Sunday, August 26, 2007

Synopsis of last week...

On study break now. SO i think i've gotten bitten by the blogging bug for now...hehe

Here's a summary of what i did last week:

Sunday: Did my Research Paper, the literature review section. Killer.

Monday: Passed up Academic Writing group assignment. Was on duty for the PHUNK Garage Sale. Almost slept in Mr. Thamboo's class, can't blame me for feeling tired from promoting and selling the stuff, and also coz his class is boringgggg. Sent out the sponsorship letters to some of the companies. Thank god my cousin was taking the bus with me, if he didn't then i would have to carry 2 heavy bags (there were lots of leftover stuff from the sale, terpaksa bring some of them at home). It pays to have guys who are gentlemanly. *grins*

Tuesday: Went to college for NUTS!! Woke up at 6 something for NOTHING. Moreover, I was freakishly tired i could almost die. I had only 2 classes on that day and both are being taught by the same lecturer. Both fortunately and unfortunately, he's on MC!!! So yeah, went to school to crap with mates instead. Other than that, i was rushing to finish up my research paper till late at night as it was due the next day. Finished it up at 1 something in the morning...

Wednesday: PASSED UP MY RESEARCH PAPER!!! Whooohoooo! *jumps for joy*. Prepared a group presentation for the next day.

Thusday: Did presentation. Went for the Project PHUNK meeting down at the Annexe at 12pm. It was concluded that we have our official launch in college itself and that the main event be at The Apartment, The Curve. Did my Press Release assignment due the next day till 2 am in the morning.

Synopsis of our schedule:
3rd - 7th Sept - Visitation to Hospis Malaysia.
11th and 12th Sept - Visitation to TCSJ for the Garage Sale, Heal The Heart, Donation Drive, Bears Sale.
19th Sept - Official launch at the Auditorium (hopefully), Talk on Palliative Care, Eating Competition.
Last week of October - MAIN EVENT, some dance off thingie ma jiggy.

Friday: Passed up my press release. Lepak at Parade with Audrey and Kerry. Tired on some pants. Need to get formal pants. Went to eat satay kajang and Korean food. Chilled on the comp at night talking to Kish at the same time doing my part (answer 3 questions) on the case study tutorial for Public Relations 2. Combined the answers from Denise and Natalie.

Saturday: Woke up at 10 something. Ate breakfast, sleep again. Woke up 1 something. Went online. After that, went upstairs to wake my sis up to go to 1 Utama TGV to watch Harry Potter. Watched it at 4 pm. After movie ate at TGIF. *drool* .Alfredo sumthing sumthing tasted SOOOO GOOOD. Afterwards, we went to watch Rush Hour 3 at GSC new wing cinema. Left 1 U at 10:45pm. Rush HOur 3 ROCKED TO THE PITS OF HELL MAN! Harry potter...err..ok, wouldn't recommend it tho...


Friday, August 24, 2007

Korean Affair

HEy yall! I'm freee from assignments for the moment!! So darn happy, but also freakishly tired now...

Had a blast after college today, kerry, Aud and I had loads of laughs at McDs. Super killer funnylah when the 3 of us hang out.

The best part of the day was that me and my fam went to this Korean BBQ restaurant called Daorea at Taipan USJ. Hehehe, my dad suddenly got that drive to eat Korean food after watching Anthony Bourdain travelling in
South Korea there trying out the cun cun dishes...YUM! Introduced my dad to Daorea coz i've been there with Benita and her mum. Heheh, so nice, we ate lunch there like long time ago. early this year i believe.

As my dad parked his care infront of this
Sate Kajang shop in Taipan, when we got out and walked past by the shop, the aroma of the satay was SOOOOOOOO goooooood. Blardy hell! It made both my parents patah balik and walk into the shop to get their hands on some satayy...Didn't realize it when my sis was calling me from behind saying that they wanna eat satay...

=_=" I so syiok sendiri walking infront summore....

Anyway, dad ordered 20 sticks of satay and OMG, so sedap giler giler! I tell you! super yumylicious and so tender and so so so *sigh* satay i've ever tasted! Then after our appetizer...finally we got back on schedule to the main course...DAOREA Korean BBQ Restaurant!

We were greated with loads of "
ANNYONG HASEO" as we walked in. The place was quite packed really. But the atmosphere was very enchanting.

Dad ordered 2 sets of BBQ, one beef and another pork (lots of side orders with the set, and i mean ALOT of side orders, unlimited too *grins*)...and ordered a large bowl of soup (so spicy badass shit). I love the soup, kimchi, errr i can do without...hehe, but the bean sprout damn sedappppp! *drools* The beef and pork was
*drOOLS* so juicyyyyy, tender, and D'licious!

Well, my mom couldn't take the soup, too spicy for her. Hahaha. She doens't like Korean food apparently. Sad. Prefers Japanese food. For me I like bothlah!

When we were in the middle of eating our soup, suddenly there was this dude who was playing the flute (a traditional Korean instrument, don't know the exact word for it, so i'm just calling it a flute) then followed by some clapping by the workers, then they sang a Happy Birthday song to this girl....(Her Bday just so you know, hehe, who knows you guys might think taht they sing this to random people wishing them Happy Birthday when it isn't). Soon the drum started playing. WOW, the beat damn nice man. THENNN!! A worker dude there was DANCING! This kind of special traditional dance i can tell you is so one of a kind. I've never seen it before! To be brutally honest here, i wanted to laugh my ass off coz it looked really blardy funny! It's like some mental patient doing a rain dance or something. Looked like a mixture of bollywood, and some other funny dance. Gosh, shouldve brought a camera that time. WOuldve been a good recording *grins*

Owhyah! forgot to mention that the first "person" that i saw and "whom" greeted us was RAIN!!!!! *sighs deeply* Well it's actually a scroll banner of RAIN with his signature on it. Blardy hell!! So wanna take that down and keep it at home. He's actually been to DAOREA at Kota Damansara when he was here in Malaysia.
Damn, really want that banner so bad...

Anyway! That's my day for today. Tomorrow gonna watch movie with sis...Harry Potter(definitely) and probably Rush Hour 3.

2 Movies in one day good? i dunno...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summary of the 2-day Charity Garage Sale!

HEllo people!

This are some of the few pics taken on both of our charity sale which was on last Thursday and Monday. I was on duty on Mondaylah just so you know.

Damn tiring i tell you!

I now have more respect for those people who work at flea markets man! Gah, it's very tiringggggg.....anyways, it was F-U-N at the same time. We got alot of profit from it. Hmm, wonder whether should i say it. Might be P&C, who knows... Well, lets just say you can buy RAIN in Msia concert ticket (PIT ZONE!!! *drools*) and 2 buckets of dunno how many KG dog food (high quality ones).

Hehehe, We should raise some money for ourselveslah to make up for the lack of allowances or something. BTW, ALL profits goes to charity, which is to Hospis Malaysia. So its definitely NOT for us caring-people-who-donated-at-least-3-items-to-make-this-garage-sale-a-blooming-success people. *shucks*

OWHYA! to all of you TCSJ people. NO WORRIES, eventhough we've ended our sale at TCPJ, we will be heading on over to your TCSJ campus to continue this garage sale and at the same time create an awareness on palliative care amongst you niceeeeeee people, even thos who take the bus...(*prays hard that you tcsj bus takers ignore my previous ranting post* =S)

Here's just some random pics of our garage sale (2days)...


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cars in my life

WHEEEEE! MY stress is lessened!......temporarily for now that it.....*sulks*

Owhwell! Yesterday i was in for a surprise when i was home (had to walk back from parade =( ). As i was approaching home, i saw this old model car parked inside...Then i thought to myself, "did our uncle gave back our old Saga car we lent him years ago?" coz a few days ago, dad was telling me that they were gonna give it back as they might get an Iswara or something. Dad then added that once we got back the Saga, we could use it to drive and get into accidents in it all we want! Hahahaha, sounds like a GOOD idea to ME! But on the downside, it's a manual, so gotta learn how to drive a manual again, i think i can still remember how it goes. Still auto for me is the best! Anyways back to my ori story, as the faster i walked, the less it seemed as a Proton Saga model.

Then WAH! It's an old BMW car.... old old old super damn kau old model....=_="

Then i was thinking to myself that maybe the company Wira car was in the workshop or something , thus the leading the company to give us another car. This has actually happened COUNTLESS times over the years, and i thoroughly enjoyed it! Because i get to experience different kinds of cars....
Once there was on old sports car, green in colour, it's like really low compared to the cars we sat in before, that we got for a while....wahhh, damn syioklah my dad, but the downside is that the Air-Cond couldn't work....*swt* So had to drive with the windows down....and it aint that nice i tell you....hahaha, it would get freakishly hot in the afternoon, then you're gonna suffer in the car.

Then another time we got an old Volvo car. DAMN LONG WHEY! Thus very spacious....

Those were the two tht i can remember lah. Nice nice memories ....

So anyways, when my dad came home, i asked about the carlah...Turns out it wasn't a company car....and it was gonna be with us till the day we depart...hahaha...Long story short....but anyways, i wanna tell the details! Dad said that he bought it from the mechanic (they're like best of buddies by now, dad always goes to his workshop and to his house to chit-chat and drink tea). This car model is like OLD! BUT, it looks like NEW! NEW OLD! ya know what i mean? Its been maintained well all this while. AMAZING.

Mechanics..... go figure.

Mom asked how long did they have this car....then i heard my mom say "HARH?" in shock which made me got up laying from the back seat and say "WHAT?! WHAT?!" in a surprised mixed curious tone....

The answer was 15 years! But i still can't get over the fact tht it looks like...once again...NEW, so clean, so shiny, so so so preserved though ancient history (during the years of the pyramids)

Anyways, here's some pics....

so not a saga...This one's AUTO! Wonder if my dad allow me to drive this one, since the hyundai is off limits for us.

Checkout my behind!

The stering wheel is nice to hold =P...Dad, can i drive this one???

I don't get why the heck the gear box is so infront! It's so not for short armed ppl like me =(

hmmm, never seen this one before...

DANG! Can open wan LAH! Once again, it's so old, i've never seen it before

Tyres look damn new though....hehe
Now i've got 3 cars, Hyundai, Wira, and can i drive? hehe, don't get me wrong, i'm allowed to, usually on weekends, since the wira is available. But unfortunately now, i hardly GO OUT on weekends! sad sad, i so wanna drive right now...
K, that is all for now.
Quote of the day: "Dad, can i drive this one???"

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sweei 2...the dark side

GAHHHHHHHH, HOW I SO DISLIKE, DESPISE and HATE them TCSJ students who take the bloody bus!!!!!!!

HAte hate hate hate!!

They are so rude! They don't have common courtesy! They so so so SO SUCK! They irritate the hell outta me! and MOREOVER the bus driver IS SO STOOOPPID and SOOOOO EVILLL!!! HE doesn't give a fcuk or 2 cents about ppl!!!!



Well, here's the story, lets start with the bus driver shall we?

He's the king of UNFRIENDLINESS. He's an INCONSIDERATE pompous!!! He's a mother Phunker (yes, i'm phunkerfied, have to try and curse instead of the usual F word to PHUNK) who doesn't give a shit about other ppl's safety! GO TO SCHOOL YOU ASSHOLE! Go to a school of Please-Give-A-DAMN-To-Other-People-And-Actually-Pay-Attention-To-Your-Passengers-School. MAAAAAAAAAATHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR.....

AND THE STUDENTS! COME ON MAN! Give way to the passengers that are coming down FROM the bus! YOU IDIOTS who don't give a shit for others and care more about yourselves bastards. Always rushing to get on the bus and ignoring the ppl trying to get down. One of those ppl is ME! and me and some others would then have to stand at the side and wait like a bloody fool while the rest of you slowly go up the bus....YA know Phunkin how long!?!?!?! Waiting you guys come up takes ages! There's a whole fucker fool of you ppl there swarming up....*grrrr*

THEN! To make matters EVEN worse! When the number of ppl stopped coming up the bus, then when i was about to go down the steps...the BUS DRIVER THINKS HE'S SOOOOO SMART, he started to move the bus!
BLARDY SHIT....can't you like JUST WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! COME on, you're not gonna save much time ya know.....JUST WAIT for us all to GO DOWN FIRST GODDAMMIT before you move Transformer (yellow bus could be one of them deceptions i believe, i'd call this one BUMBLESHIT) dude. *yells in frust* So terpaksalah, we had to go down the bus while the decepticon dude was in motion....idiot fool...HE's so ignorant! The retard...such a turdy fool....

I'm not in the mood now to be understanding or whatever...screw THAT, i'm absolutely fuming!
I'm here now at the TCSJ lib pouring my rants in here....COZ IT JUST there ya go....fresh and hot out from the oven....this blog post could get burnt with it too!


Sorry about the language if i don't seem like the usual innocent sweei... I've changed...
(wahh, damn dramatic whey this ending)


ANYWAYS! On a more lighter note...I had loads of fun rehearing with my group members for our Role-Play this coming wed. SO Phunkin funny i tell you! I'm one of the 2 being sexually harrassed (I'm the 1st to be harrassed). So yeah, can expect alot of funniness in our play....Can't wait! Hope i won't start laughing when kerry's harrassing me....wahahhaha!

K, well, As you may have noticed, I've changed my header pic (DUH, stop stating the obvious sweei). It's a project where we the SEM 4 Mass Comm students would have to implement as part of our assignment. It's half of our grades! Waaaahhhhh, so better take it seriously.

We're called project PHUNK which stands for Providing Hospis Understanding 'N' 'Kare'....Cool name huh? Kerry's idea. Hospis Malaysia is the NGO that we have chosen to support and give awareness as well as to volunteer our services to help them. More specifically, those in Pallative Care. You can go to our blogspot account HERE to find out more.

So now we're like having so much fun with the name by coming up with teaser taglines like...
I like to Phunk
You are now entering Phunkytown
Phunky Fresh
A Proud Phunker / I'm a Phunk and proud of it
What the Phunk is going on?

Igot Phunk. How about you?
What the Phunk are you looking at?
Hey, I got Phunk'd
Damn Phunkin' Sexy

Phunk You!

NICE EH? I enjoyed myself reading them....
K, today we got to have our identification tags! We have to print ourselves of course.... here's mine...

This is done by Vivien...niceeee, got another one, but Viv chose this for me *grins* by doing inny-meeny-miny-mo! It's coz i love both of her designs for the girls, couldn't decide. She did 4 designs. 2 for guys and 2 for the girls.

K, chioz!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rain Vs Se7en

Check out this vid guys! So cunnnn!

I saw this girl watching it in the media hub today. So yeah, got me interested. Mainly because of the song =P. This song always reminds me of Kerry since her dance group always dances to this song. This song never fails me to wanna dance. Hehe, how can you not feel like dancing???

The first part really rocked with the green laser. AWESOME. Like WHOA!

He's RAIN btw. RAIN wins hands down! But somehow I felt that this vid has more RAIN than Se7en. Bit biasedlah this video. Who cares, it's entertaining nonetheless.

Rain Vs Se7en

This is another vid in which i really love the dancing sequence. Very nicely choreographed. Nice song too! ENJOY!

Still Believe