Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ball Painters

I took part at this year's Taylor's MassColympics. It was a fun experience playing paintball for the first time! Loved it, even those two shots I got at my legs. Haha, honestly I was hoping to get shot so i can have awesome bruises and show off =P. I'm retarded I know. Maybe ppl would think i was abused or something and they'll take pity on me and give me discounts when i buy stuff! Oh well, a girl can dream...right?

Btw, my team consists of Jenhan, Amanda, Carmen, Adeline and me. And with all of our powers combined, we're BALL PAINTERS! hehe, love our team name. Genius. We won the first two rounds *beams in pride*.. We kicked ass for the first two teams (LET'S PAINT BALLS, POWERPUFF BOYS), unfortunately, 3rd round, our opponents were in it with one mission - to kill. Carmen got shot at her ass, while i got two shots to my legs. Haha, poor carmen. Her ass cheek kena sacrificed for the flag =P

Ball-to-the-butt Carmen and I

Ball Painters

Observing other teams =)
Hhehe, on another note. While stuck at a traffic light, what do you do? Take pictures of your legs! haha

Uh-uh, what's this? a beautiful bruise...

*at home* Oh wait, two beautiful brusies!

Biggest bubu really, coz that area at the side of my knee aint filled with fats like my thighs..

Bruise lovin Swee


Josh Lim said...

Was there too :) Think I saw you, was surprised to see a nearly all girl team for paintball.

Paintball's fun though, hope you take it up! Once you play more often, you'll somehow bruise less, and it hurts less. Right now me and my team are training for competitions, we just started 2 months ago.

Bena said...

oooh i wanna to play too hahaha