come along with us to Sunway Pyramid. It was great! While we were there, we played some arcade games, then went on over to Waffle World since Ju Lyirn was the only one who hasn't eaten dinner yet. We left at 10 something since most of the shops were closed.

Moved on to...JU LYIRN'S HOUSE!

Mayne, Joyce, and Benita left at 11:50pm, while Lee and I left at 2 something in the morning. Lee and Ju has the ability to go on and on about games and gadgets like 2 chatter boxes. Craziness, anyways I was comfortably laying on the couch watching tv.

It was a fun-filled day nontheless, but work has to be done next unfortunately, so i'll be spending my weekends at home...Mid-terms to study and assignments to complete.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

= )