Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I've decided to blog about this thing/trend in our society that is slowly becoming quite popular and all the rage (if it already isn't). Some say it is harmful and others say it is not...

Truth be told, experts before say that it isn't as harmful as smoking ciggies, BUT, experts NOW say that it is. Confused? Well, that's how I felt when all this while we were to believe that hot water actually opens up the pores, but to be contradicted heavily when I recently read in The Start newspaper months ago that in fact, new studies show that it closes the pores instead.

What the bullcock!?

Anyways, I disregarded the new findings, couldn't care less. After all these years of my trust in hot water?!?! No way mannn, I still believe that it opens up the pores. Heh. I'm so pissed with scientists nowadays, their studies are somehow so so...aih, contradicting one another.

So that basically explains the confusion within youths as some stick to the previous study and are oblivious to the current study.

Continuing my Shisha topic...

Shisha is tobacco mixed with molasses and fruit flavours and tobacco product in any form contained nicotine.

All tobacco products were equally dangerous as it contained more than 3,500 chemicals of which 200 were toxic and 43 were carcinogenic.

Anyways, to keep things fair and non biased.

"It is difficult to compare which is more harmful than the other as it depends on several factors
such as the frequency of use, how deep the inhalation or if other ingredients are added besides tobacco itself," said the Deputy Head of Kuala Lumpur Health Department.

“The water filter is a gimmick. Most of the toxic chemicals and nicotine are not water-soluble. Hence, they pass through the filter and is inhaled by a smoker, although other irritant substances, which are water-soluble, will get filtered.”

Meanwhile Reuters reported last week that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had announced that a single session of smoking Shisha yields a nicotine intake equivalent to more than one pack of cigarettes.

It is also reported that Shisha smoke retained all the carcinogens of cigarette smoke while adding more carbon monoxide and a separate set of carcinogens from the use of burning coals to keep the nicotine flowing, coupled with the risk of infection with tuberculosis or hepatitis from shared mouthpieces.

Note: These information were taken from The Star Online.

Reason why I'm posting this up is because I'm concerned with someone important in my life who feels that shisha has become an addiction or is on the verge of addiction at least. I'm not trying to say that shisha is like the ultimate evil thing to pick up (Don't terasa Ben, hehe). Just that, the word addiction got me worried sick. I don't mind it being just a social thing to do when you're out with friends. But when it comes to a point where it is integrated into the back of your mind and ultimately always makes you feel the urge to want to smoke. It becomes worrying. Right after smoking, when the session is done, and off to another place, that feeling of wanting to smoke again comes haunting you. Hate it.

The thing is, it may seem as a just a fun thing to do...may make you feel cool and all that, but i hope you have the ability to control it, or at least try to. I'll be there for you. This is just the starting point and it may not seem like a big deal, but in the long run, it will be. Not only does it cost you your lungs, but money wise too.

I just hope that others out there won't take shisha lightly as something less hazardous than ciggies. It could be more dangerous than you know it, depending on how you take it.

So smoke intelligently I suppose. 0_o?


Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello, I'm Stuck... not pleased to meet you

Hello folks...
As you can see, I've decided to change my layout to a more simple and clean look, which i very much adore... I'm so so so lazy to blog about the Sabah trip. Sorry sorry, I said I would but I just couldn't bring myself to deliver my promise due to the lack of inspiration and also the fact of having to summarize a week full of activities into a blog post is pretty time consuming if you know what I mean, with pictures and all. But then again, I have taken the liberty to upload almost all of the Sabah Trip pictures from my camera into FaceBook (time consuming as well, but worth it).

Note: "almost all", some are just not pretty enough to be problems i suppose, i'm a sucky photographer if you haven't noticed.

I am now at home, wasting my life away... Dad wants me to start working without a degree, I want to continue studying in Taylors with mates for my degree but friggin $, don't want to go to other college coz kinda malas to make new friends all over again, wanted to apply for a scholarship, but dad said no need since his pay is higher than average, rather give it to others who needs it more than me... dammit lah, talk so much about giving it to others, what about me? Was so confident that he'll pay for me, now he's talking about scholarships...i'm so pissed...
*sigh* I'm stuck

I don't want to work... not now, not yet. working life is tough, can't stop, you're always on the run, not enough time to sleep, always on overtime, and when the weekend comes, you feel like you want to go out and catch up with mates, but still you're tired from the excessive work time spent that you'd rather stay at home and SLEEP. That was how things were during my 2 month internship. Imagine facing that till you retire. That is like eons!!! I've got a lifetime to start working...why now? I want to hide under a rock in Uni learning subjects which most are practically useless when you're out in the real workforce, but then again it's always good to have at least a Degree in anything. I strive to get a piece of paper..hehe, doesn't everyone...

But then, when I look at it, you don't really need to have a degree in the communication line. I usually see a minimum requirement of a Diploma for a position. Basically, it's not very technical as compared to engineers, accountants and so on. It's more towards the individual's capability to communicate persuasively and fluently. Oh yeah, if you can speak and read Mandarin, you're considered God. lol. Definitely a plus point.

Well, we'll see just how fate takes hold of my life... wish me luck!

Oh, and at least there's one more promise that i can fulfill of my last post...

I'm going to Gold Coast Australia next year in March with my sister for 10 days!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Sabah

YEAY! Home Sweet Home...

I'm back from my 1 full week trip in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

Duration: May 13th - 20th
People: Kerry, Audrey, Chia Wern, Caroline, Behonce, Jacqkie, Daren, and ME!

Since Carol and Jacqkie stays in Sabah. We freeloaders *ahem* stayed in Jacqkie's house. It was great fun! Having talks a night and even the occasional snores of some people. lol

I will post up pictures of our trip very soon.. I hope to get pics from Calyn and Carol who also took pics with their cameras.

We had a great time going to the beach, chilling out with each other, shopping, and of course eating alot of food, seafood that is. Hehe.

...and i've got MORE great news that I've found out during my trip in Sabah. Will post it in my next post. Can't wait to share it with yall.


Friday, May 9, 2008

A trip to remember

*mimicks British accent* I had a splashin' gud time yesterday ol' chap!

*grins* it was awesome! We got got lost, ate dinner, then went to Genting!

I couldn't ask for a more chunted day..hehe

Lee came over to my place at 7:30pm with this huge big ass car. Those big 6-7 seater van or something. I was quite shocked to see him in it. hahaha, my lil boy in a big ass car. So not used to. Anyways, he was going to exchange cars with his uncle, that's why he drove it. But anyways, we went over to Joyce's and Sireesak's place to pick em both up for dinner.

Went to some mamak in SS15 to change cars with his Uncle. So we moved into a Waja. Kinda fun really changing cars. We should make it a habit everytime we go out. lol.

They decided to go to SS2 to eat. We got lost. hahaha. Spent quite alot of time getting lost lah. But it's so so so so so fun getting lost while being the passenger! Kesian baby =(

Well, when we finally reached out destination...

Walked about, quite warm lah the area. It's this hawker stall place lah. Never been there before, not too appealing anyways. So in the end, we decided to go to Taman Megah's Ming Tien!

Love that place. The atmosphere is just awesomelah. Open space and not too crowded and stuffy. By the time we reached Taman Megah it was 9:40 something like that. Quite latelah to be having dinner at around this time. What to do??

So then we ate, hung around abit, laughed at nonsensical stuff then left at 11 something. After sending them back it was already 11:30pm, so that's when we left for Genting Highlands!

I was pretty excited as it had been many years since i've been there and I really miss the cold weather. The mates we invited apparently had curfews or had other things to do that's when we decided to just go outselveslah instead. At first I was abit worried with Lee driving up there and all. I guess it's the lack of trust I bestow upon young drivers. HAHAHAHAA. Also because he didn't wear his spectacles, so I had to lookout for the signs on his behalf. Lagi I got worried, when i thought about how foggy it might be driving up/down. But then he's driven up to Genting 3 times and yesterday was his 4th. So shouldn't be that badlah. Comfortingly, he drives REALLY WELL. Taking those turns like a pro. hehe *applause* and also it wasn't foggy at all during the journey up there and back down. THANK GOD!

I was so happy when we finally reached the top!

Gosh, it was so bloody freaking cold to the maximum. Moreover, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a jacket. Still cold as hell. Lee just wore a short sleeved shirt...fullstop. Well of courselah, jeans and underwear too. HAHAHA, not just a plain shirt only...puh-leezeee. hehe

I kept asking him all the time, "Aren't you cold????"
Then sarcastically replying while folding his arms together to keep warm, "yeah, owh, i'm sooo cold, i'm sooo cold". Cih. Could whack him over and over everytime he says that. Apparently, to him it wasn't cold at all. Said last time was colder. Seriously, I was freezing my ass off sitting outside of Coffee Bean overlooking KL, while he sits and looks like he's at the beach or something.

Oh Lord, why do I get cold easily?!?!
My blood circulation sucks just so you know.

After Coffee Bean, we walked around Genting basically. In and out. It was nice.

I enjoyed every shiver that I experienced as the wind blew harder. I enjoyed every bit of gripping Lee's hand hard and didn't want to let go when we walked outside of the building. I enjoyed when the tip of my nose when so cold till it was numb. I enjoyed breathing in the cool air deep into my lungs. I just enjoyed spending time with him eventhough I didn't talk that much, but just his presence besides me is enough to make me smile.

a model of Genting

Not many people walking about...

After walking here and there and standing looking at the KL view. We decided to head back down. It was about 4:30am.

Freaking hell, while we were in the car waiting abit for the engine to heat up. Suddenly he said, "Eh look, the cat's staring here"..
I gave a little squeak of fear and turned... Seriously, there was this pretty orange cat with big eyes laying on the car hood beside us, staring at our direction. Without blinking, it just kept staring and staring as if we were that interesting to look at. Damn freaky lah, so we just left the place.

Reached home almost 6am. It was great being there. Miss it already...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daren's Day

My Finals are OVERRRRRR!!! *roarrrrr*

There was so many things that happened throughout the week that I havent been blogging about...but anyways, disregard it. Hehe.

The last day of my Diploma (Social Psychology Exam, which was yesterday)...was one of the most memorable days of my life!

A dear friend of mine, Daren...made my last day of Diploma worth relieving again. I'm so going to miss his goofy moments in college and of course ALL of my classmates in college man. It's such a pity that those who were done with their exam all left quite early... I wanted to hug all of them... Gonna miss seeing their faces.. Least i can see them and their updates in Facebooklah.

Keep it together folks!

Well, let me elaborate on what Daren did that made my day THAT much more special.

It started off as any other exam day... well, not really, surprisingly, I wasn't as kan-chiong as any other exams... Exam started at 2pm and before that I was practically slacking off at home. For real. Oh well, guess it's because i can understand Psychology better than the other subjects. Atfer the exam, my mates and I hung out at the mamak. Nothing special, just chilling, Kerry telling us her absolutely grandmotherly long story about her unforgettable night at Klang's supposedly haunted cinema 9.But it wasn't a haunted storylah she was telling, instead it was about how long the movie Ironman got delayed in that cinema. Kesian, anyways, I don't want to talk about that.

Suddenly Daren started telling me about his awesome skill...which was his ability to turn his face RED. I was pretty restless and bored anyways, so I layaned him.

I suggested that we walk outside a few steps away opposite from where we sat, under the sunshine since the huge orange umbrellas in which we were under made everyones faces look orange. So both of us went there. Mind you, the place where we stood, there was a pond right beside. If those of you who know Leisure Commerce Square,it's the pond beside the mamak where there are 5 sunflower poles in the pond at the side spewing out water.

So he started working his magic and yes, he magically got his face red... He did a very constipated look really. Looked like he was about to shit in his pants and all. Oklaa, it took him a couple of seconds till his face got red till I noticed his vein getting bigger on his forehead, so I told him "Hey you're right, your face is red....Ok ok, you can stop now, I can see your vein popping out already"...

Suddenly, he looked like he was continuing, then he looked alright, then he wobbled to the left towards the POND~!!!!! OH MY GAWD, I thought he was crazy and wanted to fall back into the water!!! I was like "OMG!!"

So he fell back and THANK GOD for one of those 5 Sunflower poles that i mentioned earlier. IF it wasn't there, I swear he'd fall into the water and drown. He was shaking and his eyes was half open, I grabbed a hold onto his legs struggling to pull him away from the water but of course it made no difference, coz he's really BIG!

Giant Daren & Midget Me

That situation felt like ages!! seriously, i was almost dying there trying to pull daren from the pond, in my mind I was thinking "why isn't anyone helping?!?!"...I was so focused on Daren that it didn't register in my mind to say the word "HELP!"... I was so scared for him as he was still shaking. I was like some midget there trying to pulling a giant. What a sight.

It took about like 7 seconds or something of what felt like ages before he regained himself and held onto me to get himself up. By then, some started coming to help. All I remembered clearly was a Singh/Indian guy in a blue collared shirt who came first then Jacqkie. Moreover, Kerry told me he had an injured arm or something. But that I don't rememberlah. Gosh. Nice dude. Didn't even get the chance to say thank you for the effort of actually coming over to help. Still in my mind, I was wondering why none of my mates came to help even when they're the nearest ones there. Seems that they said it looked like Daren was playing around coz his eyes was still open. But then it took while for them to register that it was actually a real serious moment and not some joke.

Daren was dazed and lightheaded. Poor dude. We quickly sat him down. *sigh*
I'm really glad he was alright in the end and that pole i just mentioned that actually supported him from going *SPLASH* into the pond...well, lets just say that it stopped spewing out water together with the other poles. Kesiannya. Moreover, it was bent forward. The force of giant Daren I tell you. Not bad huh. Guess it'll be the famous landmark, the day the giant fell. Gosh, i should take a picture of it. *smacks head*

Well, this was truly an unforgettable last day of Diploma that I will remember for the rest of my life. Daren was like sporting about it. Hehe, when I told him "Daren, you just made my last day here damn chunlah". Then he whispered to me (so that Jacqkie wouldn't hear) "You have to admit, that was pretty awesome, hehehe"...

I can't deny it man..

Next up... 2 short movie reviews!

On that very day itself, night time actually. I went out with Lee, Benita, Joyce and David! We all went to Pyramid and watched Ironman. Let me tell you, Ironman was just OK. Wasn't the BOMB or super kao chun. It was just mediocre. But I do love the Ironman suit tho. Very smokin' hawt. Hehe. I don't want to say much about the movielah, besides that it's worth watching just once.

Other than that, last last week after Orientation Night in campus, my mates and i went to catch The Forbidden Kingdom in Pyramid. I tell you, hahaha, it was funny ass shyt man. The storyline abit lame and that goes for the script as well. Tell me, how would you react to this quote...

"You have come far through the gate of no gate"

Ya darn right you've come through the gate of NO GATE... what did you do? drill a hole through the gate which doens't in fact have a gate? *swt*...hahaha, SS-ing here.

It's definitely an entertaining movie to watch. I've got no regrets watching it!

It's best to read this review, it's way funnier....taken from The Hollywood

What do you get when you mix "The Wizard of Oz," "The Karate Kid," "Rush Hour" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"? You get a hodgepodge titled "The Forbidden Kingdom," which will please its core audience but won't enthrall anyone over the age of 16. (Even that might be stretching the point.)

Young males adore martial arts movies with plenty of well-choreographed mayhem. To ensure the involvement of that key demographic, the film provides a teenage American hero, Jason Tripitikas (Michael Angarano), magically transported from his south Boston neighborhood to ancient China, where he gets to study kung fu under the guidance of two masters of Asian cinema, Jackie Chan and Jet Li. The first-ever teaming of Chan and Li is a shrewd commercial ploy, and the movie looks poised for strong opening-weekend business. But the weak script will keep it from enduring for long.

In the opening scene, after visiting an elderly Chinese pawnbroker (Chan), Jason is pummeled by a neighborhood bully and wakes up in China, where he is thrust into the middle of a battle to rescue an old wizard, the Monkey King (Li). He finds himself in the possession of a magical staff (much like Dorothy's ruby slippers) sought by heroes and villains alike. Friends (including younger incarnations of Chan and Li) materialize to aid him in his journey, but he also is pursued by a wicked white-haired witch (Li Bing Bing) on his way to the Emerald City -- er, the golden fortress, where an evil warlord keeps the Monkey King imprisoned in stone.

John Fusco's dialogue is often laughable, encumbered by spiritual mumbo jumbo ("You have come far through the gate of no gate") or incongruous contemporary slang of the "Dude, what's happening?" variety. But few people go to martial arts movies to savor the elegant language, and as an action extravaganza, the film delivers. Cinematographer Peter Pau and choreographer Woo-Ping Yuen honed their skills on "Crouching Tiger" and many other Asian and American movies. "Kingdom" was filmed in China and benefits from lush costume and set design.

Li as the Zen master and Chan as his more comical sidekick build on their familiar personas and demonstrate the chops that their fans appreciate. Angarano, who recently appeared in the very different "Snow Angels," is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most promising young American actors. The rest of the performers meet the demands of their roles, which are not exactly arduous. Under Rob Minkoff's direction, everything unfolds predictably, which is why the film ultimately becomes tedious. The fight scenes (including Jason's climactic battle with the bullies back in south Boston) are fun, but the filler in between is deadlier than one of Li's lethal kicks.

Call me OUT people!